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The RoboMaker® kit was created to guide you on an educationaljourney to introduce you to robotics, logical thinking and coding.By using the 250 and more interchangeable components present in thebox, you can build 5 different robots with growing levels ofcomplexity and then programme them in a fun way through this freeapplication. The RoboMaker® app communicates with the robots viaBluetooth® Low Energy and contains 4 different sections, each withtheir own specific and engaging functions: 1- BUILD In this sectionthe 5 robot models can be reconstructed in 3D, piece-by-piece, in adynamic and animated way. Whenever you add a new component, you caneven enlarge/shrink it and rotate the model by 360° to understandhow to connect the various modules. 2- LEARN The Learn sectionillustrates the basic programming concepts through 10 guidedactivities (2 for each robot model); which can be completed bycreating specific command sequences using the Clementoniblock-based programming. 3- CREATE Once you have learnt the basicprogramming concepts and have familiarised with our block-basedprogramming, you can juggle around with the options in the Createsection. In this area, after building a robot of any shape, you canprogramme it as you prefer. In this case, the activity is performedfreely, therefore the app will not signal whether or not you haveentered the sequence correctly, so you will have to realise byyourself whether the result meets your objective. 4- CONTROL TheControl mode does not entail the use of block-based programming.Through this mode it is possible to control and command in realtime the 5 robot models proposed. Each command you send will beexecuted instantly by the robot, without any delay. Given that the5 robots are different in terms of both the electronic componentsused and their functions, there is a specific control page for eachone of them. So, what are you waiting for? Enter the RoboMaker®world, step in the programmer’s boots and start this engaging andformative adventure!

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    September 4, 2018
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    Android 4.3 and up
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    Clementoni S.p.A.
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    Zona Ind.le Fontenoce - 62019 Recanati (MC)
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it.clementoni.robot APK
Cyber Robot is the first Clementoni Robotics APP for children aged8 years and upward. This game has been specifically designed so youcan control and play with your very own robot. "The free version ofthe Science&Play TechnoLogic APP will take you on a stimulatingand exciting adventure with Cyber Robot, giving you an opportunityto study and learn how a robot works first-hand. " "The APP allowsyou to control and play with Cyber Robot in 4 fun and engaging gamemodes: Programming, Real Time, Gyro and Self-Learning. " Thanks toBluetooth® technology, you can programme your robot, control itsmovements in real-time and even guide it using your gyroscope andteach it to understand your commands. To make the experience evenmore engaging, you can also access the camera function, which willallow you to photograph and video the robot as it carries out yourcommands. What are you waiting for? Download the APP and starthaving fun now! With fun light and sound effects and adjustable,speed-controlled movements, Cyber Robot will become an inseparableplaymate, who you’ll be able to do lots of amazing activities with,as you discover the basic principles of programming!
Puzzle App Frozen 1.2 APK
“Puzzle App Frozen” is an app in the Clementoni Puzzle App linewhich allows you to interact with your favourite characters!!! Onceyou have completed the Puzzle, just take a photograph of it withyour device to enter the magical world of “Frozen” and watch thecharacters come to life thanks to Augmented Reality.Move thecharacters, modify the dimensions and change the background of thePuzzle to recreate the wonderful sets of the film.With the “FrozenPuzzle App” you can also read the story of Anna, Elsa and all theother characters.Try the Puzzle mode for even more fun! The appincludes 8 digital puzzles with 3 levels of difficulty. When youhave completed the image, you can decorate it with colourfulstickers and save it in your device's picture gallery.
Planet Clementoni 1.0.6 APK
Planet Clementoni is an application which allows you to remainconnected with your children and their Clempad* at all times.Download the app onto your mobile device and you can connect toyour child’s Clempad. For each existing profile you will be ableto:- Allow or block website and online games which your childrencan access, making sure they stay safe online- Monitor you children’s activity on the tablet: on apps, theinternet, or video- Manage and limit usage time on the device by setting playingtimes- Observe progress in 5 separate educational areas designed to forma cohesive whole- Chat safely to your child from your mobile device at anytime- Monitor the history of exchanges between two Clempad 4.4 tabletslinked to the same Planet Clementoni accountThe Planet Clementoni App will also allow people who don't yethave an account to create one and report problems by contactingCustomer Services direct.* Planet Clementoni is compatible with all Clempad 2014models.We are always delighted to hear from our customers. Pleasecontact us at:clempad@clementoni.itor on twitter:https://twitter.com/ClementoniToys/@ ClementoniToys
FantaSea 1.0 APK
Dopo aver giocato con forme, colori, sequenze e insiemi incompagnia dei simpatici animali della Fantafattoria, il teamcreativo di Sapientino vi invita a lasciare la terraferma einiziare una nuova e avvincente avventura educativa in fondo almare!Questa volta i vostri bambini navigheranno alla volta delmeraviglioso mondo di FantaSea per immergersi con il PolipoPolpetta alla scoperta di lettere, numeri e prime semplicioperazioni.Un’app educativa pensata con psicologi e insegnanti perbimbi dai 4 ai 7 anni con tante attività animate da simpaticipersonaggi e studiate a livelli di difficoltà crescenteper:introdurre i più piccoli ai prerequisiti fondamentali dimatematica e italiano con task su quantità e alfabeto (osserva,conta e riconosci: 4-5 anni)far misurare i più esperti con lascrittura e composizione delle prime parole e la soluzione diaddizioni e sottrazioni (traccia, copia, componi, risolvi: 5-7anni)migliorare in generale capacità di problem solving, logica,velocità nel ragionamento, prontezza di riflessi, coordinazioneocchio-mano;stimolare creatività e immaginazione grazie allapossibilità di collezionare premi con cui personalizzareliberamente la propria isola “Fantasea”Un modo innovativo,originale e divertente di approcciare le basi di materiescolastiche fondamentali al di fuori dei banchi di scuola.Permotivare i nostri figli all’apprendimento in chiave giocosa etecnologica, le avventure di FantaSea si sviluppano, infatti,intorno a 5 temi educativi fondamentali: QUANTITÀ, LETTERE, NUMERI,PREGRAFISMI, OPERAZIONI.Seguite i progressi del vostro bambinodall’Area Genitori: i risultati raggiunti in ogni area educativasaranno aggiornati quotidianamente per garantirvi un monitoraggiodel suo percorso formativo e di gioco.Buona “APPavventura”!Afterplaying with shapes, colors, sequences and sets in the company ofthe cute animals of the Fantafattoria, the creative team ofSapientino invites you to leave the mainland and begin a new andexciting educational adventure under the sea!This time, yourchildren will sail to the wonderful world of FantaSea time to divewith octopus dumpling to the discovery of letters, numbers, and thefirst simple steps.An app designed with educational psychologistsand teachers for children aged 4 to 7 years with many activitiesanimated by cute characters and studied at levels of increasingdifficulty to:introduce children to the basic prerequisites inmathematics and Italian with the task of quantity and alphabet(observe, count and recognize: 4-5 years)to measure the moreexperienced with writing and composition of the first words andsolving addition and subtraction (trace, copy, compose, solve: 5-7years)improve the overall problem solving skills, logic, reasoning,speed, reflexes, hand-eye coordination;stimulate creativity andimagination with the ability to collect premiums which freelycustomize their own island "Fantasea"An innovative, original andfun approach to the basics of basic school subjects outside ofschool.To motivate our children to learn in a playful andtechnology, the adventures of FantaSea develop, in fact, around 5key educational issues: QUANTITY, LETTERS, NUMBERS, PREGRAFISMITRANSACTIONS.Follow the progress of your child from the parents:the results achieved in each area of ​​education will be updateddaily to ensure a monitoring of its training and play.Good"APPavventura"!
Puzzle App Minnie 1.2 APK
“Minnie Puzzle App” is an app in the Clementoni Puzzle App linewhich allows you to interact with your favourite characters!!! Onceyou have completed the Puzzle, just take a photograph of it withyour device to enter the magical world of “Minnie Mouse” and watchthe characters come to life thanks to Augmented Reality.Move thecharacters, modify the dimensions and change the background of thePuzzle to recreate the wonderful sets of the cartoon.With the“Minnie Puzzle App” you can also read the story of Minnie Mouse,Daisy Duck and all the other characters.Try the Puzzle mode foreven more fun! The app includes 8 digital puzzles with 3 levels ofdifficulty. When you have completed the image, you can decorate itwith colourful stickers and save it in your device's picturegallery.
L’allegro spaventapasseri Pannocchia vi invita a scoprire laFantafattoria! Seguitelo in una divertente “APPavventura” targataSapientino! I vostri bambini potranno giocare e imparare tante cosenuove, seguendo un percorso ludico-formativo di qualità ideato dalnostro team di esperti con il supporto di psicologi e insegnanti,sfruttando al meglio le possibilità offerte dalla tecnologia touch.Un mondo ricco di colori, suoni e simpatici personaggi animati permisurarsi su 5 temi educativi fondamentali: · FORME· COLORI·ANIMALI· INSIEMI· SEQUENZETante attività studiate a livelli didifficoltà crescente per divertire tutti i bimbi in età prescolare,a 3 come a 5 anni. Seguite i progressi del vostro bambino dall’AreaGenitori: giornalmente saranno aggiornati i risultati raggiunti inogni area educativa per garantirvi un monitoraggio del suo percorsoformativo e di gioco. Buona “APPavventura”!TAGS: Giochi educativi,Giochi per bambini, fattoria, impara, scuola, animali, educativi,bambini, piccoli, sapientino, numeri, colori, giochi prescolari,giochi semplici, 123, alfabeto, puzzle, giochi lettere, abc,lettere, giochi di matematica, giochi divertenti, giochi dilettere, giochi di numeri, divertimento bambini, figlioThe cheerfulscarecrow Cob invites you to discover the Fantafattoria! Follow itinto a fun "APPavventura" license plate Sapientino!Your childrencan play and learn many new things, following a ludic-qualitytraining designed by our team of experts with the support ofpsychologists and teachers, taking advantage of the possibilitiesoffered by technology touch.A world full of colors, sounds and cuteanimated characters to compete on five key educational themes:·FORMS· COLORS· ANIMALS· SETS· SEQUENCESLots of activities designedto levels of increasing difficulty to entertain all the kids inpreschool, 3 as 5 years old.Follow the progress of your child fromthe parents: daily updated results will be achieved in each area of​​education to ensure a monitoring of its training andgaming. Good "APPavventura"!TAGS: Educational games, Games forchildren, farm, learn, school, animals, education, kids, children,sapientino, numbers, colors, preschool games, simple games, 123,alphabet, puzzles, letters, abc, letters, games math games, funnygames, letter games, number games, fun kids, child
Explore the World 2.0 APK
Have you purchased or been given Clementoni Explore the World as agift?With this app, which has been designed for adults and childrenof 7 years upwards, you can expand your game and explorationoptions. And you can also play in 3 different game modes: AugmentedReality, World Map and Test your Knowledge.Zoom in on theClementioni Explore the World to see amazing 3-D animations ofanimals and monuments from around the world.Then take the knowledgetest. Answer the questions correctly to earn achievements and reachthe next level: start out as a Tourist and become a real Explorer!
10-in-1 1.5.0 APK
10-in-1' is a new Clementoni application for children from 3 to 6years of age. The app consists of a library with 10 differenteducational games: Memo, Differences, Drag, English, Finder!,Intruder, Labyrinth, Linking, Logic, Compare. You can start playingwith the Memo app right away: have fun finding pairs of animals,fruits, vegetables and dinosaurs and training your memory. Tounlock the other 9 games and carry on practising your observation,logic and manual coordination skills, all you need to do is scanthe special picture of the App icon that you will find inClementoni products. And you'll also learn your first English wordsand how to pronounce them correctly. Clementoni '10-in-1"… continuelearning as you play!