Socem 31 / August 11, 2021
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SUPERHERO ROBOT Enjoy the new and best action superhero androbotfighting game! Rush into street and fight as the crimefightersuperhero you are in the city of vice! BECOME THE BEST OFTHEHISTORY OF CRUEL ROBOT BATTLES This ninja robot fightingadventuregame takes place in a city of dark streets. Unknown crimelordsattacked the city and your ninja superhero should win tomafiagangs! Civilians waited for some help, but police and evenarmyforces were unable to cope with gangster mafia villains. Theyhadno hope and it seems that everything was going to ruin butrobotfight ninja master appeared! People want to kick away thugsfromtheir hoods and streets. So handle the superhero to beatironenemies on streets in one of the best robot heroes fightinggames!HOW TO FIGHT IN THE SUPERHERO NINJA BATTLE It's very easy, wemadeit in classic arcade style, like in superhero fighting gamesofyour childhood memories. Tap buttons to make robotics meleeattacks- punches and kicks. Tap on the attack button to pick updifferentdevastating weapons from the ground. Combine jumps andblocks to bethe most dexterous warrior of superheroes games! Try towin insurvival battles, get points for every successful streetfight andunlock new improvements for your future robot fightinghero!COURAGEOUS AND FEARLESS SUPER HERO The gang of offenders tookthecity of dark streets to their control, stop crime lord activity-iron of blades of the steel hero are waiting for makingthecritical annihilation to every enemy on your way! Wear thefuturesuperhero mask and armor, take katana and other devastatingweaponsand go streets to eliminate enemies on outlaw fights!ULTIMATESTREET BRAWLS This fighting game has been made for robotfans andsuperheroes games fans. Perform unpredictable and with yourironninja robot attack and defeat rivals to gain access to thenextsuperhero level. Collect coins to unlock new combo andgetincredible super abilities to become an absolute champion incombatfighter games! Unleash your rage on streets of vice in afuturecity! UNLOCK NEW FEATURES Enjoy action-packed mortal battlesofsuperheroes iron robots vs supervillains and gangsters. Usethefantastic power of the super heroes in the future fight onvariouslocations of the city of dark streets. Unlock new fightingsstyleslike kung fu, karate or even krav maga! Vary your meleeattacks andranged combat with new abilities in the ninja robotfighting game.FIGHTING AGAINST CRIME WITH HEROES IN THE CITY Likeother superherofighting games, you will get a chance to become areal superheroand rescue the city! Play this ultimate fighting gamefor mobilewith super heroes ninja from a comic book that fightswith hordesof gangs! DOWNLOAD SUPERHERO GAME You are a super manand you movelike a spider avoiding be dead. Plunge like in a poolinto thisfuturistic war game with our cool super heroes! Make yourownjustice in this superhero fighting adventures with coolgraphicsthat can compete with the best fighting games! Easycontrols ofrobot games wouldn't leave you indifferent. Are youready to fightin the coolest superhero battle game?

App Information Robot Superhero Fighting Games

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    Robot Superhero Fighting Games
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    August 11, 2021
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Socem 31
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    Avenida de Brasil, 17, 8ºF, 28020, Madrid (Spain)
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Dinosaur Games
San Andreas Gang Wars - The Real Theft Fight 9.8 APK
Do you like the challenges? If yes, you have found your newfavorite game. This game brings extreme and challenging open-worldmissions back to your mobile devices. It packs a superbthird-person shooter game with great graphics and awesome gameplay.Explore the gang war city and complete daring missions. Roam aroundthe whole city, finding and destroying enemies with a wide choiceof cool and exclusive missions. Deliver important packages from onedealer to another dealer. Take out VIPs so that you can getpayments. Create and rule your territory. Become the leader of thegangs of the city in this cool and epic 3d shooting game. The keyto survival is to steal all kinds of cars, bikes, motorcycles youwill find along the streets. With all these cars, you will winspeed driving, and your danger as a criminal will be more serious.The police are always chasing you and your gang. Go over thestreets of the town and find cops: they are your shooting target.Use the most appropriate weapons to kill them and continue your 3Dcrime driving your auto. As a real bully in San Andreas, you mustalways be vigilant and ready for action. Besides an auto thief, youare the grand and best sniper of the gangsters. Your gang is alsoinvolved with drug trouble, so you are the focus of the police. Allthe gangs is looking at you, so you must be clever than them andachieve survival. This mission grand game is a life mobile 3Dsimulator, so the level of action, speed and reality are huge. Lookfor the best car to use and steal everything you can in the realtheft fight. You can also choose from various weapons and guns sothat your shooting target will be caught and killed. Become themost dangerous auto thief in the world. A calm city and urbanstreets become a real and grand battleground so every pedestriancan be a cop, so you must shoot and kill everybody. You shouldn’tlook like a gangster so that theft will be easier. People have totrust you, and then… you commit the crime. Drive all kinds of carsto be the quickest gangster and bully in the city. Speed andperfect driving and shooting skills will be all you need to win thebattle and every crime mission. Weapons and auto are your grandtreasure. Open world scene mode is free and highly realistic. Whenyou survive a mission, the next one will be more dangerous anddifficult. Mafia, gangs, and gangsters are the enemies of thepolice, so you must do your best. When you have the right weapon orgun and your shoot your target, the victory is closer. You will gointo ghettos and theft crimes there will be scaring. But an autothief is brave and has to survive as well in difficult times andplaces. Within the mafia, you are a famous grand sniper and autothief; you will be in charge of the most difficult theft missions.You can collaborate with other bullies but don´t be confused withbullies and police, thieves and cops. San andreas gang wars is a 3Dmobile free open-world game. Gangster’s real life is not easy atall. As a bully and thief, like a mafia member, you are one of themost wanted people in the town. Every person can be your enemy.It´s a grand and real war. Ready for the grand action in the city?Ready for shooting, theft and police killing? Let´s go!
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Squad Survival is the most exciting and thrilling battleshootinggame. It’s time for army battle of squad survival againstthemilitant hunters. You have to fight like a survivor and destroytheenemy’s territory with powerful weapons. As a super FPSshooter,you have to kill every sniper terrorist in this 3D actionandfantasy battle shooting war. The only goal is the survival. Youarea very good trained FPS american soldier and shooter, so youcaneasily handle the tank and all army weapons and guns. Areyoulooking for an amazing and free 3D fight game? Do you likeFPSsniper action games? Do you want to feel you belong to aroyalearmy squad in an epic war? Do you like games full of action,gunsand team strategy? If yes, this game is perfect for you… It’sanultimate battle, it´s a real shooter with 3D and FPSshootingeffects available! It is a war between your survival squadand theenemies. Just the strongest heroes in the army will win thisbattleand will ensure their survival. The enemy squad is all overthecity, you have to find them in every street before theydestroybuildings and kill citizens with their weapons. You must befastand use more powerful and appropriate weapons and guns foreveryassault in the city. Don’t mess up with epic legends fantasyfight,just follow the rules of shooting & survival and become aheroin the battlegrounds. In this FPS modern and ultimate shooter3Dgame, no one is able to take you down. Just believe in yourselfandyour team. Never let any gangster or enemy escape from thiscity.You must catch them before this happens. This tactical battleonlyneeds a war hero like you. So it’s your duty to conquer thecityand the world in the best free fire battle game. Are you readyforthis shooting and fight action? Are you ready for an armyepicbattle in the city? Show your best skills as a sniper in thewarbattlegrounds. The world and the city are living difficulttimesand need a super hero like you. Your main goal is to savepeopleand ensure their survival. You can play as a single playerhero oralso in multiplayer mode (with other players andfriends),developing a team strategy. You are in the right warsquad, youbelong to the good team. Welcome to an epic royale fight,it is afire action. Just the bravest heroes will survive. You willlandfrom a parachute in the middle of the desert and theadventurestarts there. Find and discover terrorist enemies in thecity. Theworld needs your epic fight skills and knowledge in warguns. Youare one of the best snipers in the world. The fire stormis aboutto start. The city is full of snipers and enemies. You aregoing tolive the most difficult fight and your challenge is tosurvival andensure the people’s survival. Let´s enjoy a 3D and FPSincredibleshooting game! Features: • High-quality graphics &engagingsound effects! • Challenging gameplay to scavenge forweapons andguns! • Gather supplies, guns and war equipment forsurvival! •Battle against unknown army squad in world war shootinggame! •Explore the vast battleground as US army commando survivalshooter!• 3D and FPS battle and war game! Perfect for singleplayers andalso team and multiplayer mode! • Challenge yourself tobe the laststanding player in the finest google play game! Enjoythis free andamazing 3D and FPS fight game. Welcome to an epic war.Join yoursquad, show your skills as a royal sniper! Let´s go forthe action!