1.1 / August 24, 2016
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A simple game to try your luck byplayingagainst the computer. Tap on any number to select the roundfromthe home screen. In the next screen, tap the red button to rollforeach round.

- Nice and clear graphics
- Beautiful Dice Rolling animation
- Starts fast
- Cool sound effects
- Saves the number of win, lose or draw (versus the Computer)
- Completely free!


App Information Roll The Dice

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Vocabulary Booster 1.3 APK
Vocabulary Booster: The ultimate guide to boost vocabulary.Features: - 1600+ most important words with meanings targeted forSAT, GRE, GMAT, CAT, TOEFL, ILETS exam prep. - Displays lexicalcategories: Noun / Adjective / Verb / Adverb / Preposition /Conjunction / Interjection. - Hear the words with meanings. ForText-To-Speech, TTS Engine need to be installed on your handset. -Add words to your favorite list. - Add/Edit your own words withmeanings. - This App allows you to use the Speech-To-Text button toenter meaning. No need to type. - Allows you to search the words ina dictionary type application. - Suggested words are given as youtype so don’t worry if you’re not sure of the spelling. - Restorewords to the original list, if required. - Clean and simple UserInterface. - Only 2 MB. - Absolutely free!
Roll The Dice 1.1 APK
A simple game to try your luck byplayingagainst the computer. Tap on any number to select the roundfromthe home screen. In the next screen, tap the red button to rollforeach round.Features:- Nice and clear graphics- Beautiful Dice Rolling animation- Starts fast- Cool sound effects- Saves the number of win, lose or draw (versus the Computer)- Completely free!Enjoy!
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Every person gets a name at birth, and in that name, God hides thesecrets of your life. Enter your name together with the name ofyour secret love, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, a colleague, aclassmate, a celebrity or your potential partner. Call Cupid willtell you the exact future of your love life. Do you want to knowthe future of your relationship? Find out using this LoveCalculator. Please note that this is for entertainment purposesonly.
Quick Tax Calculator 1.0 APK
Confused by India’s tax structure? QuickTaxCalculator is a simple, comprehensive tool to help youcalculateyour taxes.Just enter your Income (your gross taxable income afterconsideringall eligible tax deductions except deduction undersection 80C.),Gender, Age and Savings details (the amount you haveinvested/paidfor deduction under section 80C. Note: Aggregatedeductions underSections 80C shall not exceed Rs. 1 lakh) to checkyour taxliabilities.
Playing God 1.0 APK
Characters in black suit are the bad guysandthose with white wings are the good ones.Kill the bad guys without hurting the good ones andscoremore.
Oh Deer 1.0 APK
Oh Deer is a simple animation game. The main game character is abeautiful deer named Jasper, playing, jumping around in the valley.In this valley, there are vicious hunters hiding behind the rocks,waiting to shoot Jasper. Your role is to save Jasper by arrestingmore and more hunters (by tapping on them) before they shoot, andscore more. Be careful, Jasper has only 5 lives.
Space Shooter 1.4 APK
Space Shooter is a simple exciting space shooting game. It's abattle in space against ruthless beings. Our beautiful galaxy isunder attack of alien spaceships. Your goal is to take control of alone spaceship and destroy all the galaxy invaders. For each enemyyou destroy you get points. How to play: Tap on the right or leftside of your spaceship to move right or left and shoot. Features: -Starts fast, liteweight - Beautiful graphics - 10 exciting levelswith increasing difficulty for everyone to enjoy from beginners toexpert - Unlimited shooting - 10 different enemy types - Simple yetit's surprisingly challenging game - Thrilling fun for you and yourfriends - Saves your Highest Score - Absolutely free!
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