1.9.0 / September 13, 2021
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Our brand new hero system is just around the corner! In theeverturbulent land of Nyria, war is here, there... everywhere.Thepeople suffer constantly at war. In these, the most crucialoftimes, a group of heroes must rise up! This is a group of themostgifted people and the most magical of creatures! Withtheirtremendous talent, they will turn the tide of battle or playapivotal role in the development of your castle. Choose theheroesyou yearn for in the new update, and have them join thefightagainst your enemies! The Great Dragon casts his shadow acrosstheland... In Rise of the Kings, players from all over theworldbattle to rule in this epic real-time strategy game.Utilizingeverything from the RTS, RPG, and MMO gaming genres, takeyourplace in this epic game of war as one of many Lords fightingforsurvival in a hostile fantasy world. In this strugglebetweentitanic armies, you hold the fate of your kingdom, yourpeople, andyourself firmly in your hands. Tap and install thismobile game tobuild an army to clash with evil in a titanic onlinestruggle ofempires! Rally your friends and engage in epic clashesagainstfearsome foes. Rely on your wits, utilize every bit ofstrategicgenius you have, superior leadership, and cunningdiplomacy, torise to the top and claim the crown and the throne.Download thissprawling fantasy RTS MMO today on your phone ortablet and beginplaying online with players from around the world!Amass Your Army- Gather friends, old and new, and form a topAlliance to conquerthe best new war strategy game available. -Build your empire andtrain an army, then lead them in PVP waragainst friends, new andold! - Train your army, lead them intobattle, and crush yourenemies. Explore the Wild Lands! - Stalk themonster clans roamingthe lands and dungeons, and kill them tosharpen your skills andclaim their treasure. - Explore the darkdungeons inside the Ruinsof the old Kings, and face down the DarkGuards to uncover theriches of the ancients. A King will Rise - Ifyou love PvPchallenges, then prove your mettle against the bestLords in theRealm. - Grow faster, build faster, train faster, andthen put itall on the line against the terrifying Orcs, the ghastlyGrimmRaider Clan, and more as you clash with other ambitious Lords.- Doyou have what it takes to Rise and become King? Also, connectwithRise of the Kings andfriends:https://www.facebook.com/RiseoftheKings

App Information Rise of the Kings

  • App Name
    Rise of the Kings
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  • Updated
    September 13, 2021
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  • Requires Android
    Android 4.1 and up
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    Room 1903, 19/F, Lee Garden One 33 Hysan Avenue Causeway Bay HK999077 Lokka Entertainment Hong Kong Limited
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Rise of the Kings Version History

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  • 1.8.7 (147)
  • 1.7.7 (132)
  • 1.1.4 (20)
  • 1.1.3 (19)
  • 1.1.2 (17)
  • 1.1.1 (16)
  • Rise of the Kings 1.8.7 APK File

    Publish Date: 2021 /6/12
    Requires Android: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API: 16)
    File Size: 92.0 MB
    Tested on: (, API: 29)
    File Sha1: 85755fde7f76ea67a1786c66903332040dedc795
    APK Signature: 8d82d54e24d3f6a9e820e5150427eda360c6b6ec
  • Rise of the Kings 1.8.7 OBB Main File

    File Size: 276.0 MB
    Data: main
    Fetch Date: 2021/6/12
    File Sha1: 93b30554d6e65b0f40d4577deff59fa0005b8e22
  • Rise of the Kings 1.7.7 APK File

    Publish Date: 2020 /10/4
    Requires Android: Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean, API: 16)
    File Size: 88.1 MB
    Tested on: (, API: 29)
    File Sha1: e98c703f2be01cffb2c0f0222b6ee504f5339c34
    APK Signature: 8d82d54e24d3f6a9e820e5150427eda360c6b6ec
  • Rise of the Kings 1.7.7 OBB Main File

    File Size: 204.0 MB
    Data: main
    Fetch Date: 2020/10/4
    File Sha1: b16865779f88155158ecb690d99b41e1207f4006
  • Rise of the Kings 1.1.4 APK File

    Publish Date: 2017 /4/28
    Requires Android: Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 15)
    File Size: 82.4 MB
    Tested on: Android 7.1 (Nougat, API: 25)
    File Sha1: ef42f69ade1e932ab0e9f5363a3b71e3859eb627
    APK Signature: 8d82d54e24d3f6a9e820e5150427eda360c6b6ec
  • Rise of the Kings 1.1.3 APK File

    Publish Date: 2017 /4/1
    Requires Android: Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 15)
    File Size: 81.0 MB
    Tested on: Android 7.1 (Nougat, API: 25)
    File Sha1: 4998c67408395364c0f01236d6985a1888ba2a0c
    APK Signature: 8d82d54e24d3f6a9e820e5150427eda360c6b6ec
  • Rise of the Kings 1.1.2 APK File

    Publish Date: 2017 /2/15
    Requires Android: Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 15)
    File Size: 70.7 MB
    Tested on: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API: 23)
    File Sha1: c4ef78debc5450dc167ce915a9a8f473294c53b1
    APK Signature: 8d82d54e24d3f6a9e820e5150427eda360c6b6ec
  • Rise of the Kings 1.1.1 APK File

    Publish Date: 2017 /1/15
    Requires Android: Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich, API: 15)
    File Size: 67.5 MB
    Tested on: Android 6.0 (Marshmallow, API: 23)
    File Sha1: 8cdd53feebce435b7da4e5027126f06766638164
    APK Signature: 8d82d54e24d3f6a9e820e5150427eda360c6b6ec

How to Install the OBB File (APK Expansion File)

  1. Firstly, Download APK file of the app Rise of the Kings 1.9.0 for Android.
  2. Copy the APK file to your Android device's SD card and Install it. (Don't open it after installation)
  3. Download Obb files and copy the *.obb file named '' into the required location:
  4. The full/absolute path of the obb file should look like as the following (Case-sensitive):

    If there is no such location, you need to create the path or folder manually on your SD card.

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عرش الملوك 1.0.8 APK
عرش الملوك هي أول لعبة ديابلو بنظام ثلاثيةالأبعاد في العالم العربي، وتعد اللعبة الثانية في العالم العربيباللغة العربية بعد لعبة"حرب القبائل".لعبة عرش الملوك بها ثلاث شخصيات بطولية مقسمة وفقاً لوظائفهمكالتالي: المحارب، الساحر و الصياد. بها أكثر من عشر مهارات رائعةتتغير باستمرار، ومليئة بالكثير من نماذج القتال المتعددة (المدينة،برج المئة طابق، الحلبة، حرب النقابات، معركة الاضطرابات، استلاموتسليم المهام، قتال الخراف الهاربة .. إلخ، كل هذه النماذج تخلق عالمشاسع من السحر والخيال، كما يمكن للاعب أن ينشأ نقابة قوية ويقوداللاعبين المنضمين للقتال معه.مزايا اللعبة:√ الصوت الإنساني: بأسلوب ثلاثية الأبعاد جميل لشخصيات أوروبيةوأمريكية، تم دبلجتها إلى اللعة العربية لكثير من الشخصيات.√ نظام المهارات: مهارا رائعة، وشعور قتالي مميز بالإضافة للمشاهدالقتالية الواقعية.√ نظام الزي: مليئة بالكثير من الملابس الخاصة المميزة، ويمكن للاعبأن يشتري الكثير من الملابس المختلفة تجعله مختلف عن غيره.√ نظام المهام: نظام مهام متعدد وهائل؛ يحتوي على مهام اساسية ومهامفرعية، مهام المكافئات، مهام التوصيل، المهام اليومية ..وغيرها.√ نظام النقابة: يتيح للاعب تأسيس نقابة، وقودك لقتال اللاعبينالأخرين، وتصبح في أقوى تحالف.√ شات: التحدث مع آلاف اللاعبين في مختلف أنحاء العالم.The throne of kings, isthe first game Diablo three-dimensional system in the Arab world,and is the second game in the Arab world in Arabic after game"Tribal Wars".Game throne of kings, the three heroic figures divided according totheir functions as follows: Warrior, Magician and fisherman. Withmore than a dozen superb skills are constantly changing, and fullof a lot of multi-fighting models (city, percent Tower Floor,fenugreek, war guilds, battle disorders, receipt and deliverytasks, fighting sheep fugitive .. etc., all these models create avast world of magic and fantasy , as the player can be establisheda strong union and leads players joined to fight with him.   Advantages of the game:√ humanitarian Sound: beautiful three-dimensional figures ofEuropean and American style, has been dubbed into Arabic Allah formany of the characters.√ skills: great skills, and a sense of combat as well asdistinctive combat scenes realism system.√ uniform system: filled with lots of distinctive clothing, and theplayer can buy a lot of different clothes to make it different fromthe other.√ system tasks: tasks and massive multi-system; contains basictasks and sub-tasks, tasks equivalents, conduction tasks, dailytasks .. and others.√ union system: Allows the player establish a union, your fuel tofight other players, and become stronger in the alliance.√ chat: talk with thousands of players around the world.
Clash of Lords 2: حرب القبائل 1.0.114 APK
مميزات اللعبة:ـ الإبداع: يمكنك التحكم على كافة الأطراف للعبة حسب تصرفاتك وإطلاقمهارات الأبطال تلقائيا، وعملية القتال الاستراتيجي متنوعةومتغيرة.ـ الحماسة: يقترن البطل بجنوده اقترانا كاملا ويمكنك أن تذوق حركةالفيلق العسكرية بين يديك. لا حاجة إلى تدريب الجنود، فحاربْ كما تشاءإذا عاش بطلك.ـ التكوينات: يمكنك اختيار بطلك من عشرات الأبطال والنمط من النمطين:هناك التحارب بين الأبطال، وأيضا التحارب بين الفيالق. كما يمكنك أنتفوز بالبطولة بتنظيماتك الإستراتيتجية العديدة مع أبطالكالأقوياء.ـ الأنماط الثلاثة: المسابقة بين القادة، والحرب لنهب الموارد، وأيضاحرب النقاط فرديا. فهذه الأنماط الثلاثة ستأتيك بشتي المتع.ـ لعب مجاني: يمكنك المشاركة في هذه اللعبة دون أن تصرف فلسا! إسحبالأبطال عند تسجيل الدخول اليومي,وهناك بعض الجواهر القيمة تنتظركأيضا.ـ النقابات: يمكنك أن تلعب مع أصدقائك من إنشاء نقابة في اللعبة أوالمشاركة في احدي النقابات الجاهزة.تقدموا معا وانسحبوا معا!اجعلوانقابتكم أقوي نقابة في عالم اللعبة بجهودكم!سجل اعجابك بالفيس بوك : http://www.facebook.com/HarbElqbaelبريد خدمه العملاء : harbalqabayil@outlook.comThe game features:Creativity: You can control on all sides of the game by youractions and automatically launch the heroes skills, and the processof fighting a variety of strategic and variable.Enthusiasm: Hero coupled with his soldiers in conjunction with afull and you can taste the military corps movement between yourhands. No need to train soldiers, fought against as you like if youlived your hero.Configurations: you can choose your hero of dozens of heroes andthe style of the types: There Warring between heroes, and alsobetween the Warring corps. As you can win the championshipPtnzimatk Alastrutetjh with many powerful heroes.The three styles: Competition among the leaders, and the war toplunder resources, and also individually war points. These threetypes Static Pesti pleasures.Free play: You can participate in this game without being actedfils! Pull the heroes when recording daily access, and there aresome gems await value also.Unions: You can play with your friends from a trade union in thegame or participate in a trade union Gahzh.tqdmoa together andpulled together! Make your union strongest union in the world ofthe game your efforts!Log much you like with Facebook:http://www.facebook.com/HarbElqbaelCustomer Service Mail: harbalqabayil@outlook.com
Clash of Fortress 1.1.8 APK
DOWNLOAD CLASH OF FORTRESS FOR FREE. TheMOSTSTRATEGIC AND OPERABLE game for the Android in 2015!Raise your kingdom, Arm your heroes, challenges the authorityofGod In castle warfare.Being the lord, to protect your homeland, you have to survivewithyour unbeatable castle, advanced artillery, trusted heroes,toresist the aggression from evil creatures.Features1. Exclusive combat experience with castle building strategy,epichero raising and tower defense system.2. Customized Castle with barracks, bonus rooms anddefenseconstructions, Infinite number of possibilities andendlesspotential for your own castle;3. 3D physics destruction with gravity sensing system, bringsactualcombat experience;4.10 different efficacies of cannons involves in thecastlefighting;5.19 Heroes from history and the myths story, stand alonewithSparta, Paladin to fight with Zeus in heaven, Anubisfromunderworld, rules your own destiny.6.Upgradeable cannon, bonus room, soldiers, evolvableheroes,develop the strongest fighting capacity through differentfightcombination;7. Fight with lords around the world and with your friends.8. Original music from Top level Asia music studio GAMEMUSIC.9. Distributed server architecture guarantee bestuserexperience;CampaignsThree campaigns spanning 27 battle sand the beginner guidancehasbeen integrated.1. Sunset Forest– The rise of Lord (9 battles)2. Forbidden land – The Viking’s brutality (9 battles)3. Desert of relics–The Pharaoh's Curse (9 battles)Clash of fortress realize download for free, players can getthegems through the continuous landing, achievement accumulation,starawards from each campaign, however to better maintain hegemonyofthe Lord, better accumulate advantage compared with otherplayerssome in-game items i.e gems, gold, power will requirepayment andcan be purchased as in-app purchases. eanwhile, thereareexchanging codes in game and we are responsible for items tobesent but not AppleStorm Fortress Online Activities★ Double Gems would be rewarded for the 1st purchase;★ To celebrate clash of fortress on line, ultra amazing giftwouldbe rewarded with any amount of gems purchase for the firsttimefrom now on: Gold x 50000, Food x 50000, Wolfman x 1;★ Landing Award: get prize for consecutive landing per day★ Ten times reward: Accumulated 300GEMS top up would berewarded3000GEMS during promotion period.
Sultan Forces APK
★Game Introduction Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of TheOneThousand and One Nights. Recruit Ala Aldeen to youralliance,summon the Djinn of the Lamp, employ battle-winningtactics, andwin the day! In a land of djinns and demons, whereinvadersthreaten to plunge the world into darkness, anddifferentcivilizations are locked in the chaos of endless war, thelongforgotten One Thousand and One Nights could be your key tosavingmankind! Will you prove yourself worthy of wielding the powerofthe Kingdoms of Sand, Oceans, and Air by leading vast armiesofdemon thieves, carpet riders, and gunners into battle? Can youleadthe Sultan Forces to everlasting victory? Don't hesitate, takeupthe challenge and show the world your might! ★Game Features※ThreeCivilizations The Kingdoms of Sand, Oceans, and Air each comewiththeir own unique characteristics and beautifulartwork,demonstrating the glory and prosperity of the ancientMiddle East.Gather resources, train troops, and display the awesomepower ofyour civilization for the whole world to see! ※TacticalBattles Arich selection of troops types and formations offerendlesscombinations. Combine powerful military research, strongbonds withyour allies, and well-considered diplomacy to resist yourenemiesand emerge triumphant from realistic battles! ※Hero DungeonsAllowloyal Ali Baba, quick-witted Ala Aldeen, and valiant Sinbad toleadyou on a wondrous adventure, standing side by side with you asyouface numerous treacherous challenges. Each hero has theirownunique skills to offer, and learning who to use, and when, willbean important lesson in your struggle to defeat the finalboss!※Raising Djinns Sand, Water, Fire, Wood, and Wind, these arethefive elemental djinns that will help you on your way toworlddomination! ※Alliance Wars Ally yourself with players from alloverthe world to form mighty alliances and take on your foestogether!★Contact Us ★Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/sultanforces•Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/sultanforces/•Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3QvlzXzb9rcrBRKtvBrCtQ•Twitter:https://twitter.com/sultanforces •PrivacyPolicy:http://www.onemt.com/policy.html •Terms ofService:http://www.onemt.com/terms.html
Doom Dunes 1.16.0 APK
Make friends and enemies with players from all over the world inthis new action packed strategy hit! Doom Dunes lets you take onthe role of a noble prince with big ambitions! Form alliances withinfluential princes and develop your humble castle into a bustlingempire. Collect riches from faraway lands, hunt wild creatures andtrain an elite army to fight opponents on the battlefield!Features: 1. Strategic gameplay: reinforce your army throughresearch and recruitment. Know when to lie low and when to attack!2. Teamplay goes global: be part of an international alliance whereyou can research, hunt and fight side by side! 3. Real-time 3Dcombat: follow PvP battles in real-time, send reinforcements andsupplies! 4. Build, train & prosper: Build up your base,collect resources, bulk up your army & build a mighty empire!5. Conquer the world: Vanquish roaming monsters for the treasuresthey hold. Attack other players’ castles to plunder their resources& climb to the top! Visit official sites:https://www.facebook.com/DoomDunesGame/
Saga of Sultans 1.13.2 APK
Unique Middle East themed Kingdom War RPG with many playersonlineand fighting for glory! Choose your Kingdom and fight to ruletheworld! *Five mighty Kingdoms for you to choose from! Experiencethemajesty of the vast Glorious Continent and create your ownlegacyof war! *Saga of Sultans is a unique battle-based 3D KingdomWarRPG with many players online! *From lowly warrior to mightysultan,from unknown tribe to powerful kingdom, come and write agloriousnew chapter in the history of Arabia! Game features: 1.UniqueKingdom War gameplay: Fly the flag of your kingdom as you dobattlewith other players in real-time and set out to conquer theworld!2. Thrilling battles and breathtaking scenes: Immerseyourself inexquisitely crafted Arabian scenes; experienceexhilarating battleswhere you really feel like you're on thebattlefield itself! 3.Socialize using voice messaging and fightside-by-side withfriends: Real-time instructional broadcasts; makenew friends andfight alongside them! 4. Grow your character andrise to rule aKingdom: Raise your rank, learn skills, keep up withthe latestfashions, strengthen your equipment, rear a formidablemount, andfind a thousand ways to keep on developing! 5. A hugeworld with awide variety of quests: Escort caravans, slay monsters,rescuecaptives, discover hidden treasure - a broad variety ofgameplayoffers even greater fun! If you need any assistance, don'thesitateto get in touch with our support team atservice-sos@onemt.com andwe'll do our best to help! You can alsocheck out our Facebook pageat www.facebook.com/SagaofSultans
انتقام السلاطين 1.16.2 APK
Revenge of Sultans, the best Arabic war strategy game, isbringingyou an exclusive Eid al-Adha edition! The Eid al-Adhaeventutilizes unique features of Arabic culture including popularEidal-Adha dishes, beverages and traditions. Join the fun to earntheamazing Days of Arabica castle theme! The first and bestepicreal-time Arabic strategy war game made especially for Arabstoreclaim the ancient glory of their ancestors. You, my Lord,arecalled by the people to take on the great challenge to becomethenext king in the hope of bringing peace and prosperity back tothisland. :: Features :: • A brand new battlefield - Atlantis oftheSands - and lots of fun holiday events have been added to thegame.My Lords, we hope you'll have a wonderful time in the companyofRevenge of Sultans! • The first and best Arabic strategy wargamedesigned especially for Arabs. • Stunning graphics and abeautifulsoundtrack. • Play anywhere, anytime. • Build your castle,upgradeand defend it with turrets, sturdy walls, and traps. •Battleplayers from across the world, and crush them to snatchtheirresources. • Build your own army of swordsmen, archers,camelriders, catapults, and other mighty fighters and tools. •Joinforces with other players and friends to form a powerfulalliance,and clash with others during PvP battles. • Fight otheralliancesduring massive PvP conflicts in the Throne War. • Immerseyourselfin medieval warfare, and experience the lives of legendarykings. •Battle your way toward victory, and become the greatestking thathas ever lived!
Origins of an Empire: King's Choices APK
Origins of an Empire: King's Choices is an exciting RPGgamesimulating life at the European medieval royal court. Becomealegendary king and recruit famous generals, meet stunningbeauties,raise your heirs, suppress rebellions, and expand yourempire withthe ultimate goal of becoming the supreme emperor!★☆GameFeatures☆★ 1. Experience the splendor of the medieval royalcourt -resplendent garments, luxurious palaces, lavish banquets,loyalknights, gorgeous concubines, and so much more! Live themarvelouslife of a medieval European king! 2. Build and rule yourownkingdom - handle government affairs, confer titles ofnobility,build alliances, defeat enemies, and develop trade! 3.Meetstunning beauties - Choose from more than 20 princesses, takethemon dates, and invite them to your palace! 4. Raise your heirs-Raise your sons and daughters, and marry them to otherplayers'heirs to make your kingdom even stronger! 5. Collectlegendaryheroes - Summon heroes, and compete with other players! 6.Join PvP- Rally players from across the world, and defeat yourenemies! 7.Build alliances - Rally your allies and wage bloodywars! Downloadthe game now, and rule the whole world!Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/OriginsofanEmpire/Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/origins_empire/Twitter:https://twitter.com/origins_empireYouTube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3RBWqzeyQ0LNruSuIszMwwOfficialWebsite: oe.onemt.com ★☆Customer Support☆★ If you have anyfeedbackor suggestions, please send an email to serviceoe@onemt.comPrivacyPolicy: http://www.onemt.com/abroadgame/outer/policy/ TermsofService: http://www.onemt.com/abroadgame/outer/terms