1.0 / October 24, 2018
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👻Rise Up - Balloon Protect Halloween Pumpkin Theme👻 is thenewestScary Fun game of Halloween 2018! Are you ready for the mostspookyand challenging Halloween 2018 experience? Rise Up HalloweenHorrorNights got you covered! Huge variety of obstacles and shapes,newand spooky Halloween theme on every level and much more!Protectthe Halloween pumpkin from falling shapes and obstaclesusing yourfinger to move the shield that stands in the pumpkin wayforvictory! Hit the falling shapes by moving the shield withyourfinger, and protecting your Halloween pumpkin! Best challengegameof Halloween 2018 Gather secret gems to get the highestscore,scary Halloween theme that gets spookier with every level,Scarybats and spiders will remind you all your loves and fearsofHalloween! Are You Ready For This Halloween new bestandchallenging game of 2018?! Can You protect the pumpkin and WINtheprize? The haunting music and fun design will get yourhair-raisingand you will immediately immerse in the unforgettableHalloweenatmosphere! Halloween Is Coming! Get your fangs and capesready!Treat yourself with the newest craze of Halloween madness!The gamethat will make your Halloween theme will make you all readyandspooked up for this Halloween season! Earn points by movingtheshield and the pumpkin from the obstacles, protect the pumpkinatall cost to keep it alive! Welcome to the most fun andchillinggame of 2018! Rise up to the horror of Halloween andprotect thepumpkin! Keep the pumpkin alive, and ride up to thesafety, escapethe obstacles and fly up the pumpkin to victory! RiseUp HalloweenHorror Nights Theme Will make you the most frightfulHalloweenexperience, immerse in the Halloween theme and protect thepumpkin.Protect the pumpkin using your finger to move the shieldand hitthe obstacles before they can reach to the pumpkin,challenge yourfriends to the highest score in the horror nights ofHalloween, popthe obstacles and let the pumpkin fly up in thespooky Halloweentheme Easy gameplay and unforgetful Halloween themeexperience,Protect the pumpkin balloon will get your Halloweenparty going!

App Information Rise Up - Balloon Protect Halloween Pumpkin Theme

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    Rise Up - Balloon Protect Halloween Pumpkin Theme
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    October 24, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Anatoli (Tolik) Eidelman - AskTolik
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    mishol gemalim 6 Eilat 88000 IL
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Original hand spinner simulator now in your mobile deviceThe gameperfectly repeats worked out the physics of rotation as the realspinner in your pocket , you con control everything with one fingerand make your best fidget spinner tricksGame Adventages for You✔️100% FREE to Use, No Extra Fees, Safe for your kids✔️ Helps yourelax and relieve stress✔️ Beautiful 3d effect✔️ increaseconcentration and charge positive emotions also relieve fatigue.✔️Safe toy for your kids✔️ One finger Control✔️ Ceramic feeling whenyou play Play now classic spinner and wait for more spinners willbe added so stay tuned for upcoming updates!New Spinners: - Handspinner ninja star- Wood hand spinner- Batman hand spinner- MetalSpinner- Diy fidget spinner- EWR Spinner Fidget Toy- VICTOREM MetalHand Spinner- Shuriken Styleand more..... Soon New Features -Multiplayer Mode 1 vs 1 ( Who best spinner in 30 seconds battle)-Hand Spinner League of Legends (WorldWide BoardScore)Hand SpinnerSimulator 2 Play Now for FREE214488b9ca