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Connect wirelessly to your Rolli-Fit Body Composition Smart Scaleand track data from eight key health metrics, including weight,visceral fat, lean muscle mass and more. Monitor trends and syncdata with your Rolli-Fit scale. Of course, your health is more thanjust numbers. You'll receive actionable insights and suggestions toimprove measurements. Enjoy full health-tracking integration withFitbit and Google Fit. The Rolli-Fit companion app is packed withfeatures that make health tracking effortless, accurate andactionable. KEY FEATURES FREE – Store, analyze, compare and shareyour data for free. No in-app purchases. No ads. No strings. EASY –Track your health data automatically in one convenient place. Useyour existing device or trade up for a Rolli-Fit Body CompositionSmart Scale, the choice is yours. COMPREHENSIVE – Monitor key dataand track improvements in 8 vital metrics: BMI, BMR, Body Water,Fat Percentage, Weight, Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat and Bone Mass.PRECISE – Digital precision at 0.2 lb / 0.1 kg increments.INSIGHTFUL – Gain deep, actionable insights into your health thatinspire and invigorate. INTEGRATED – Connect seamlessly with Fitbitand Google Fit to extend your health tracking. UNLIMITED – Fullsupport for unlimited user profiles. PROGRESS – Stay on track andon target. Take that first step to a healthier you with Rolli-Fit.

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The SWAGTRON® App is exclusively designed for use with theSWAGTRON® T3/T6/T580. Through a Bluetooth® connection, the app canshow information about the board's temperature, battery status, andmuch more. You can now simply use your mobile device and choosefrom three different riding mode selections to fit your experiencelevel, including the one only available through the app. Enjoyother features such as: • Remote Start • Steering Sensitivity • SetHighest Speed • Set Acceleration
LaserEye 1.9 APK
Tackle dirt, dust, and debris from the comfort of your couch withthe LaserEye app. This app assures easy access and control of yourLaserEye’s features for effortless cleaning throughout your home.With a tap of your phone, start and stop cleaning cycles or orderyour LaserEye to sweep through a specific area. Keep your houseconstantly spotless by setting up and managing a cleaning schedulefor your LaserEye to follow. Then, send your LaserEye to itscharging station whenever you want. Most robot vacuums leave youwondering how much has been cleaned, but with the LaserEye app,never wonder again! Conveniently view your LaserEye’s cleaningprogress with the constantly updating 2D map. An activity log eventracks and notifies you of the current state of your LaserEye. TheLaserEye app will make problems easier to deal with. The appenables you to view errors, so that you can resolve them in lesstime and with no headaches! You can also use the app for generalmanagement, such as locating and renaming your robot and viewingsettings. Features - Securely connect to your LaserEye using wifi -Start and stop cleaning cycles with a simple tap - Order yourLaserEye to clean a specific area - Set, check, and manage cleaningschedules with ease - Monitor the cleaning progress with the 2D map- Track all of your LaserEye’s activities with the detailed log -Send your LaserEye back to its charging station - Check errors andhow best to resolve them - Find and rename your LaserEye - Manageapp settings Delight in LaserEye’s hands-free cleaning, whichguarantees 100% spotless floors.
SwagRoller 2.2 APK
The SwagRoller App is exclusively designed for use with theSwagRoller . Through a Bluetooth® connection, the app can showinformation about the board's temperature, battery status, and muchmore. You can now simply use your mobile device and choose fromthree different riding mode selections to fit your experiencelevel, including the one only available through the app.Enjoy otherfeatures such as: • Steering Balance • Set Highest Speed• Set LigthEffects
RolliCool 1904261121 APK
Cool Times are just a tap away with the RolliCool app! TheRolliCool app was specifically designed to allow you to turn on andcontrol your RolliCool without ever leaving the couch. TheRolliCool app connects via both Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi. The RolliCoolApp works with both the RolliCool Mini and the RolliCool Split, soyou can keep cool no matter what model you have. Select betweenCooling, Dehumidication, or Fan Only modes and you’re on your wayto a much more comfortable home or office! With the RolliCool app,you can cycle through 3 different fan speeds, and open/close theair vents for more powerful cooling, and choose to set yourtemperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. For energy savers, theRolliCool app comes with a Timer mode and Sleep mode so that youcan set times for the RolliCool to automatically turn on, as wellas run the RolliCool more quietly for an easier time sleeping.Features - Use the app to raise or lower temperatures in Celsius orFahrenheit - Choose between Cool, Dehumidification, and Fan OnlyModes! - Timer Mode allows you to set a time for your RolliCool toturn on or off - Vent Mode allows you to open and close the airvents - Sleep Mode allows to sleep peacefully at night while theRolliCool runs at a softer volume - Choose between three differentfan speed settings - Connects via Bluetooth® or Wi-Fi WithRolliCool App, cool is just a tap away
Swagger 5 1.0.3 APK
It’s time to ramp up your scooter’s swag! Pair the app withyourSwagger 5 scooter and unlock features you’re sure to love.There’sno better way to do it than pairing your cycle with the app!Fromscooter newbies to all-time enthusiasts, the app will allow youtotailor your riding experience anytime you like! Keep an eye onyourcurrent speed and battery power with just a glance inside theapp.And, after you’ve been blazing trails a while and stopped totake abreak, you can check out your average speed! Customize thingsyourway by toggling or turning on a number of features likeCruiseControl and automatic acceleration. Cruise through town,switch upyour speed, and so much more. Keep an eye on status, mapout yourpaths, and even track your time to record how long you’vebeen outand about!Features:- Connect securely via Bluetoothtechnology-Monitor current speed, average speed, and battery life-Trackdistance and time traveled- Switch gears for speed thatmatchesyour preference- Toggle on automatic powered acceleration-TurnCruise Control on or off as needed- Diagnose any battery orsystemerrors on the goWhere will you adventure next?
FunPaw Pet Feeder 02.20 APK
Never let your pet go hungy again with the FunPaw Pet Feeder! Thefeeder lets you feed your pet no matter where you are. The app wasdesigned exclusively for the FunPaw Pet Feeder and features anintuitive, easy-to-use interface. Use this app to connect with andfeed your pets from anywhere in the world! The FunPaw features afood dispenser, tray, camera, and microphone, so that you can usethe app to not only see and feed your pet, but talk and listen tothem as well! Use the app to set feeding times, and toggle when youfeed your pet and how much to feed them. You can also use theFunPaw’s camera to check on and monitor and talk to your pets inreal time. It even comes with an option to take snapshots! Thefeeder even comes with 8 AAA batteries so that in the event of ablackout, it can still feed and let you monitor your pets. The appnot only helps feed pets, but also keeps them healthy as well! Withscheduled feeding, and built in portion control, the FunPaw app cankeep your pets happy, healthy, and well fed. So whether you want totalk to your pet, feed it, or show it some love, the FunPaw PetFeeder app is there for you. Features - Set which times and howmuch you want to feed your pet - Use Portion control helps keepyour pet healthy - Captures video of your pet so that you can saveand share cute moments - Uses Wifi to connect to your FunPaw foreasy and secure viewing - Take snapshots of your pet with a singletap - Use the microphone/speaker to speak to your pet and heartheir response - Feed your pets no matter where you are with just afew taps! - Use the laser pointer function to keep them entertainedfor hours With FunPaw, your love for your pet knows no bounds.
Funpaw Playbot Q 2.8 APK
Never be away from your pet again with the Playbot Q app. This appwas specifically designed to connect with FunFaw Playbots,interactive devices just for you and your pet. This app can connectto both the Playbot Q and the Q models and features an intuitive,easy-to-use interface. With this app and either device, monitor andinteract with your pet from anywhere in the world! Featuring acamera, laser pointer, and microphone; the Playbot Q app allows younot only to see your pet, but to interact with them as well. Withthis app and the Q device, see your pet, speak to them, start agame of chase with the laser pointer, and even offer treats! Youcan even take snapshots of your pets and capture adorable moments.With this app and the Playbot Q device, use all the features aboveand more! Remotely dispense food located inside the Playbot Q’sstorage compartment so you can keep your pets healthy and well-fedeven when you’re not home. You can also steer the device around tofind your pet. Features: - Captures video of your pet so that youcan save and share cute moments - Uses wifi to connect to yourPlaybot for easy and secure viewing - Take snapshots of your petwith a single tap - Use the microphone/speaker to speak to your petand hear their response - Directional controls allow you to moveyour Playbot Q around - Feed your pets no matter where you are withjust a few taps! - Use the laser pointer function to keep thementertained for hours With FunPaw, your love for your pet knows nobounds.
Swaglight 4.9.1 APK
Set the trails ablaze with 160 million colors using the Swaglightapp. You can pair the app with Swaglight Duo and Swaglight Quad toaccess features that promise personalized riding adventures.Whether you’re an avid rider or artist, the app allows you to showoff your true colors day or night. Express yourself with your owndesign or choose an image or GIF to display on your Swaglight for atruly personalized way of lighting each street. With a simple tapof a button, manage image brightness and intervals or reverse thedisplay to further customize your riding experience. Then, whenyou’re done, you can put your Swaglight in sleep mode. For socialbutterflies, there is a share option that allows you to send yourbest and favorite images to your friends. Not only is the Swaglightapp a creative wonder, it is also a convenient and practical methodof viewing your tracking distance, riding time, speed, and batterylife. As a bonus safety feature, the app offers access to SwaglightQuad’s lock and alarm function for peace of mind in everyadventure. Features: - Securely connect to your Swaglight Duo orSwaglight Quad via Bluetooth® - Display images, GIFs, or your owncreations as you ride - Manage image brightness, display intervals,and reverse display - Share your favorite images with friends -Monitor distance traveled, time spent riding, speed, and batterylife - Access the lock and alarm function for Swaglight Quad -Conveniently view the user manual - Manage app settings - Write andsend your feedback Swag up in lights with the Swaglight app.