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Immerse yourself in a futuristic atmosphereofwar of robocar in the simulator. Become a flying cartransformer,find your own style of fighting and save the planetfrom an alieninvasion of X Ray. Be a hero, destroy enemies, developyour flightskills and driving and get a lot of impressions!
You can enjoy beautiful views of the city and the surroundingnaturethrough amazing 3D graphics of simulator. Consider everydetail ofits futuristic flying car - robocar and appreciate thebeauty offuture technologies. Good physics and management willgive theeffect of total immersion in flight and allow to doincrediblestunts. Damage system will add realism and give you theopportunityto shred minions of X Ray into small pieces. Afascinating music ofsimulator will not get bored, and makevigorous battle. You feellike a real futuristic robocar!
Since the action of simulator takes place in a big city, donotforget to explore it in a flying car. So you'll know allthedetours, dangerous areas and the location of the workshops,whichmeans you are ready for any surprises from the X Ray.Forperforming tasks you will receive the money and experience.Takethem to mainly improve your flying car, and expressyourselfthrough cosmetic improvements to the remaining funds. Showthroughits futuristic appearance robocar your fighting style andlet theenemies tremble before your arrival!
Everyone can participate in the fight against the X Ray, sincethesimulator is completely free. The main thing to be ready toshowthe wonders of skill and speed, because without it not to savetheplanet and stop the invasion. Do not forget to call yourfriendsand see who of you is best managed with a flying car. Shareyouremotions tell about the results of battles with X Ray and luck,abeginner futuristic robocar!

App Information Robocar Flying Simulator

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    Robocar Flying Simulator
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    November 21, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Art Mega Drive Games
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World of Artillery Simulator 1.0 APK
Welcome to the world of war and artilleryinthe simulator. Take part in large-scale and excitingbattles,become a storm of army tanks of the enemy and show allyouraccuracy in the defense. Immerse yourself in the gloomyatmosphereof the war, acknowledge its privations and horrors andbecome thebest hope for victory. If you are ready to test, thengoahead!In the simulator you will find beautiful 3D graphics, whichwillallow you to see with your own eyes a picture of the real warandthe process of destruction of beauty of the world.Excellentphysics will show you all the features of warfare in thedefenseand management of artillery. You will be able to train anduse youreye and logic against the enemy army, operating with reallaws ofnature! Exciting music simulator will not get bored duringtherespites and will add energy during labor. A system ofimprovementswill allow you to express yourself to find your ownstyle offighting - be unique hero of defense. Importantly, do notforget toengage in artillery repair, so your investments you willnot wasteyour investigations on the best shot of the enemyarmy.To win a complete victory over the enemy will have to try fairly,sobe prepared to show the wonders of your hit in the simulator.Showeveryone the power of your artillery and defense your countryfromthe enemy army. Do not let the chance to carry out trickymaneuversand yourself attack at the right moment. Scroll to theenemycapital, and apply your last hit!Anyone can become a hero of defense of his country in thissimulatorbecause it is completely free. If you do not have fear,you arespoiling for a fight, the World Artillery invites you!Become a newhero and show your power. Good luck and well-aimedshots at theenemy army!
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Here you will find a distant voyage in apolice car. Become a brave officer of traffic police, sit behindthe wheel of the Lada VAZ, become a real Russian driver and soakall the trials of the road. You will be a real fight with theviolators, the vagaries of nature, weather, bad roads andmechanical problems. But along with this, you get a sea ofunforgettable emotions, and if you can finish the trip, you canrightfully call yourself a master of driving!In the game you will have the chance to enjoy amazing views ofRussian nature: fields, forests, mountains and rivers are presentedby beautiful 3D graphics, so you will experience the presentaesthetic pleasure. Each vehicle model is made on the basis ofreal, so you will be able to evaluate in detail the Russian carindustry, and in particular your police car Lada VAZ. Learnfeelings of the Russian driver and find out the whole atmosphere ofthe country voyage. Thanks to the good physics, you can not doubtthe realism of what is happening and be able to actively use theenvironment during the chase. Ready traps, push, crashed,destroyed, and much more. The main thing is try not to break yourcar of traffic police. Together with the vibrant music you'll neverbe bored, and your voyage will be unforgettable.Since you are in Russia, and even in a long trip, you should beprepared for a variety of difficulties. Your work of Russian driverof traffic police is not so easy to do! Do not forget to monitorthe status of your police car Lada VAZ, promptly engaged in repair,refuel and buy improvements. Find your own style of driving,supplement it with appropriate modules and fully expand your skillsof driving. Do not forget that you can spend on cosmeticimprovements and to express yourself as a Russian driver - beunique employee of traffic police and make violators to be afraidof your police car.Everyone can get behind the wheel of Lada VAZ and send to a distantvoyage, as the game is completely free. So if in you live thedesire to become a defender of the law on the road, then go ahead!Your police car waiting for you. Find out all the difficultiesweekdays of traffic police and show all your skills. Good luck inthe voyage, Russian driver of Lada VAZ!
Racing Super Heroes Batmobile 1.0 APK
Get behind the wheel of Batmobile and takepartin the racing. If you do not mind to become a super hero, toshowthe wonders of driving and knowledge of the nuances of thedrift,here you will be able to realize your desires in life andbecome aunique driver. You will have an exciting confrontation onthepopular competition, so you get a lot of impressions. Bisectingtheexpanses of the great city, fight for first place and striketheaudience with your skills and abilities of Batmobile.All the buildings and surroundings will enable you toenjoyspectacular views through amazing 3D graphics. Experiencetheeffect of total immersion and feel like a real super herocardriver. Good physics allow you to use the environment duringtheracing, to do any stunts and destroy everything that you seefit.Shoot, set traps, push, crashed and navigate your way throughanyobstacles - use opportunities of Batmobile to the full!Excitingmusic will not let you get bored and will make every racingdriftunforgettable.You will have a lot to explore the city to become the best driverofa super hero. Look for detours and secrets, studycharacteristics ofdifferent areas of the city, remember the placeof traps and thelocation of workshops, create your own barriersand open new stores.So you're ready for any racing and be able tosurprise youropponents by tricks of drift.Do not forget to express yourself and use a cosmetic andthefighting improvements. Develop your image of the driver, adduniqueunits to your Batmobile - make your opponents fear the powerof asuper hero.You will get some funds for it by winning the racing. Use the maptofind the desired mode and arrive at the scene. Choose whateveryoulike, from drifting to the chase and exercise. Increase yourratingand become the most influential city driver.If you are ready for the upcoming test, you can not wait, asthegame is absolutely free, and everyone can enjoy the atmosphereofspeed and battle. Your Batmobile waiting, the young super hero -goto win and impressed everyone with your skill. Good luck intheracing, drift and positive emotions!

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