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Once you were just a poor little robot without any skills andspecial powers, but then the lightning hit your steel body… andsomething has changed! You became stronger, got heavy wheels andsome interesting weapons with the ultimate ability to become… areal MUSCLE CAR! Check this amazing RoboCar Muscle Transform BotCar Race 3D game!UNLEASH YOUR NEW SUPERPOWERS• Life was so boringbefore… Now you have a chance to change everything! Become a cruelcrashing robot car or just dispense justice!• Robot survivalsimulators have never been so exciting! Check this ultimatecombination of muscle car racing, robot car city rampage andtransform bot defense games!• Don’t lose your chance to fight withsome other robots, ‘cause they are hiding in the every corner ofthis large modern city!COMPLETE STUNNING QUESTS• Challenge yourselfwith different exploration and crashing missions – you are thisheavy type of muscle car robot, they’re all scared!• Ruin the city,but beware of cops, police, SWAT and some military forces’vehicles: they are all trying to find you and neutralize!• Lootyour rivals and some buildings or earn some points for thesuccessful mission completion and unlock new possibilities!CHOOSENEW MAIN CHARACTER OR POWER YOUR CURRENT ONE UP• Buy some colorfulbody parts with absolutely amazing weapons and try to survive aslong as it even possible;• Watch colorful modern city views on yourway to the next challenge checkpoint (they are all made in 3Dgraphics);• Enjoy amazing customization, moving and fightingsystems feeling like a real robot that can become a musclecar!Start your new robotic life with RoboCar Muscle Transform BotCar Race 3D game and just enjoy it!Privacy policy:https://julyb1672.wixsite.com/virtual3dworld/single-post/2017/02/16/VIRTUAL-3D-WORLD-PRIVACY-POLICY

App Information RoboCar Muscle Bot Car Race 3D

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    RoboCar Muscle Bot Car Race 3D
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    December 25, 2017
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    Android 4.3 and up
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    Virtual 3D Worlds
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