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Travel the galaxy in SEGA’s classic platformerRistar, now available on mobile. Play free and rediscover this SEGAgem!

Galactic tyrant Kaiser Greedy has enslaved the Valdi star system.Leaders of every planet have been brainwashed, and only you,Ristar, can free them. Use Ristar’s extendable limbs to swing,climb, grapple and grab your way across six planets and endGreedy’s grip on the galaxy!

Ristar joins the SEGA Forever classic games collection, a treasuretrove of free SEGA console classics brought to life on mobile forthe first time!

- Six planets to rescue, spanning every corner of the galaxy.
- Use Ristar’s extendable arms to smash, grab, and grapple Greedy’sminions
- Battle unique bosses across all six planets
- Grab enemies to destroy them or use them to pivot through alevel
- Perform ‘shooting star’ attacks to kill multiple enemies atonce!

- CONTROLLER SUPPORT - HID compatible controllers

"It's all really fast-paced, split up perfectly into bite-sizedchunks, and above everything else it's just really good fun." [90%]- SEGA Magazine #22 (October 1995)
"A twinkling star in the vacuous space of platform / beat 'em ups."[81%] - Dean Mortlock, SEGA Power #72 (November 1995)

- Ristar was originally intended to be a rabbit with extendibleears
- The working titles for the game included ‘Dexstar’ and‘Feel’
- The soundtrack was provided by Tomoko Sasaki, the composer ofNiGHTS into Dreams...

- The game was originally released in 1995
- Developed by: SEGA
- Designer: Takumi Miyake
- Lead Artist: Yuji Uekawa

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App Information Ristar Classic

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Compatible Devices: http://www.footballmanager.com/games/football-manager-touch-2016#compatibilityFootball Manager Touch 2016 is the most comprehensive footballmanagement game available on a mobile device. Manage real teams andreal players, in 139 authentic leagues across the world and watchyour games play out on the acclaimed Football Manager 3D matchengine.Football Manager Touch provides an immersive experience formanagers who prefer a more streamlined, fast-paced career.Packed with new features, FM Touch 2016 also includescreate-a-club mode and the ability to cross-play between yourdesktop/laptop and tablet, plus much more.FOOTBALL MANAGER TOUCH 2016 – KEY FEATURESCross-SaveAll versions of Football Manager Touch 2016 are 'cross-savecompatible' with one another, so a career started on a tablet canbe saved to the cloud and continued on computer (and viceversa).*Matchday ExperienceFootball Manager Touch 2016 offers enhanced tactical options,including set-piece planning and opposition instructions – all ofwhich play out in the acclaimed Football Manager 3D matchengine.Create-A-Club ModeAdd your own club to the game using the 'Create-A-Club' option.Name your club, choose your colours and edit your squad to yourheart’s content – even adding yourself and a friend.Match AnalysisFor the first time, Prozone match analysis comes to FootballManager Touch 2016, allowing managers to fully analyse either theirfull team or individual players after the final whistle.New UnlockablesBrand new unlockables reward you for progress in your career; ‘AllJob Applications Accepted’ helps you get your foot in the door at anew club, while ‘Design a Son’ allows you to fully customise yourown in-game offspring who will come through into your squad.Opposition InstructionsPrepare your team for the match ahead by setting oppositioninstructions which tell your players how to treat certain membersof the opposing team to limit their performance as much aspossible. Improved ScreensFootball Manager Touch 2016 features a more intuitive virtualmanager’s office, with redesigns to many key screens includingmanager home, transfer, contract, player and tactics screens.And Much, Much MoreIncluding fully updated player and squad details across thedatabase of more than 600,000 players and staff and lots more newfeatures and improvements to be announced in the coming weeks.*Requires separate purchases of FM 2016 or FM Touch 2016 on PC,Mac or Linux
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