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Get a super flight up in the air and jump to the most charmingcraft battle simulator to make yourself actually crazy . The VRRoller Coaster super craft in an amazing, bewitching adventure rushwith crafts to fly and you are the real rider. The game is a titanracing challenge in virtual reality. It includes plenty of fighterswith massive cluster of crafts moving in air with the support ofrollers. The game is formatted to create an environment ofmerrymaking real life race of various coaster crafts just todisplay a portrait of picnic , supplement with laugh and thrill,stimulating to participate in the greater zone of cheers.Dreamyracing Battle 2017 is a park tour with your family and friends,encouraging you to jump to Roller coaster simulator by get rid ofdumb and tedious previous run games collection. Act as you arerunning the super craft on roller track , moving up and down andseldom upside down ride, accumulated with twists, turns and sharpslopes.The simulator craft battle is completely furnished with allthe vital components of racing coaster like gears, rolling track,rider, broad racing area, variety of crafts, alternation of speed,having the bright airy adventurous picture. Moreover the surfersneed to concentrate while driving in the craft battle, keeping inmind to accomplish your desire of racing that you are the survivalof you and your well-wishers , have control over its gears, speedup you coaster and Pickup health pack to survive more time. Take aflight move on and on with un ending nonstop long rolling routewith high ambitions of beating others.Features:• Colorfulcharacters animation• Outstanding 3D graphic• Stimulatingenvironment• Simulator of Real Roller coaster craft• Latest VRversion of 2017• Free for android• Hair rousing race adventure•Charming glance of land from up in the air• Real Coaster runexperience• Technically furnished• Rush with coaster crafts• VRview And Single view• Don’t forget to install this game applicationwith multiple features to enjoy.How to Play:• First you have toselect playing mode VR view or Single ViewFor VR view• Select VRview.• Put your device into VR box.• Tilt your head for left moveas well right move.• Pick up health pack for long survival.• Avoidthe dangerous thinks like bombs etc. For Single View• Just startyour game.• Tilt your device for left and right move. • Pick uphealth pack for long survival.• Avoid the dangerous thinks likebombsFor suggestions and queries you may contact us through email:gamesmaster2018@gmail.com

App Information Roller Coaster VR Attraction Slide Adventure 3D

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    Roller Coaster VR Attraction Slide Adventure 3D
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    August 26, 2017
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Games Master Studio
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VR Snowball Attack 1.0 APK
The season of joy & festivities is upon us! This Christmas, getready for an epic action-adventure snowball fight! Residents ofthis VR winter island are attacking your igloo! It’s your chance todefend your home! Can you beat the enemies with your excellentaiming & precise snowball shooting in “VR SnowballAttack”?DEFEND YOUR HOME SWEET HOMEThe battle for snowballsupremacy has begun! Snow soldiers, It’s time to start declare asnow war against the enemies! To win the snow fight against theenemies, strike all the characters with snowballs. The tooncharacters walk at different speeds, so you have to time your shotto hit when the characters are in your target zone. Make sure towatch out for spooky pumpkins!IT PLAYS AS GOOD AS IT LOOKS!Are youready for an epic snow strike against the enemies? Knockout all thecartoon characters to keep your igloo safe! Crazy VR SnowballAttack, in a total of 3 exciting levels spread over a beautifulChristmas themed VR winter wonderland, offers the best game play of2016.ENJOY FIGHTING WITH SNOWBALLS!Having a snowball fight is fun,but if you play it properly, it's epic! Show your enemies whatyou’re really capable of! Make snowballs, aim and strike yourfellows for an ultimate snowball fight challenge. Text yourreflexes in snowball strike to hit the maximum number of cartooncharacters with snowballs to protect your igloo from any unwantedvisitors.2 DIFFERENT GAME MODES:Time-trial mode:There is atime-limit to hit characters before they enter the snow igloo.Attacking the pumpkins freezes the screen for few seconds.Limitedsnowballs mode:Make sure you don’t waste any snowballs on pumpkinsas the snowballs are limited. Attack all the other characters,walking at different speeds, to stop them from entering theigloo.IMMERSIVE VR GAME PLAY:This exceptional crazy winterchallenge, offers you an excellent immersive experience in virtualreality. It is a wonderfully crafted VR winter game with abeautiful snowy environment, amazing 3D HD graphics and a game playworth giving a shot!RULES OF VR SNOWBALL ATTACK:+ Opponentcharacters must be attacked with snowballs+ Avoid throwingsnowballs at spooky pumpkins+ Don’t let the characters enter thesnow igloo3 EXCITING LEVELS:+ First two levels are time-based:Strike maximum number of enemies in minimum time + Third level ismove-based: Don’t waste any snowballs as they’re limited!VRSNOWBALL FIGHT FEATURES:- First-person snowball fight- Tasty waysto play: Target Score, Timed Levels, Drop Down Mode and Order Mode-Gyro meter enabled 360 degree rotation- Compatible with virtualreality glasses such as Google Cardboard VR and 4DUD- Best VRvisual design- Highly immersive user experience- Precise controlsfor snowball attack- Free VR snow game!- Smooth and easy FPScontrols- Highly addictive VR winter gameHOW TO PLAY:- Strike allthe characters with snow for snowball supremacy- Aim the charactersto time your shot perfectly- Focus to throw perfect projectileshots automatically- Avoid hitting pumpkins with snowballsInstallVR snowball attack to enjoy this crazy winter challenge in VirtualReality. Stay tuned for more updates!For more queries you maycontact through email: gamesmaster2018@gmail.com
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Flying Airplane Simulator is the advanced flight simulation game.This game will offer you the realistic airplane flying experience,as you will feel what is like to be a pilot, when you have to gothrough the takeoff and landing routine. With plenty of mission tochoose from, gear yourself for a roller coaster ride to join theamazing journey. There are multiple weather conditions from sunnyto the extremely windy weather. You will have to fly through indifferent weather conditions. There are a number of airplanes andCommercial Aircraft, which include Airbus A350, Airbus A380, Boeing737-900, Boeing 747-8 and Boeing 787.Fasten your seat belt to playthe ultimate flying airplane simulation game. Flying AirplaneSimulator offers you the most realistic airplane cockpit controls,so you will be in the full control of the plane to smoothly to flythe plane through the safety and then land properly to thedestination. You have to travel through the difficult and extremesituations to guide the plane to the safe landing. You will face anumber of difficulties and challenges, before reaching to yourfinal destination. Flying airplane Simulator has everything youcould wish in any airplane flying game. Prepare yourself for anexciting flying experience that you will never forget as we enablethe dedicated flight simulator, which will take your flying skillsto the next level. There are various airfields where you cansmoothly take off and land the plane, in the different weathersituations, which include day and night cycle, clear blue sky,thunderstorm, tropical rain and turbulence.The game starts with theeasy level of the flight plane simulator 3D at the beginning, butthe further you progress in the game, this game will take you tothe more complex flight simulation mode. Test your flying skills tothe extreme level. You will find yourself in testing and toughsituations, with the wicked winds conspiring against you. Do notlose your focus and guide the plane to its proper destination. Howto play Flying Airplane Simulator:• Choose the airplane of yourchoice. • Select from the multiple weather conditions in which youwant to play which include day and night cycle, clear blue sky,thunderstorm, tropical rain, snow and turbulence.• Gets the enginerunning, by tapping on the gear button, tap of on the pop up tospin the tires of Airplane.• Tap on the icon on the left of youricon to take the plane , once the airplane take-off from therunway.• Fly the plane with complete precision and focus.• Guidethe plane to the proper landing by tapping on the popup to closethe tires. Flying Airplane Simulator Features:• Realistic 3Dgraphics and animations.• Real airplanes of the actual commercialjet companies, which include Airbus A350, Airbus A380, Boeing737-900, Boeing 747-8 and Boeing 787.• Multiple airplanes missions,landing, taking off and more.• Detailed and enhanced open Worldenvironment.• Reward system for gameplay on the completion of eachmission • Dynamic sound effects.For more queries you may contactthrough email: gamesmaster2018@gmail.com
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Police attack simulator is a real tank shooting game allows you toexperience the most challenging police chase on the road. Commandotank shooting is a convenient and sensitive operation of attacksimulator shooting game. Police car simulator real perspective,allowing the player to experience the real fun tank shooting. Here,you will face the deadly police attack, you have to do is wipe themout. You must have played many adventurous games but the excitementof this free police pursuit game is that you get a chance oftesting your driving and shooting skills all together. So let’s hitthe road and drive like a pro and shoot like a military tankshooting. An exciting gameplay, shoot and earn score for unlockyour next mission. You are an army commando warrior entered inenemy city with your army tank. There police attack on your tankwith elite class swat force to destroy your tank. You save yourtank and destroy all of the elite force police cars and completeyour mission for unlock your next adventurous missions. Choose froma range of powerful tanks then build it up to suit your playstyle!An upgrade system allows you to pinch firepower, speed, accuracyand more, as well as stat-boosting patterns and decals for acompetitive edge. Use your best strategy to win the war! That’s allthe super futuristic military firepower you would want Tanks.Hereyou are commando shooter in a police attack simulator. Thisexciting commando warrior game brings together the best of drivinggameplay with army shooting tank so you can test your ultimatezooming and focus skills just like sniper shooting game. Can youdrive like a pro and shoot in a real police attack simulation. Thepolice car run your way for catch you shoot on elite police carsand destroy all. Proving you the most customized tank, havingmissile installed on it. Amazing city environment, features,graphics and physics. Charming background sound effects like aspolice siren, destroy cars, and fire shooting (etc…).Thisinteresting game police attack simulator free on Google play! Hurryup download/install this game and enjoy :)HOW TO PLAY:- With policecars are fast approaching, hold the aim in the right direction. -Tap on a shoot to target the police cars.- Use the zoom option toshoot precisely.- Don’t let the police cars get near you.- When youwill get surrounded by police cars, watch out for the bar at thetop of the screen.- Once the bar gets filled, you will be capturedby the police and game will be over.- Keep in mind, to completeeach level, you have to destroy every police car. Otherwise missionwill be unsuccessful- With each new level, the number of policecars will increase.FEATURE:- Real 3d HD city environment. - Amazingbackground sound effects.- Realistic graphics and physics.- Usezooming and focus skills.- Health bar show in gameplay.- Differentshooting missions.- Complete your mission for unlock nextmissionsIf you like this game, please try other games by clicking“More from Developer” or by visiting our publisher account. Anddon’t forget to rate and review.
Super Dog Jump Crazy Racing 3D 2017 1.1 APK
Very often we hear about traditional dog race occurs in differentcultures with a number of predators. The same running adventuredream comes true by stunning Dog jump and stunt game 2017, inspiteof Xtrem simulator game is portraiting a visual and authenticatedpicture of super speed battle, borrowing powerful impact ofsuspense. The game comprises over four dogs counted as Dalmatian,Doberman, German shepherd and wolf. Play first level with Dalmatianand move to next step for purchasing locked dog its all depend overyour successful end of playing stage.Super jump battle is quitedifferent from tribunal dog race, perfectly arranged real ridestadium environment embellish its charm with presence of audienceside by side with 3D graphics quality and marking of time. Crazyfans arouse player emotions, appreciate his courage at every actionby applause to motivate player to ride smoothly, show stunt andjump frequently.An amazing 3D fair of stunt and jumps , beautifullyadorned ride track by placement of barriers and hindrances on theway. The dog has to run on the stadium track hurrilly bydemonstrate exhibition of jumps and stunt,pass the turns and crossthe hurdle by jumping and avoid to touch the barriers as possibleotherwise it will lose your chance to make you master of dog ride.Assemble the Golden bones spread on your path.Think not it is justa game indeed it is real challenging adventure of 2017 whichdemands sharp mind, skillful riding, technical art and professionalattitude. The Xtrem dog race simulator is undoubtedly sophisticatedand modified game structure, created not merely for killing timenevertheless it have strong command over user and hold his interestto the height of grip.There are only rare chances in life that alackey man avail for his merriment and partake in dramaticallyformatted shows where he displays his multi talent among thebeholders and aspire to be admire by them. But don’t worry this isnot stone age deprive of latest happenings. This is modern cult oftechnology making possible whatever is beyond the bound. To run dogas hobby or for fun is no more hard. The game is accumulated withmultiple characteristics specially its 3D graphics animation ofcharacters and astonishing dog barking sound evidently put it intorealistic environment. During playing the user experienced a reallife dog racing competition.Stages of game are rewarded with cashprizes. The purchasing of the unlock dog is committed with winningprize and numbers of collected Golden bones so ultimately lockedand unlocked dogs are connected. Features• Latest game version of2017• Wonderful flowing 3D animation• Collection of dreadful dogs•Unlocked and locked game phases • Crazy spectators and tumult ofvoices• Hair raising dog barking sound• Actual stadium climate•Real experience of dog jumping and racing• Rewarding system•Entertaining and captivatingHow to play:• Increase speed of dogwith up arrow• Decrease speed of dog with down arrow• Jump withjump Button• Avoid hurdle• Collect bones• Unlock different sceneand Dogs with virtual cash
Sports Car Highway Racer 3D Racing Simulator 1.4 APK
Get ready to join the amazing and challenging sports carchampionship.Take part in Formula car championship and test yourdriving skills by playing with the best drivers around. Driving asuper-fast racing car is not an easy task, so you have to be alertright from the starting point of the race. Sports Car Championshipwill provide you real-time car racing experience. As you will be upagainst most skillful Formula one drivers, your job would be to outspeed your opponents to reach first at the finish line. Preciselydrive your car on the zig zag racing tracks. Challenge youropponents, and beat them to win maximum cash. There are fivedifferent tracks, and every track has multiple laps. It offers atrue racing car experience and extreme thrill that will keep you atthe edge of your seat. In Sports Car Championship there are eightparticipants, and your job is to finish ahead of everyone. Theracer, who will finish at the 1st position, will get the maximumcash. Sports car championship is perfect highway racing game withrealistic high-speed formula cars experience. There are differentcar tracks available in high definition graphics. It may be yourfirst experience to play a real speed racing car game whichprovides you extreme thrill and adventure of highway racing game.Speed up your car and make sure you are well ahead of youropponents, which requires stable control on the car. Powerfulengine and solid tires grip on road increase the performance offormula car.Sports car championship is a game with HD graphic,awesome features, beautiful environment and real Game play. It is avery competitive race in which you cannot afford to take the slowroute.On finishing in first three positions, you will be awardedthe cash that you can use to buy new and improved cars that willhelp you to overcome your opponents.With this racing car game youwill think that you are driving a real formula one car. If you likefull and free racing game.How to play: • Tap on the button at thebottom left of your screen for speed. • Move the car left and rightby tilting left and right. • Tap on the button at bottom right ofyour screen to stop the car. • Tap on ‘Nos’ button to boost thespeed of your car.Features: • Free offline racing game. • Multiplecamera angles to enhance the view • Excellent formula car controls• Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and amazing racingeffects. • User-friendly GUI and Car Control • Multiple daytimeconditions. • Multiple tracks. Note: For more queries you maycontact through email: gamesmaster2018@gmail.com
VR Sports Car Championship: 1.1 APK
Buckle up for an exhilarating racing experience in virtual reality.Challenge other players to become the ultimate champion in VRSports Car Championship. Feel the intensity of the actual car racein a real time with virtual reality mode. Drive through the varioussurroundings in the super-fast speed, as VR Sports Car Championshipwill take the level of your excitement to the whole new level. VRSports Car Championship will make you feel like you are driving areal sports car. This game will certainly increase your passion forcar racing. To prove yourself as the best racer in the town youhave to come against the most experienced drivers. Speed up yourcar beyond the limit to dodge your opponents. On your way to thefinish line you have to overtake your competitors to claim themaximum prize. The prize will be awarded in cash, which you can useto buy the new cars and further customize your ride. Sports carchampionship is perfect highway racing game with realistichigh-speed cars gameplay. There are Different car tracks availablein high definition graphics. It may be your first experience toplay a real speed racing car game which provides you the extremethrill and adventure of highway racing game. Speed up your car andmake sure you are well ahead of your opponents, which requiresstable control of the car. Powerful engine and solid tires grip onroad increase the performance of the racing car.Sports carchampionship is a game with HD graphic, awesome features, beautifulenvironment and real gameplay. It is a very competitive race inwhich you cannot afford to take the slow route.Precisely drive yourcar on the zig zag racing tracks. Challenge your opponents, andbeat them to win maximum cash. There are five different tracks, andevery track has multiple laps. VR Sports Car Championship is thedefinite treat for all the VR games lovers. Playing Sports CarChampionship in VR will give you the ultimate enjoyment. To play VRSports Car Championship you need reality headset cardboard or otherVR glasses. How to play VR Sports Car Championship:• Move the carleft and right by moving your head left and right.• The speed isautomatically controlled in VR Sports Car ChampionshipFeatures:•Free offline racing game.• Fastest Sports cars.• Dynamicenvironment. • Multiple camera angles to enhance the view.•Excellent car controls. • Realistic 3D graphics with dynamiclighting and amazing racing effects. • User-friendly GUI and CarControl.• Multiple daytime conditions.• Multiple tracks. For morequeries you may contact through email: gamesmaster2018@gmail.com