1.0.4 / June 26, 2015
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"Don't look back and keep on rolling !

Alien monsters have landed on the paradisiac shores oftheMudanza island. Home of the “Tiny Dodoos”.

Help them fighting back, running, collecting Star coins,smashingmonsters and reaching for the highest score !

Tap either side of the screen to move the character. Watchoutfor obstacles that'll stop you dead in your journey !

Choose your “Tiny Dodoo” among 5 different Dodoo charactersandwith 6+ awesome power-ups to pick-up !

This exciting never ends in one day! Just keep on rolling!"

App Information Roll N Run- Free

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Hollywood Hospital 3 - Free 1.0.0 APK
Accidents and mishaps keep plaguingHollywood’s movie studios!Hot on the disaster trail, H!TV’s Priscilla Powers reports fromfilm sets, as the hapless A-list victims are rushed to Dr Storm’scasualty department.
Pang Remixed 0.1.0 APK
"Blasting its way through time and space, your favourite 80'sarcade classic is back with Pang Remixed.Travel back to 65 million years BC in darkest Africa or far awayinto the future on an orbiting space station to stop the invasionof bubbles that threaten life itself. Grab your grapple gun toblast bubbles and use new powers like the T-Hook and the DiagonalHook. Burst bubbles that freeze the ground beneath your feet andwatch out for deadly hexagons.Track your progress with the world map, gain instant fame byracking up crazy points in the Hall of Fame, and unlock crazyAchievements to impress your friends.It's a blast from the past...and the future."
Ultimate Rally Champs 2 - Free 1.3 APK
Look out! “Ultimate Rally Championships 2” areback, in an even better new edition! The test of the true driverawaits you ! Launch the Ultimate Rally Championships 2 game and pityourself against the most demanding routes in the world.Race overthe snows of Nepal, the gravel roads of India and the sandy routesof Australia. You can chose from four game modes. Compete againstthe clock in Time Attack mode, select the number of rivals you’llgo up against in Hot Seat mode and get some training in with theQuick Race mode before going for the ultimate competition in WorldCup mode.
Bubble Boom Challenge 3 - Free 2.9.0 APK
Get ready for a bubble blasting mission!The sequel to one of the best selling mobile games ever! This isthe bubble game that all others have tried to copy. Bubble burstinghas never been so addictive and fun! Help Gary the Guinea Pig savethe planet by exploding the colour hungry bubbles. Match three ormore of the same colour and burst large chains to gain more pointsand make a quick escape.
Ingenius 2.0.0 APK
Exercise your brain with this mind teasinggame. 8 mind-boggling brainteasers designed to keep your mindactive and your senses sharp.Ingenius incorporates brain teasers that tests your capacity formemory, logic and calculation, as you solve puzzles that push yourabilities further than you ever believed. It uses simple conceptslike symbols, colours and situations which are easy to learn butdifficult to master. The more you play, the harder thechallenge.Can you calculate how much change you should return in the shortesttime possible? Can you predict the correct path for your puppy toreturn to her kennel?Test yourself now and bring out your inner genius!.
Track Nest 1.2 APK
TrackNest is an innovative applicationdesignedto locate anyone in the family to ensure their safety.Based on the latest geo-location technology Track Nestprovidesyou with:- Exact location of family members (accessed from anySmartphone,Tablet or PC, anywhere in the world).- Predefined alerts notifications if a family member:• Has arrived at their destination on time.• Is approaching a danger zone.• Is moving faster than the speed preset in the application.• Has their phone switched off or out of cellular coveragelongerthan the time preset in the application.- Chat at any time with a family member or all at once.- Know the emergency services closest to your location(hospital,police, fire, etc ...)- Take action with the SOS button in case of extremeemergency.If a family member clicks on this button, you willreceive aninstant notification, a SMS and an email, with the exactGPSposition of this user. If the device allows it, you'll alsoreceivea link to access 10 seconds of video recorded from thedevice thathas generated the SOS alert.For more information, visit: www.tracknest.comDISCLAIMER: Continued use of GPS running in the backgroundcandecrease battery life.tracking,family,GPS,geofencing,alerts,SOS,location,chat,danger,safe,safety,children,panic
2in1 Love Stories 1.0 APK
Enjoy two games for the price of one witharomantic double-bill packed with adventure, passion andlovablecharacters.Welcome to Hollywood Hotel: Star Retreat of the Famous andtheInfamous. With a plot starring crazy celebs andfeaturingeverything from presidential scandals to alien invasions,a stay atHollywood Hotel is like no other.In Life is a Love Story, to get Aunt Divina’s fortune, you’llneedto find true love…before next Sunday! Lucky you, there are lotsofsuitors ready for the task.
Car Crash Racing 2 1.0 APK
Blast your way though obstacles and pileupyour rival cars, but make sure of your survival. Getmultipleweapons and nitro boost to clear you way to winning line.Multiplegame mode will keep you addicted to this highly intenseracinggame. Make sure you collect points to unlock new tracks,locations,weapons and cars.Make sure you score minimum points to unlock the levels.Collectbolts point and upgrade your car attributes such as speed,shield,chassis, acceleration etc.