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After the Success of Car Factory game Kids Fun Studio presents youthe new & exciting adventure of Kids Road ConstructionSimulator game. Now play & enjoy this builder game in thevirtual simulation of construction zone. City’s highway and roadsare damaged and expired and needs to rebuild. Little boys and girlshelp the road construction crew in building and fixing your cityroads and streets. Build, repair and fix the old worn out roads forsmooth and clear traffic. Building skyscrapers, bridges and otherconstruction sites is always crazy fun. Little builder usedifferent construction mega machines, equipment and tools tocomplete the road project in time. This game contains many creativeand exciting activities which your children will love to play.Tobuild the new road you first need to remove the old damaged road.Steer the driller crane and drill the old road. Use excavator craneto dig the road and throw the debris in the dumper truck. Road’ssurface is messy use road cleaner truck to clean up the dirt andmess. Now play a thrilling mini game in which you need to smash thestones to gather the concrete. Load the concrete on the truck andspread a layer of it over the road. Drive the bulldozer vehicleover it. To fix the road now you need to throw molten coal over it.Collect the coal in large drums and heat it up for some time tillit melts. Mix the coal with different construction materials andspread it over the road. Move the roller over it and road is readyfor traffic. This repairing and fix it game is as much fun as anyfarm or tree house game. This game is allowing your kids to becivil engineers and build the mega construction projects in thecity. Now download this amazing road makeover game and have fun!

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    April 30, 2018
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After success of Cake Factory- Dessert Maker, Kids Fun Studio isall here with another chocolate factory & ice cream cake makergame. Wedding Party Cake Factory The real world factory simulationsetting. A perfect dessert cake games for all little sugarchefs!All little girls dream of a wedding day with breath-takingelegant wedding cake, and with our new factory simulation and newcreamy cakes bake game for girls you can make wedding cake in yourown cooking cake game. A new cake chef bakery factory game whereyou enjoy cake decoration inside our fantastic sweet shopbakery.Now make girls best occasions chocolaty creamy cakes in thischocolate factory. Brides for their big day need best decoratedcake ever. So get along with factory workers & makeirresistibly yummy cakes in this ice cream cake maker & dessertchef games. Start your baking story in this best wedding cake salon& make yummy desserts for your loyal customers! So little sugarchef… are you ready for this baking contest & crazy cookingchallenge? Get in the factory kitchen and starts cooking like aprofessional cook to bake adorable muffins & wedding partycreamy chocolate cakes. Cake factory is a virtual cooking simulatorgame for kids. This crazy food mania game is the real timeexperience of cooking cakes in the factory for party occasions andweddings.Hurry up! Customers are coming to your cake factory shopto pickup their orders. Choose the customers favorite cake, forbaking the cake first bake the plain cake by with the mixer ofeggs, butter, flour, baking powder and flavor. Make differentlayers, cook the cake in the oven. Now add different topping andcream lawyers with automate machines. Make chocolate, vanilla, andmango and other cakes. In the end decorate the cake with weddingday decorations & sprinkles. This chocolate factory makes bestchef cakes. Here we go! Sweet dessert is ready to be delivered tothe customers. With so many wedding cakes, wonder to create youwon’t ever go out of business with this management game. Weddingparty Cake factory is the best bakery shop in the town. Kids useyour master chef skills to provide the best cakes in the city. Thiscooking mania game is crazy fun and adventure.Cake factory is thebest bakery shop in the town. Kids use your master chef skills toprovide the best cakes in the city. This cooking mania game iscrazy fun and adventure.Now download this chocolate factory &cooking cake games & have fun!
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Hi girls, kids and teens! Kids Fun Studio presents you Burger MakerKids Star Chef. If you love fast food like pizza, sandwich and hotdog then no need to go to a restaurant. Just download this cookingburger game now and create your own saucer king burger with triplepatties. Make some hot and spicy grilled burger with beef steak andsausages.Learn how to make your own hamburger, cheeseburger at homein this fun burger maker game. Make and dress up your burger withdelicious patties, onions, cucumber, ketchup, mayonnaise andtomatoes. Make your burger as colorful and delicious as you canwith this burger building star chef game. Don’t forget to eat somedelicious sweet dessert after meal. Burger Maker kid’s star chef isfull fun and entertainment for kids. Best thing of burger makerkids is that you can share your dream burger to your friends asgifts through sharing it on Facebook. Features- Burger maker kidsstar chef is totally free and best burger maker game-No lockeditems or in-app purchases- More than 20 awesome toppings includingtomatoes, ketchup, mayonnaise, cheese and salad- Sweet anddelicious drinks- Attractive decorations including cake, cupcake,strawberry, teddy bear, Easter egg, Easter bunny and lovely smileyicons.- Attractive, colorful visuals.- Easy tap and drag game play.- Kids friendly content - Bring out the creativity in your children- Backgrounds and wallpaper personalization- Share your spicyburger with your friends on Facebook.