1.1.0 / June 16, 2021
(4.2/5) (67)


Are you a cat-person? Do you also happen to be a bazooka-person?Ofcourse you are. Who doesn't love a good explosion. Rocat Jumpurristhe dungeon crawler style game we all needed but never daredtoask. A hilarious space cat roguelike with only one goal: blowstuffup. Fur real! This roguelite game is both fabulously simpleandextremely enjoyable. Because in this game, you are a cat andyoublow stuff up. Boom. How to play Rocat Jumpurr? Use theuniquemechanics of your rocket launcher Blow stuff up to movearound andovercome the obstacles Blow stuff up to fight ludicrousmonsters Befabulous purr destructive force Don’t die Make progresswith eachrun Collect worthy prizes Upgrade you cat and equippower-ups Haveendless fun In Rocat Jumpurr you will rocket jumpyour way throughthe endless number of levels. Beat the levelswithout dying to makeprogress, discover brave new lovely-bizzareworlds and encounterwell-known cats nemezis like: 1. Mice Invaders,2. AngryPewcumbers, 3. Mean Poopigeons, 4. And more! Hunt themonstersdown, explore, find your way through obstacles and finishthestages to get worthy prizes! Exchange tasty Goldfish, SilverCansand other tokens you collect for fabulous equipment and levelyourcat up to be even more furrious. Upgrade your bazooka, getnewenhanced types of rockets and be pawesome! Boom! Why playRocatJumpurr? Pawsibility to be a cat in space! The only onesohilarious mix of a rocket jumper and a cat crawler Generatedlevels= endless fun Simple and unique mechanic - rockets are ALWAYStheanswer Fabulous upgrades system Beautifully bizarregraphicsLudicrous and funny monsters Rocat Jumpurr is a purrfectroguelikegame for boredom - just give the cat a bazooka and seewhathappens. It’s that simple. Boom! Sounds pawesome? Jump inrightmeow!

App Information Rocat Jumpurr - Hilarious Monsters Crawler

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    Rocat Jumpurr - Hilarious Monsters Crawler
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    June 16, 2021
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    Android 5.0 and up
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    Mousetrap Games
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    Świstackiego 20/4 50-430 Wrocław
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