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If a robot controlled by you fights with zombies, who will win?Thisis a 2D game that is set in a ruined city. You should kill variouszombies and boss monsters by controlling your robot.Are you afraidof zombies coming in flocks? Don’t worry.Your robot is basicallyequipped with many weapons like guided bomb and super powers.Also,you can use ammunition for your weapons without restriction.Whetheryou can kill all the zombies or not depends on your skill.Now, bethe strongest Player.

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    Robots Vs Zombies
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    September 13, 2015
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    Android 2.2 and up
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    FOXY Games
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Robots Vs Zombies 1.0.3 APK
FOXY Games
If a robot controlled by you fights with zombies, who will win?Thisis a 2D game that is set in a ruined city. You should kill variouszombies and boss monsters by controlling your robot.Are you afraidof zombies coming in flocks? Don’t worry.Your robot is basicallyequipped with many weapons like guided bomb and super powers.Also,you can use ammunition for your weapons without restriction.Whetheryou can kill all the zombies or not depends on your skill.Now, bethe strongest Player.
Home Workout 2.0 APK
FOXY Games
transforme your body and Get the body of your dreams with noweights or expensive machines!Whether you’re using weights at thegym & home or doing bodyweight workouts , the Home Workouts appwill help you to lose fat and get fit & ripped with a lot offree multimedia workouts coached by expert personal trainers. Thisexercise-plan has been designed to be followed at the comfort ofyour home and without the need of any expensive machines.the HomeWorkouts app is perfect for people who wants to get fit withoutusing any equipments. you can Follow simple instructions andguidelines and you can workout specific parts or muscles of yourbody in privacy in your home or office at work.This is your chanceTo get all these awesome features to help you lose weight, tone up,and stay fit !• photos that explain each move in details• manybodyweight programs for different fitness goals.• Detailed exercisedescriptions• Share the workouts via social medias like Email,Facebook and Twitterthe Home Workouts app uses the most creativebodyweight workouts known to people and will guarantee you resultsvery fast!the Home Workouts app includes good programs for a lot ofgoals!the Home Workouts app will help you improve your:• Strength•Cardio• Flexibility• Balance• Athleticism• Core• fitness workouts•workout fitness• fitness workout• body weight fat loss workout•workout and fitness exercises• workout & fitness exercises•body workout• workout planthis workout app is one of the workoutapps in the google play store !the Home Workouts app is here foryou to achieve your desired fitness level:- a lot of Ready to goworkouts.- Full body workouts- Ab workouts- Arm workouts- Buttworkouts- Leg workouts- Different workout levels.- Guided workoutwith personal trainer.- Workout Nutrition Guide (soon)- Abexercises- Arm exercises- Leg exercises- Butt exercises- plus manyMore !you're looking for :* exercise apps* ejercicio* rutina deejercicio* workout app* workout routines* workout fitness* gymroutine* best exercise to lose weight* workout plans* weightlossthis app is for you !also this is on of the best exercise appsto lose weight and weight lossto your success.Total Fitness is afitness guide for this sport´s fans. Total Fitness offers you a bigamount of info that will help you to reach your goals. TotalFitness has many exercises and workouts for training at your gym orat homeTotal Fitness has the following sections:Gym ExercisesGuideMore than 100 different exercises to do at the gym withexplanation of the exercise, info about involved muscles, imagesand an explanation videoGym & Home WorkoutsDifferent workoutsthat will help you to schedule your weekly work, as hard as youwant or you can. You can train at the gym or at homeGuidedWorkoutsDifferent guided workouts that will allow you to practicefitness at home with this app´s helpChallengesTry to beat yourselfand reach some of the goals that Total Fitness proposes you, try toreach your best training with these workouts.My ProgressTotalFitness helps you to monitorize your improvements with thissection. Here, you will be able to control your BMI (body massindex), Fat %, and your strength.Workout BuilderCreate your ownworkouts!NutritionTotal Fitness will help you support your work inthe gym with nutrition advice so that you know what, when and howto eat to achieve your goals.UtilitiesTotal Fitness offers you theway to calculate your IMC, Fat %, and your Strength.We hope youlike it!!Get fit with Spartan Bodyweight , no equipmentrequired!Just minutes a day to build muscle and lose belly fat athome.High quality simple workout routines for beginners andathletes.Each workout is video followed,with set of musclesinvolved instructions.- Abdominals- Back- Biceps- Calf- Chest-Forearms- Legs- Shoulders- Triceps
FOXY Games
Nous sommes une société spécialisée en cosmétique naturelle. etnous vous proposons de vous fournir en ingrédients biologiques etnaturels à des prix compétitifs et pour des volumes illimités. Noussommes intégrés à 100%. Nous disposons de nos propres plantations,nos unités de transformation, notre laboratoire et notredépartement de commercialisation en B to B. Nos produits : •L’huile d’argan certifiée bio, qualité cosmétique et alimentaire,•Savon noir naturel et aux huiles essentielles• Ghassoul (Rhassoul)naturel et aux huiles essentielles• Savonnettes à base de l’huiled’Argan•L’huile d’argan, qui provient du fruit d’un arbre du Maroc,protégerait contre le cancer et les maladies cardiovasculaires ethydraterait la peau. Elle calmerait même les symptômes de laménopause. Mais malgré sa popularité en croissance dans le monde,il est encore trop tôt pour crier au miracle.« Sa composition faitqu’elle est intéressante. on l’utilise pour le traitement de l'acnéjuvénile, de la varicelle, des rhumatismes et pour la prévention del'athérosclérose. Elle est aussi conseillée pour les irritations,l’eczéma, les gerçures et les brûlures. »Son effet hydratants’explique par sa teneur élevée en acides gras insaturés. Ellecontiendrait 45 % d’oméga-9 (acides oléiques) et 35 % d’oméga-6(acides linoléiques). Les oméga-9 sont reconnus pour leur effetbénéfique sur la santé du coeur. Les oméga-6 sont aussi considéréscomme de bons gras mais, en excès, ils peuvent nuire à l’action desoméga-3 dans l’organisme. Jusqu’ici, quelques études ont montré deseffets intéressants sur des cellules testées in vitro ou sur dessouris. On lui prête aussi des vertus pour soulager les effets dela ménopause, mais il n’y a eu qu’une étude sur 60 femmesménopausées « très limitée dans le temps », souligne Sylvie Dodin.Pour connaître les effets nocifs possibles, des études de pluslongue durée sont nécessaires.Dans les plats et les salades:Encuisine, son goût raffiné de noisette rehausse les plats et lessalades et fait le bonheur des grands chefs. Extraite du noyau dufruit de l’arganier (Argania spinosa), l’huile d’argan peutproduire des réactions allergiques, mais peu ont été rapportéesjusqu’ici.We are a company specializing in natural cosmetics. andwe propose to provide you with organic and natural ingredients atcompetitive prices and for unlimited volumes. We are integrated to100%. We have our own plantations, our processing facilities, ourlaboratory and our marketing department in B to B. Our Products: •The certified organic argan oil, cosmetics and food quality,natural • Soft soap and essential oils • Ghassoul (Rhassoul)Natural and essential oils • Soap based Argan oil •Argan oil, whichcomes from the fruit of the tree Morocco, protect against cancerand cardiovascular disease and hydraterait skin. Itself calm thesymptoms of menopause. But despite its popularity growing in theworld, it is still too early to declare a miracle."Its compositionbecause it is interesting. it is used for the treatment of acnevulgaris, varicella, rheumatism and for the prevention ofatherosclerosis. It is also recommended for irritations, eczema,chapped skin and burns. "Its moisturizing effect is due to its highcontent of unsaturated fatty acids. It would contain 45% of omega-9(oleic acid) and 35% omega-6 (linoleic acid). Omega-9 are known fortheir beneficial effect on heart health. Omega-6 are alsoconsidered good fats, but in excess, they can affect the action ofomega-3 in the body. Hitherto, some studies have shown interestingeffects on cells tested in vitro or in mice. It also lends virtuesto relieve the effects of menopause but there was a study of 60postmenopausal women "very limited in time," says Sylvie Dodin. Forpossible adverse effects of longer-term studies are needed.Indishes and salads:In the kitchen, exquisite nutty flavor enhancesdishes and salads and is a delight for chefs. Extracted from thekernel of the fruit of the argan tree (Argania spinosa), argan oilmay produce allergic reactions, but few have been reported so far.
What am I? 1.0 APK
FOXY Games
"Best Word Game! Amazingly addictive and super fun!"Each level is afun riddle, can you guess what am I?Tons of riddles to boost upyour brain power!Some simple, some hard! some rhymes, and some willmake you laugh!~~~~Game Features~~~~- Tons of riddles- Justdownload & Play! Instant fun!- Stuck? every riddle comes withhint!- Super smooth control & fun animations!If you are a wordgame lover, you will find this game to be quick, easy, & a lotof fun!Now go ahead, play, & solve them all!STAY TUNED!! MORERIDDLES COMING VERY SOON!!ENJOY THE GAME!!!!
Laws Of Power 2.2 APK
FOXY Games
For those who want to gain power, observe the power or armthemselves against the power ...48 Laws of Power summarizes thefamous laws written by Robert Greene to obtain and study of powerin all areas of everyday lifeLaws which apply in the workplace, inrelationships, in the street or watching the evening news:everything, everyone and to achieve any purpose.This versionincludes 48 laws and its short summary.Some of the greatest men andwomen throughout history have known the secrets of using the powerof thoughts. They use the power within their minds to manifesttheir dreams, plucking them from the inner depth of thesubconscious and bringing them to life in their full color gloryusing nothing more than the power of the minds and the energycreated by their thoughts and emotions using Law of Power.This isan example mind power firmly rooted in scientific fact. The laws ofphysics applied to the metaphysical to create the perfect blend offact and idea. A universal law finally discovered and brought intoplay for the men and women of earth, applying to everyone,regardless of their age, gender or race, and carrying with itguaranteed results!It's the law of Power, a law that has governedthe workings of nature since the beginning of time and has beenspeculated upon nearly as long, but has not been studied and taughtto the general public in enough depth for them to be able to put itto good use; that is, until now. You can now tapped into thesubconscious mind.The law of Power is a law based upon the ideathat the energy given off by a person's mind, whether it be good orbad, will draw like energy to it. This means that by encouragingtheir minds to give off good energy waves an individual would beable to draw positive energy waves out of the universe to make goodthings happen for them.What can the law of Power do for you? Thepossibilities are endless; there really are no limitations on thepositive changes the law of Power can bring into your life. Use thepower of thoughts.There is so much that can be done with the law ofPower, and yet so many people do not realize the power they hold attheir fingertips! So much suffering could be averted if the peopleinvolved only knew the power they have hidden within their ownminds!The law of Power is the best kept secret of some of therichest men and women in the world. Now you can learn to use it toyour advantage too.48 laws of powerat the time Greene was rereadinghis favorite biography about Julius Caesar and took inspirationfrom Caesar's decision to cross the Rubicon River and fight Pompey,thus inciting the Great Roman Civil War. Greene would followCaesar's example and write the treatment, which later became The 48Laws of Power. He would note this as the turning point of his life.
How Old Do I Look _NOT PRANK_ 1.0 APK
FOXY Games
Determine your age from your photo. Guess ageand gender. Very accurate & funny!No need to connect to the internet. Let your phone determine howold you are. Very accurate. Can guess age and gender includingman,woman,ladyboy and gay!Super funny app to mock your friends about their real age. DOWNLOADFREE NOW, don't miss the trend.Features:- Use your phone take a photo, app will determine age and gender ofyou.- Use your own photo to analyse- Now it's your chance to know your friend's real age andgender- Very accurate & funny :P- Share the analysed result photo to other viaFacebook,twitter,e-mail,Instagram,etc.- Suitable for prank your friend, use in party, mock your familyand more.This app is a mocking age determining app, cannot rely withresults. Just for fun."How Old Do I Look? Camera“ is a funny app.Determine your age from your photos. And guess your age and gender.Very accurate & very funny!No need to connect to the internet. Let your photo determine howold do you look.Can guess age and gender including man,woman,ladyboy and gay!Super funny app to mock your friends about their real age.DOWNLOAD FREE NOW, don't miss the trend.How to use:Upload a image and the app will tell you how old do you look.Take a photo of mine and the app will tell me how old do Ilook.Extracting the gender and age of the people in thesepictures.Share your photos via facebook, twitter and email with the app "AgeCamera - How Old Are You? “.this is a free app ,help you to check your age and share it withyou friends.Using this app ,you can take a photo of your friends, then you cantell them how old do they look.Using this app ,you can take a photo of your family, then you cantell them how old do everyone look.This a funny app.It guesses your age from picture on sdcard or tookfrom camera by virtual guessing age algorithm to fool yourfriend.And the result of the algorithm will stick on your picture and youcan share it on everywhere.Enjoy it.########## HOW TO PLAY : CAMERA MODE #########1. Press 'Take Cam Shot' button to open camera2. Point camera at your friend faces, wait until you see frames onthose faces3. If no frame showing at any face, adjust your camera angle, trymove in/move out until see frames4. Press shutter button to let the app determine the age.########## HOW TO PLAY : OWN PHOTO MODE #########1. Press 'Use Your Own Photo' button to choose your photo fromgallery2. Crop the photo, just select where you want to analyse. (Shouldset faces at center of cropped image - leave some space at top ofimage )3. Press 'SAVE' button, then the app will analyse the image and getyou a result.
JDST'18 2.0 APK
FOXY Games
L’Association de Développement des Jeunes Innovateurs de l’ENSA deTétouan (ADJI) organise, en partenariat avec l’UniversitéAbdelmalek Essaâdi, la 1ère édition des Journées Doctorales enSciences et Technologies (JDST’18), les 02 et 03 Mai 2018 à l’EcoleNationale des Sciences Appliquées de Tétouan, sous le thème : «Communiquons la science ! »Cette première édition s’adresse auxchercheurs universitaires et ingénieurs dans le domaine dessciences et technologies.A travers ces Journées Doctorales, noussouhaiterions proposer un espace d’échanges scientifiques entre lesdoctorants. Elles leur permettront notamment de présenterl’avancement de leurs travaux, de se confronter à leurs pairs etaux enseignants-chercheurs et ainsi, de pouvoir renouveler leursparadigmes de réflexion.Parallèlement à une séance plénière et àdes communications orales, nous proposons également des séancesposter qui permettront également aux doctorants de développer leurargumentaire autour des axes de recherche.Autre moment fort decette 1ère édition des Journées Doctorales : des ateliers deformation en développement personnel, en communication et entechniques de rédaction sous LaTex sont proposés à l’ensemble desdoctorants.
Mechatronics 1.0 APK
FOXY Games
in this app you will find interesting information aboutMECHATRONICS.this app contains eight sections:Sections 1 :Definition:the first section is definition you will find a veryimportant info about mechatronics and its meaningSection 2:Inventor: in this section you'll find info about the inventorbehind the name of MECHATRONICSSection 3:Event:the third section isreserved for event of mechatronics in Morocco this yearSection 4:ENSATé:this section talk about mechatronics in Morocco andespecially in national schoole of applied science in TétouanSection5: Prizes:Prizes won by students from our national school ofapplied science in TétouanSection 6: Contact:you'll find contact ofstudent engineers in MECHATRONICS and their ResumeSection 7:RH:you'll finc contact of human resources of Mechatronics inMoroccoSection 8 : About:info about the app================This appis made by group of students of national school of applied scienceand published by FOXY GAMES