1.0.1 / May 31, 2016
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It's time to play a new addictive game! This simple game will makeyour day because it will keep you in touch with it!All you have todo is to TAP and roll your ball without hitting the ground or thetop screen, otherwise you will loose!ABOUT TrappsWe are young andwe create games for all the children around the world, that is whyyou have to search "Trapps" on Google Play and come back on ourpage to find out other great games!Like us:https://www.facebook.com/trappsmob

App Information Rolling ball

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    Rolling ball
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    May 31, 2016
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    Android 2.3 and up
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Hello you little kid! Welcome to us to enjoy a new fun game. Iasure you that this game you will attract your attention and Ipromise you that you will like it. Your mission is to escape fromyour city sewer. It is not as easy as it looks. This game requiresa lot of imagination and a lot of attention. You must be veryattentive at the detailsand you must to use all the tools that youhave at your fingertips to escape. You must to improvise and usethe tools in that way to solve the puzzle, so at the end you willescape from here. You need to be careful to insects, rats becausein this environment are full of germs. So, hurry to escape fromhere. If this game was a real challenge for you tell your friendsabout this escape game and help us with a good rate and with youropinion about it.Enjoy this game!
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Nuclear Wasteland Escape 1.0.1 APK
Challenge yourself with the latest escape game "Nuclear WastelandEscape" created by Trapps team. This game has more than 10 levelsthat will put your mind on contribution.Prove your escape skills tofind the right solution to escape from here as fast as you can.Find useful items in each level to solve the tricky puzzles. Youwill have few obstacles to overcome. For example in several levelsyou will have to get rid of the zombies. You will need to find agun, ammunition, then shoot them. You must move quickly because thegame will end and you will need to start again this escape game.Also, you must unlock doors, find keys, find codes, solve puzzlesand finding hidden objects. Sounds challenging, right? So, downloadthis escape game and start to play. How to Play:- Tap on your cellphone to solve the puzzles- Go through the places, find all theobjects that you will help you to escape- You can also pick uphidden items in the room and use them to find out a solutionGameFeatures:- Free to Download- Escape App- Challenging App- Skill App- Stunning graphics with amazing music and sound effects- Trickyand challenging puzzles- Hidden Objects to Collect- More than tenlevels - No signup's required, just download and installAboutus:Let us know about your thoughts and ideas atmocianmarialucretia@gmail.com. Trapps team will be happy to putyour ideas into practice.Came back to us to enjoy other new games.
Square 1.0.1 APK
Square is a simply touch game where you need to fit your centeredsquare like the falling one!Be fast and tap on your screen. Try tobeat your friends highscore!If you really liked this game, you canrate it and don't forget to write a comment, because in that way wecan improve the games we create for you!
Pyramid Jail 1.0.2 APK
Welcome back to us! Today you will have a new mission: To escapefrom pyramid jail. Solve the puzzles to find the missing objectsthat can help you to escape from the hardest jail created byEgyptians. I will give you a tip: try to find the differences, lookfor clues and try to think logically. If you like this type ofgames, I promise you that you will love this one. Download thisgame and test yourself in this interactive, free and fun escapegame. Tell your friends about it and help us with a rate and anhonest comment.
Pyramid Escape 1.0.1 APK
You just found a treasure in an old pyramid and now you have to goout as soon as possible before the pyramid collapses on you. Thepharaons created their pyramids like a puzzle and they had hiddentheir treasures and now you are in danger because you stollen itfrom them. This escape game from pyramid is a complex game becauseall the objects are fitted very well at their place, that is whyyou have to search very good! Solve the puzzle and escape thepyramid before it's too late!Like us:https://www.facebook.com/trappsmob
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Are you ready for a new challenge? Are you ready to travel in amystical world? So let's start together in a new adventure. Maybeyou heard a lot of horror story with ghosts and evil spirits, butthis one, which I will tell you is very interesting and scary.Surely it will grab your attention! Have you ever heard about theghost train?! This is a legend. They say there is a ghost train, aspiritual entity, that appears only at midnight in one station inthe world. It's full of ghosts passengers which travelingcontinuously. This train has not any driver...how is that possible?This train is not registered anywhere, it is not recognized in anyrailway station and nobody knows its destination. The bad side forunawares it is that if you get on this train you will be stuckthere for life. You will spend the rest of your life with ghostsand evil spirits. All this sounds scary right? So, our team made anescape game after this horror tale. "Ghost Train Escape" by Trappsis a free escape game on Android. In this new escape type game, youare locked is a ghost train where you have to use your skills andtalents to find all the hidden objects that will help you to find asolution. So, match all the objects, find the correctlycombinations and solve the puzzle with the clues and escape fromhere as quickly as possible. It will not be so easy to escape. Onceyou get away from ghost train the hard part will follow.You willmust to escape from the railway station. Here you need to put yourbrain on contribution and the find the solution to get out of here.Challenge yourself with this escape game. How to Play:- Tap on yourcell phone to solve the puzzles- Go through the places, find allthe objects that you will help you to escape- You can also pick uphidden items in the room and use them to find out a solutionGameFeatures:- Free to Download- Stunning graphics with amazing musicand sound effects- Solve tricky and challenging puzzle- HiddenObjects to Collect- More than ten levels - Scary and interestingstory- No signup's required, just download and installAbout us:Letus know about your thoughts and ideas atmocianmarialucretia@gmail.com. Trapps team will be happy to putyour ideas into practice.Came back to us to enjoy other new games.
Escape from barn 1.0.1 APK
Hello little farmer! Just you feed your animals and you have beenstucked in your barn. Hurry up to escape from here the night comes,becauseyou will not be able to see the tools that will help you getout of here. Use your imagination and improvise everything you haveat your hand toescape from barn. Look for all the tools that youhave in your barn that you could help to solve the puzzles.Searchin every corner, rooms, drawer, boxes and pay attention to details.You will find a lot of screws, hammers, crowbar, paint, rake. Allthese will help you find what you need to escape from here.Do notto make noise, be careful and do not scare your animals. Do notpanic because every room has an exit. You have just to find thekey.In case if you can not handle with it you can watch atwalkthrough to find out how to escape from this barn.Have fun andenjoy this game. Help us with a rate and an honest comment aboutthis game.