2.1 / January 2, 2015
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Welcome to the Roll Air Wing fighter games for excellence incontrol of a mighty hunterYou play as a Vietnam veteran named Kenpilot recruit a top secret agency in the emergency mission of thehighest importance you will need stop a squadron in the diamondmines of the Republic of Congo ! after the hijacking of a militaryarsenal for you watchwords stoppedany cost loading special weapons! The sensors are detecting a powerful earthquake !Roll over theAir Wing:Airplane with high quality graphics optimized for tabletand Galaxy S2 and higher !Powerful missile head researcher and a 16caliber machine gun arcade style!Plus endless journey away you gothe more you score and share your high score with friends .Thehistory of Air Wing Roll :In the '50s Professor Azimut has createda weapon of mass destruction in infinite resource !To protect theca inception Stocka basically a mine years later discovery islocated caby a group of terrorist wanting to misuse AC power agencytop secret protectionformer Navy recruits train at the arm in theair force edges of the best planes!This task is part of anexemplary sense of sacrifice or a single man Ken commander iswellfill are objective ! You are now on the ground ready to befired and to chase the cargo planecarrying precious cargo !The teampooandplay and happy to offer you what is best in action in arcademodethe top military aviation realize with light effects and asoundtrack Skyshop a breath away !share your opinion finallyimprove Roll Air Wing supports Thanks yours means a lot to us!

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    Roll Air Wing
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    January 2, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    Poo and Play
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    12 rue de la folie 57530 Coincy
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