2.1.1 / December 13, 2018
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Catch the timing and shoot the enemy ! Get coins and get guns !

App Information Robo Gunner

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    Robo Gunner
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    December 13, 2018
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Tiny Mouse Games
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    東京都渋谷区代々木1-59-1 オーハシビル6F
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これがブラック企業の実態?・・・ 迫りくる無茶・無謀な依頼をすべて引き受けるスーパー女子「忠犬ちゃん」の奮闘アクションゲーム。共感するエンジニア多数! 毎日異なる忠犬ちゃんの今日の一言に涙するエンジニアも!? 【操作方法】 画面をタップしてジャンプ!正面に来た敵は自動で攻撃! 簡単操作で依頼をこなせ! 【特殊スキル】 ゲームを進めていくと特殊スキルが使えるようになるぞ!多様なスキルを使いこなして強大な的に立ち向かおう! 【育成】 忠犬ちゃんのレベルを上げてパワーアップしよう!どんどん強くして敵を倒そう! This is a black companies in reality? ... Struggleaction game of super girls "faithful dog-chan" to take all thereckless - reckless request looming. Empathy to engineer a largenumber! Engineers Namidasuru the quote of the day, every daydifferent faithful dog-chan! ? 【Method of operation】 Jump bytapping the screen! Enemy came to the front of the attackautomatically! Konase the request in a simple operation! [Specialskill] Become able to use the special skills and to advance thegame! Mighty to confront and mastering a variety of skills![Training] Trying to power up to raise the level of the faithfuldog-chan! Topple the enemy more and more strongly!
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The purpose of this game is to let the baby escape from the room.Solve various mysteries and let the baby escape ! ●How to play-Collect items and tap on the screen places of interest. -Try toopen the door and let the baby escape form the room.
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レベルに合わせて様々なもぐらが出てきます。 課金要素がない無料ゲームですので、お子様でも安心してお楽しみいただけます。昔ながらのもぐらたたきゲームですが、レベルが上がると叩いてはいけないモグラがでるなど、攻略要素満載! 子供に人気のもぐらたたき。ぜひ、お子様と一緒に記録を競い合ってみてください! ■ユーザーの使い方 ユーザー追加ボタン(トップ画面の青い丸いボタン)を押します。「あたらしくつくる」ボタンを押しますニックネームを入力して「けってい」ボタンを押し、「これにする」ボタンを押すとそのニックネームでプレイできます! You willget a variety of mole in accordance with the level. Since there isno billing element is free game, you can enjoy safely in children.It is old-fashioned of Whack-A-Mole game, such as leaving the molesthat do not hit the level goes up, capture elements packed!Popularity of Whack-A-Mole to children. By all means, please try tocompete the record along with the children! ■ user how to use thePress the Add User button (blue round button on the top screen).Press the "refurbished create" button Enter the nickname and pressthe "OK" button, you can play with the nickname and press "to this"button!
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Let's add target figures by adding adjacent figures! There are'Endless mode' and 'Stage mode'. There are various gimmicks inStage mode. Let's capture the stage that is not straightforward!
Robo Gunner 2.1.1 APK
Catch the timing and shoot the enemy ! Get coins and get guns !