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"Want to Learn How to Rollerblade!Rollerblading, also known asin-line skating, is a popular outdoor recreational activity.Similar to ice skating, it involves gliding on skates that have aseries of wheels set in a straight line. Because of the balance andcontrol required, rollerblading can be tough to get the hang of atfirst. Once you’ve got the fundamentals down, it’s an enjoyablepastime that will allow you to stay active and have fun almostanywhere.Whether for fitness or fun, rollerblading has seriousbenefits. You'll get a higher heart rate for cardio activity, spendtime outside, and may just find a new hobby. Of course, therearen't training wheels for rollerblades. You'll need to start slowand practice your technique before you glide through the citypark.Your first inline skating lesson shouldn’t be too complicated;don’t expect to be speed-skating around deadly curves on your firsttry. What you can expect to learn is how to skate gently forward,remaining steady and upright and, maybe most importantly, how tostop skating. Once you’ve mastered these basics, you’ll be ready tomove on with the development of your skating skills, ideally underthe physical tutelage of an expert.Rest assured, relearning toskate does not have to be painful if you use the correct safetyequipment and learn the proper technique to keep your feet underyou.Rollerblading offers a fun pastime that engages multiple musclegroups to provide an effective, full body workout. Like ice skatingand roller skating, learning to rollerblade takes time, practiceand dedication. Choosing the right gear helps reduce the learningcurve significantly. While some people will simply strap on therollerblades and hope for the best, a more structured process willhelp you learn to rollerblade quickly and effectively, and reducethe risk of injury.Rollerblading is an aerobic exercise similar tocross country skiing. Like skiing, the impact rollerblading has onyour knees, hips and ankles is very low -- unless you fall downconstantly. To avoid wrecking and get an enjoyable workout instead,focus on four components of your body: shoulders, hips, knees andtoes. These body parts determine the placement of your center ofgravity on rollerblades.Strap on your in line skates and learn howto rollerblade with instruction from Professional rollerblader inthese application videos."

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