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Riyadh's 1st Premier Marathon App is finally here! Take theultimate challenge, push your limits and put your fitness to thetest. Whether you’re running alone or in a group, you’ll find racesfor everyone on the Riyadh Marathon app. Riyadh Half - Marathon TheRiyadh Half-Marathon is an unmissable event for all runners andfitness enthusiasts! Register for the Riyadh Half-Marathon whichwill begin on the 24th of February at 9 am local time.Participatein Races Around YouStay connected with races happening around you.The app will notify you whenever a race is around the corner andyou can register for the race directly from the app.PhotoGalleryView and download professional photographs from previousraces and events. Results and Standing Know who won, who finished,and who is on top of the leaderboard. Made with <3 in SaudiArabia Made with <3 for the General Sports Authority (GSA) byHalaYalla. Reach Out Are you a runner? Want to organize your ownrace? Have feedback about our races? Want to thank us for our work?Leave your comments for us on the app and we’ll get back to youinstantly.

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Wasla Music Festival 1.1 APK
We are Wasla, an Arabic word meaning the connection between twoplaces, or a tool in the Arabic language to give a smooth platformto the beginning of heavy sounds. We are a team of Arabs andArabists, introverts and extroverts, mad men and suits, lovers andgivers that have connected together from across the world to bringa tangible alternative image and weight to the cultural produce ofthe Arab world.Tired of the same image of yesterday’s palacesturning into rubble to the tune of fear and confusion, tired of theidentity of ignorance and arrogance, tired too of the pastime ofcreative mediocrity, we are on a mission to provide an alternative,to celebrate the timeless connection of the Arab past with itspresent, its mother-tongue with its youth, and its talent with itsaudience – for Arabs, and for the world.Our turning point, thecentre of our momentum, the nuqta of our short story, is the Waslamusic festival. We have brought together some of the region’s mosteminent celebrations of alternative Arabism to share in our vision,including established talents and rising stars from across the Arabworld. Those who have been listening to the rest of the world’snoise, will witness the world’s first Arab alternative musicfestival.As a team, we will manifest our journey to connect thedots, spread our message to audiences worldwide, and celebrate theredefinition of what it means to hail from this part of theuniverse. Through events, talks, publications, feeds and festivalsof all art forms and platforms, we will become the forum to see andshowcase the Arab cultural alternative, the pins that keep the tentgrounded through the winds of change, and the energy powering themusic under the bridges.Powered by HalaYalla - Saudi Sports &Entertainment Activities PlatformHalaYalla is the new award winningplatform made in Saudi for sports & entertainment activities.With online ticketing, promotion and event organization features,booking, attending and organizing your sports, entertainment andleisure events and activities in Saudi Arabia has never beeneasier!Something’s missing? Found a bug? Have a suggestion? Pleaselet us know in the feedback form present in the app and we'll workon it right away!
Alf Hewar by Alf Khair 1.4.1 APK
Alf Hewar is an awareness and informational forum between twochange makers: one being local and one international, theconversation is curated to share ideas, inspire professionals,facilitate networking and create a positive impact on society. Eachspeaker will use the conversation to share their own story,achievements, struggles and their accomplishments with theaudience.Description and order of topics:1 - Apps and Design: Fromdifficulty to accessibility: By the year 2019, the number of mobilephone users in the world is expected to exceed the five billionmark where 2.6 billion will be on smartphones. Smartphones arebecoming more and more powerful with every passing day, a majorpart of our daily routine goes towards using mobiles and morespecifically the apps.Join us in our first Alf Hewar, an exclusivetalk with two experts in the field of App design. Our speakers: Dr.Sebastian Stricker from Berlin, founder and head of ShareTheMeal, acrowdfunding app to fight global hunger through the United NationsWorld Food Program and Mr. Nadeem Bakhsh from Riyadh founder of themulti-award winning UXBERT Usability Lab, and developer of theaward winning app Sawwagy, a family driver management app. Bothspeakers share the same passion to develop the community throughtechnology and innovation.2 - Food and Beverage: From concept to achain: The restaurant industry in Saudi Arabia is growing at a pacethat is exceeding its infrastructure. Millions is being invested inopening new restaurants, there is an appetite for new restaurantexperiences that exceeds any other region in the world. Accordingto industry research, the Kingdom’s total food service sales, whichincludes full-service chain restaurants, quick service restaurants,Café & Bakery segment, stood at SAR 33.3 billion, accountingfor almost half of the total GCC market which is valued at SAR70.5billion and is estimated to grow to a collective value of SAR91.9billion by 2018. More and more young Saudi men and women are optingfor a career in the food and beverage industry.3 - Sports andHealth: How sports can shape the economy and society4 - Film andDirecting: Saudi film, from viewer to directorPowered by HalaYalla- Saudi Sports & Entertainment Activities PlatformHalaYalla isthe new award winning platform made in Saudi for sports &entertainment activities. With online ticketing, promotion andevent organization features, booking, attending and organizing yoursports, entertainment and leisure events and activities in SaudiArabia has never been easier!Something’s missing? Found a bug? Havea suggestion? Please let us know in the feedback form present inthe app and we'll work on it right away!
HalaYalla Sports & Entertainment 2.0.15 APK
Sports. Entertainment. Events.Coaches. Trainers. Venues. SaudiArabia.Plan sports and entertainment activities and events. Bookcoaches, trainers, venues, and much more. HalaYalla is a FREE eventand activity booking application that allows you to easily book,attend, organize or create sports, entertainment and leisure eventsand activities throughout KSA. HalaYalla uses your phone’s internetconnection and location services to let you engage in an array ofsports hobbies and active lifestyle events taking place around you.SPORTS, ENTERTAINMENT & LEISURE ACTIVITIESYou get to choosefrom an extensive list of existing sports, entertainment andleisure activities present around you. If your activity doesn’texist, don't fret, just go ahead and create it! BOOK COACHES,TRAINERS, AND TEACHERSOur endless list of sports coaches, fitnesstrainers, music teachers, and more is at your fingertips. You cannow learn to play the guitar, work on your fitness with the besttrainers, or even learn how to bake the perfect birthday cake onHalaYalla!VENUES WITH THE CLICK OF A BUTTONEver wanted to book afootball field? Needed a weekend getaway at a bowling alley?Searched for basketball courts but never found any? Stop wanting,needing, and searching. Download HalaYalla to book all kinds ofvenues. TRANSFORM YOUR LIFENever be bored again! We’re here toenergize, activate and enable the Saudi Arabian society and fulfillthe 2030 vision of an active community. Let's make Olympic andParalympic history! Download the app, and join in on thefun.PRIVACY MATTERSGroups and activities are either private orpublic. You can choose whether you want to engage in private orpublic events. There is also a private section full of groups,activities, and classes exclusively for women.EASY USABILITY Wedesigned HalaYalla with one goal mind; to make it easier for peopleto organize activities with groups. HalaYalla is much easier to usefor organizing sports activities and events in the Kingdom.MADEWITH LOVE IN KSADesigned for the ultimate Saudi sport andentertainment experience, HalaYalla was developed with a genuinelove for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the country’s best UXdesign team!Is something missing? Found a bug? Have a suggestion?Please let us know in the feedback form present in the app andwe'll work on it right away!
UX Jobs 1.0 APK
uxjobs was born as clients asked UXBERT, our boutique userexperience & design agency, for guidance when building theirinternal UX teams. As a group of digital craftsmen withinternational expertise, we at UXBERT set out to fulfil staffingneeds for companies in any industry to match highly-qualified UXprofessionals with clients' culture, work ethic and commitment toexcellence. Our clients profiles range from Fortune 500 companiesto emerging businesses with forward-thinking philosophies.Webelieve UX is a philosophy, not just a job. Our certified team ofuser experience recruiters understands the challenge of undertakingand identifying domain specific experts in UX Design field. Weinvest our time understanding your business, your needs and yourworkflow, so that our highly-qualified UX professionals align withyour company culture, work ethic and commitment to excellence.
Saudi Research Rewards 1.0 APK
Get paid to take surveys and test new products.We’re a team of web& mobile UX designers based in Riyadh, KSA who believe thattechnology works best when it’s designed around people’s needs andbehaviours.We do this by testing designs with real people. Peoplelike you. And we’ll pay you up to 500 SR for your time.Sign up andregister through the Saudi Research Rewards app and you’ll beeligible to take part in one of our research studies and get paidfor your time.HOW DOES IT WORK?Once you’ve signed up and answeredan initial set of questions, you’ll be added to our list ofeligible participants.Whenever we have a research project (we’vegot a new one nearly every month) we’ll get in touch with you tosee if you’re interested in taking part.If you’re available andinterested, we’ll brief you on what exactly the research willinvolve, how much the reward is, and schedule you in to come visitour office for the research.Payment is made as soon as you completethe research.HOW MUCH WILL I GET PAID?The amount we pay for eachsession depends on the project requirements and how long it willlast.The least we pay for an in-person research session is 100 SRfor a 60 minute session. Some sessions will last as long as 90minutes for which you could earn as much as 500 SR.We also arrangemystery shopper research from time to time, which lasts a bitlonger but for which you would also get a higher payment.IS IT ONLYIN RIYADH?No absolutely not. We often carry out research in othercities in KSA as well as other Gulf cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi,Doha and more.We also regularly carry out online surveys, telephoneinterviews and remote user tests. So you don’t actually have to bein Riyadh to take advantage of our paid research.For these types ofresearch we’ll either send you a cheque, through Paypal or banktransfer.So what are you waiting for, download the Saudi ResearchRewards app today to make some money and help us build betterproducts for users like you.
Ramaka 1.0.8 APK
Ramaka will organize six competitions, four of which will have sideevents and an auction over this year, under the supervision of SaraSultan Stables.Horses have played a major role in Arabian history.They have inspired poets and leaders before and after Islam.Equestrianism as a sport, is considered as one of the three sportswhich prophet Mohammad (PBUH) has encouraged his followers topursue at a young age.The name “Ramaka” comes from the Arabic word“رمَكَة” which translates to broodmare. Given that the quality ofbreeding in the most part is effected by the quality of the mare,so in honor of that we decided to name the competition afterher.Powered by HalaYalla - Saudi Sports & EntertainmentActivities PlatformHalaYalla is the new award winning platform madein Saudi for sports & entertainment activities. With onlineticketing, promotion and event organization features, booking,attending and organizing your sports, entertainment and leisureevents and activities in Saudi Arabia has never beeneasier!Something’s missing? Found a bug? Have a suggestion? Pleaselet us know in the feedback form present in the app and we'll workon it right away!
Saudi Cinema Tickets 1.0 APK
Saudi Cinema Tickets is Saudi Arabia’s first dedicated Android appfor Movie info & trailers, cinema listings, showtimes andticket purchases. But wait? There aren’t any cinemas in Saudi? Notyet, but there will be soon! So join us for being ready to go assoon as they do!In the meantime, you can use the app to watch thelatest trailers and get the low-down on your favorite upcomingfilms.Current & Upcoming Features: - Browse films and showtimes- View cast detail pages with full-length biography, filmography,and photos/videos - Watch high-quality trailers and browse photogalleries - Search films by name and release date - Share showtimeswith friends directly through the app - Purchase tickets within theapp and get an e-ticket sent to your phone - Find theatres usingyour current location and get directions
KPL Saudi 1.0.1 APK
KPL (Kashmir Premier League) is a premier cricket league forKashmiri expats living in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This leagueaims towards building stronger, more connected Kashmiri communitiesand generate excitement to make the cricketing scene in KSA moreenjoyable!The KPL Saudi app displays the fixtures, team details,scoreboards, and lets you chat with members of the KPL usingHalaYalla. The app was made with love in Saudi Arabia by HalaYalla- Saudi Arabia’s first Sports and Entertainment Platform.