1.0 / April 25, 2016
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Honest 3D physics and gravity model for immersion;
Shake your phone to re-roll;
Alternative mode: double click to re-roll (great fortablets);
Basic dice types: D6, D20, D8, D12 (more are coming);
Roll as many dice as you want;
Delete dice by touching them from the menu mode;
Pause mode with results shown on pause;
Optional sounds;

What's next:

More dice types;
Full themes support;

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Roll the dice 1.0 APK
Features:Honest 3D physics and gravity model for immersion;Shake your phone to re-roll;Alternative mode: double click to re-roll (great fortablets);Basic dice types: D6, D20, D8, D12 (more are coming);Roll as many dice as you want;Delete dice by touching them from the menu mode;Pause mode with results shown on pause;Optional sounds;What's next:More dice types;Full themes support;
umayc 2 1.0 APK
Watching ip cameras has never been so easyuntil umayc.Just enter the address of your camera and watch.Select a camera from the integrated list of hundreds of publiccameras around the world and enjoy the show.Create your video wall and switch between them with a simple swipegesture.Nothing superfluous, only the bare essentials:- Camera selection from the database of vendors/model- View cameras in real-time- Supports JPEG, MJPEG, RTSP/H264 stream- Full screen mode- Save the current frame in the image library- Select the camera or random one from an extensive database ofpublic video streams
Sharabeshes 2.0 APK
Bored alone, sitting in the queue, or don't know what to do withyour friends? We offer you an exciting game - Sharabeshes -analogue of such well-known board games like Parchis, but with itsown rules, which, in general, are not so complicated: from 1 to 4player, from 3 to 6 chips (depending on the field) for everyplayer, 2 dices... the player who has thrown the greatest number ofpoints starts the game; moves are made clockwise for the number ofcells equal to the number of points; one cell can contain only onechip; if the last cell contains other's chip, it can be eaten; tobuy back your eaten chip, you need to throw a combination of 6:6;the chip, that has been bought back, goes back to the startposition; the player, who has thrown 6:6, can make one more move;the chip in one of several refuges can not be eaten; the goal ofthe game is to be the first player, whose chips have reached thefinish cells. The result can be unpredictable because it dependsnot only on your strategy, but also on your luck! This is whatmakes the game so exciting and interesting! Choose from a varietyof fields, play against bots, with friends, with anonymous rivalsover the Internet. Win the game to occupy the first place ranking!Have fun with Sharabeshes!
VandaloArt 1.0 APK
VandaloArt is a 3D virtual world created fordrawing graffiti.Now everyone can draw on any wall of the world, without riskingtheirhealth and safety. To do this, simply run VandaloArt and start tocreate!With VandaloArt you can share your graffiti with your friendsfrom around the world,leave notes to each other directly on the walls, write ads, andmuch more!   Welcome to the world of VandaloArt!
Radio Psychedelik 1.4 APK
Listen one of the six brilliantpsychedelicstreams from psychedelik.com on your android device.Download the chosen stream to listen to it whenyou'reoffline.Dance to the tunes of psychedelik.com! Psychedelik with aK!:)
Water Volleyball 2.0 APK
Water Volleyball is a remake of the legendary retro PCgame(*censored*) enriched with some modern bells and whistles, suchasonline multiplayer (actually two-player) mode. *** Thegamefeatures two players shaped like balls with tiny bodies who hittheball with their heads. The game is played from aside-viewperspective, and the ball can be bounced off of the wallsandceiling without penalty. The first player to reach 11 pointswins.If the score reaches 10 apiece, then it is first player toovertakeby 2 points or first to reach 15 points. The player may hittheball only three times in a row. The game can be playedwithinternal offline trainer or with a random human player viainternet(network bandwidth matters).
Diplomat 1.0 APK
Diplomat is an entertaining card game, also known as Chests. Itcanbe played with a computer or with real opponents. Collectpoints,check your achievements in the rating table and competewithfriends. The game develops logic and trains memory, so it willbeuseful for both children and adults! Depending on the number (3or4) players are dealt all cards equally (36 and 48respectively).Each player in turn asks questions to other players,in order toguess the presence of the opponent's cards of a certainsuit anddignity, as well as their number. It is necessary tocollect a setof 4 cards of the same rank, called a chest. Questionscan be askedone at a time, changing the player who is asked thequestion, thenames of the suits, the dignity of the cards and theirnumber; orall at once. Questions are formed automatically, but youcan changethe parts highlighted in red, clicking on them until thedesiredoption appears. You can also click on your cards to chooseadignity and on enemy cards to choose a name. The question isaskedafter you click on the corresponding icon in the circle. Incase ofguessing, you take the requested cards and ask thefollowingquestion. Collecting 4 cards of the same rank, put themaside. Incase of an error, questions are asked by the next player,and thenin a circle. At the end of the game the result is summedup: onepoint for each complete set in excess of three mandatory.