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Romantic bedroom decorating ideas areessentialto make your romantic getaway successful. Not only shouldyour ideasgo into doing up the romantic bedroom but also yourpartner's ideashave to be taken into consideration. Both men andwomen look for theultimate fulfillment in their live sand that ispossible if thebedroom where their romance would finally blossomis made up withideas that are common to both of them.

Greater happiness in the lives of couples is experienced onlyifthe bedroom is romantic to the core and brings out the bestinthem. For a successful romance in the bedroom the place andtheinterior both have to be serene and harmonious. You along withyourpartner should be able to feel relaxed as it is the mostpersonalcozy nook for you both. It is a perfect personal getawayforromantic couples.

Romantic bedroom decorating ideas should flow into the choiceofcolors, the linen, prints, the pictures, the figurines andaboveall the atmosphere should be conducive to romance. And allthat youchoose should not be at odds with your partner. If therearedifferences you should settle down to choosing the features,thetheme and colors, and the furniture as well that you bothagreeupon. After all it is also your love nest.

Get a king sized bed to begin with that would fit wellwithouttaking too much space in your bedroom. Frames and theheadboardsshould be exquisite and great for romance. Foams andmattressesshould be the ultimate in comfort. If just 2" is notenough trywith 4" to sink both of you in.

Look through the catalogs for a bedspread with prints andcolorsthat are agreeable to both of you. And these along with theroomcolors should be of very cool soothing colors and not verybrightor garish shades that would hinder the softness ofromanticinterludes. Earthy tones, greens that are very calm andserene,beige and blue are ideal for romantic bedrooms. Instead ofimpedingromance it enhances the feel of romance.

Cotton sheets for summer should be substituted with warmflannelor fleece in winter. Lights should be soft and alluring toadd tothe romantic feel of the room.

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Your 3D home plan idea is truly a reflectionof who you are. It is a place where you can relax, enjoy, eat,sleep, but most of all a place where you can be in your elements. Iremember the last time I decided to refurbish my home, I thoughtthe first thing that I needed was a professional designer and so Ihired one. I got too caught up with the ideas that the designershad been showcasing and advocating. However, the day I saw theentire plan on the blueprint, I realized that although the designlooked great, it did not appeal to me as my own home. That was themoment I decided to do away with the designers, and take charge ofthe designing process myself. Designing your own house can be quitea task, but totally worth it since it enables you to give the placea personal touch. Designing a house can include both the primaryarchitectural elements as well as the interior designing elementsthat follow. In this article we will cover both the aspect thatwill assist you while designing your own 3D home plan idea.Architectural DesignArchitectural elements are vital if you are planning to build ahouse from scratch. The first thing that you need to do isundertake a detailed study of the space available to you,requirement of rooms, the possibility of multiple stories, theroofing, as well as the locations of window and doors. In case youfind this intimidating, and are still willing to work without aprofessional architect, there are a number of software applicationsthat can help you with this task. A simulation of your plot areaand the possible positions and areas of multiple rooms can be triedout using these designing software. You can easily drag the wallson the virtual interface until you finalize the layout and come upwith your own final blueprint of the house plan.Once the house plan is ready, you can hire services of a goodresidential building company to materialize your blueprint into anactual finished structure. While handing over the reins to them,make sure you explain them the plan carefully and ask forsuggestions. Once the plan is finalized and the builders are atwork, have a word with them on a daily basis so that the finalproduct comes out just the way you wanted. However it is advisablenot to interrupt their work very frequently and trust them withtheir job.The FurnitureThere is a lot of variety in furniture available today- steel,wrought iron, contemporary, antique, and much more. To avoidconfusion, finalize the theme or the look that you want for yourhouse and buy the furniture accordingly. In case you are willing toshell out a few extra bucks you can get your furniture custom-madeas well. Do think of the durability of the furniture along with itsaesthetic appeal- you need both. Do not clutter your space with alot of furniture, instead define your storage and seatingrequirements and get the furniture that fits the bill just right.It is a common tendency that people pick out the most fancy sofa orthe most extravagant center table for the living room. While you dothat, think about the comfort factor as well as the maintenance.For example a white leather sofa might look very appealing at thestore, but maintaining and cleaning it at home to keep it sparklingmight be a big headache. Think chic but think convenient as well!The bedroom, kids' room or the study furniture should be finalizedwith the same perspective, but should incorporate individualtastes.
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Nowadays a huge assortment of dresses is madeavailable for kids of all age groups. In the earlier days, kiddresses were simple and were available in fewer varieties. Today,there are dresses for both boys and girls in different styles andfabrics. Earlier, girls wore white frocks with small belts and boyswore shorts and vests. Cotton clothes were worn during summerseasons and woolen clothes were worn during winter seasons. Silkdresses were expensive and worn during special occasions.Kid dresses included similar styles for both infant boys andgirls with a color difference. Blue colored dresses were worn byboys and pink colored ones were worn by the girls.Variety of Kid Dresses AvailableTimes have changed and new fashion clothes have emerged for bothboys and girls. Today there are beautiful kid dresses for girls andsmart outfits for boys of all age groups. Most of the outfits areinfluenced by western styles and include varieties such as jackets,coats, tops, jeans, trousers, tunics and so forth. Jeans is apopular wear that is worn by both girls and boys. There aredifferent types of jeans made available for both girls andboys.Designer wear kids' dresses are quite popular these days.Designer dresses are quiet expensive but showcase some of the bestcreations of popular designers. Beautiful frocks, gowns and otherwestern wear clothes are designed for girls of all ages and sizes.Indian wear clothes are also made available in different sizes anddesigns. Lehenga cholis, salwar kameez, sherwani and chaniya cholisare some of the most popular varieties of Indian wear madeavailable today. Most of these varieties can be bought ataffordable price rates from online stores too.Indian wear for boys such as Kurta pyjamas are also madeavailable through online stores at different price rates. Casualboys wear include T-shirts, jeans, pants, shirts and so forth.Today these types of clothes can be bought in different styles andtrends.Kid Dresses for Special OccasionsIn addition to casual wear, there are clothes designed forspecial occasions such as Christmas, Halloween and New Year. Mostof these varieties of clothes are made available in a large numberof online stores at discounted price rates.There are specially designed Christmas clothes for both boys andgirls in most of the online and offline stores these days.Beautiful Christmas gowns are made available for girls of all ages.These gowns and dresses are available in different colors too.Halloween costumes are among the most widely and popularly soldcostumes in the online stores. These costumes are available forboth boys and girls of all age groups.
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Pretty brides of many Asian countries andMiddle Eastern countries as well as certain African nations love tosport mehndi tattoos on their hands during their wedding. mehnditattoos are not like permanent tattoos that you can get at a tattooparlor. mehndi is a natural dye that stains the skin temporarilyand helps one sport intricate designs on their hands. You will findthe Internet is full of mehndi designs and information related tomehndi color care. However, there are very few websites that offerinformation related to the science behind the mehndi stains. Inthis article, we shall discuss how does mehndi work and stain ourskin. So, without much delay, let us get our facts straight.What is mehndi?Lawsonia inermis or the mignonette tree are different names for thesame flowering plant called mehndi. The name 'mehndi' is derivedfrom an Arabic name 'hinna'. The leaves of this plant are used todye skin, fingernails, hair and even leather or wool since theBronze Age. This form of tattoo art is used extensively duringfestivals and celebrations, especially during weddings. The leavesof mehndi when crushed do not stain the skin. They will stain onlyafter the release of lawsone molecules present in the leaves, aftersmashing them with something mildly acidic liquid like tea. Thus,mehndi leaves are dried and ground into a powder to make a paste oftoothpaste-like consistency. This paste is applied on the skin orhair for staining. This dye is completely natural and has no sideeffects. Side effects if any, arise only when natural mehndi ismixed with adulterants like carmine, pyrogallol, orange dye,chromium, silver nitrate, etc., that help in altering the effect ofmehndi stain on skin.How Does mehndi Work?After the application of mehndi, the dye leaves a burgundy stain onthe skin. The color of the stain depends on individual skin typeand the amount of time that mehndi was allowed to stay on the skin.The color on the skin is due to the lawsone molecules present inthe leaves. These lawsone molecules are more concentrated in thepetioles of the leaves. As mentioned in the preceding paragraph,lawsone molecules are released only when the leaves are crushedwith a mildly acidic liquid. Thus, many people trade mehndi in theform of powder that is made by drying, milling and shifting theleaves. When one needs to apply mehndi tattoos, the powder is mixedwith lemon juice, tea or similar mildly acidic liquids. A thickpaste is formed and used to apply intricate, detailed body designs.Few drops of essential oils like eucalyptus, Cajeput, lavender ortea tree are added to mehndi paste. These oils contain monoterpenealcohols that help in improving the staining characteristics.Our skin is made up of a number of cell layers. The outermostlayer of the skin is called stratum corneum. It helps keep awaydirt and other infectious agents from the lower layers of the skin.This layer of skin is thick on certain parts of the body like palmsand foot soles (especially the heels) and may be thinner on otherparts like the ear skin. The stratum corneum is made up of keratinwhich also makes up for fingernails and hair. When mehndi isapplied on your skin or hair, the lawsone molecule is small enoughto penetrate the skin cell. It enters the columns of skin cells anddoes not bloat or spread out like a drop of ink would on a tissuepaper. Thus, the stains remain sharp and clear, till the completeexfoliation of the upper layer of skin. mehndi stains darkest onthe cells that are in close contact with the dye and the skin cellsfarthest from the dye have lighter shades.
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Many of us feel that a round face hampers ourlook, making us look fat. And many of us facing this predicamentwish there was some magic wand that would make our face appear thinand attractive, just like movie stars.Thankfully, there is a magic wand, and it is called a makeupbrush. Some simple makeup tips and a smart hairstyle can go a longway in making your face appear thin and attractive. And what'smore, you don't need to be an expert to achieve the right look. Acloser look will reveal that many celebrities have adopted thesesimple yet amazing techniques to look gorgeous.Buzzle gives you five simple makeup and hairstyle tips that willbring a smile to you face, and also save you a trip to your salon.So stick around and pull out your makeup brushes from your closetto transform your look.Just as makeup can hide any imperfections, so can hairstyles.There are various ways in which hair can be worn or styled to makea round face appear longer. A good haircut will highlight yourunique features, at the same time conceal any weaknesses. You wantyour face to look oval and thin, so keeping that in mind, opt for ahaircut that's shoulder length, because a short haircut can makeyour face look heavy. You can add layers to your hair, like gettingsoft bangs will lend your face an oval shape. Also, watch out ifthe bangs are cut too short, because that would make your faceappear wider.#1. Opt for long hairExperts suggest if you are confused between keeping it short orkeeping it long, go for the second option as that helps to elongateyour face.#2. Go for an asymmetrical bobIf you have short hair which reaches right below your face andabove your shoulder, you should get an asymmetrical bob. To addeffect, keep the hair short at the back, and keep it long in thefront, which provides a sharp look to your face.#3. Highlight your hairGo for highlights, it will add texture and contrast to your look.One tip about highlights is to keep the shade at the top of yourhead slightly light, and use a darker color underneath. Usebrighter color highlights, as it helps to draw attention to the toppart of your face, making it look slimmer.#4. Opt for soft wavy curlsWe all love those soft, romantic curls which gives us a princesstype feeling, and guess what? Soft curls are useful to conceal thatchubby face. However, refrain from getting tight curls that stickto your face, go for loose curls that are curled away from yourface, but still frames your face.#5. Wear high and fancy updosWe all love an updo, it's a go-to style especially on a bad hairday. Opt for a vertical updo, as it gives our face some height anddraws the attention to our hair instead of our face.Anything to frame your face will make your face look thinner,pull random locks of hair out to frame your face, you can do thesame if you fancy a ponytail. Another tip is to go for heavy sideparting and leave those strand of hair loose. If you still areunsure, do not hesitate to consult the hairstylist at your salon.As an expert, he/she would be in a better position to help you out.With all these tips and tricks, you can surely make your faceappear thinner; if actors can, then so can we.
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The different species grouped under thefamily, Rosaceae and genus Rosa are the rose flowers. A variety ofcolor shades from yellow to red can be found in rose flowers. Outof the total 100 species, most belong to Asia and a few of themoriginate in Europe. Just not the shades of flowers, the size ofrose plants too vary greatly. There are miniature as well asclimber varieties of rose. The word rose, originates from Latinword, rosa. Let us obtain some useful and interesting facts aboutrose flower through this article.In the year 1986, rose flower was declared as the nationalflower of USA. Petals and hips of the rose flowers hold greatimportance in the preparation of medicines. Rose hip is the fruitof this flowering plant. It contains lots of nutrients includingvitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K. The other nutrients containedin rose hips include pectin, bioflavonoids and beta-carotene. Theantioxidants present in the fruit help strengthen the immunesystem.In many ways, the rose flower is different from that of astandard bloom. The rose flower possesses several ovaries asopposed to the single one of standard blooms. Ovaries arepositioned in a cup-like structure called hypanthium. Leaves of therose plants are borne alternately on stems. These 5-15 cm longleaves possess a serrate margin. The petals of rose flowers aretypically five in number. However, the hybrid ones have a greaternumber of petals. With the male and female reproductive partspresent in the same flower, it is amongst the perfect flowers.Sepals and Petals: The sepals and petals are actually themodified leaves of rose flowers. The protective leaves which wrapthe buds of rose flowers are known as sepals. As development of theflower takes place, petals begin to unfurl. This process leads tosepals turning backwards. The color and fragrance of petals help inattracting pollinating insects.Stamens: The stamen is formed of male reproductive parts.Filaments which constitute the stamen have anthers at their tips.Pollen grains are present inside these anthers. Pollen grains ofrose flowers are yellow in color.Pistils: Female reproductive part of the flower is known aspistil. A long stalk (style) and stigma that is present at the tipare parts of pistils. The stigma is characterized by sticky partswhere pollen grains get collected. The style is a hollow tube andovaries are present at its bottom.Hypanthium: The bulbous and green colored basal part of roseflower is known as hypanthium. This part of the flower is formed bythe fusion of petals, sepals and stamens. A flat disk shapedstructure present on top of hypanthium is the base of stamen.Let us have a look at a few more rose facts mentioned in thefollowing points.Cultivation of roses first took place in China around 2,000 yearsago. Later on, the cultivation of this flower began in India,Middle East, Persia and Europe. The activity of pruning roses isimportant in the process of cultivating them.Making perfumes with roses is one of the important industries intoday's times. The rose oil (Attar) used in making perfumes isprepared by crushing and steam distilling the rose petals.From ancient times, the rose flower has been associated with theattributes of beauty and love.The rose flower has been associated with mythologies, superstitionsand legends. This flower is said to symbolize silence. There is asuperstition that rose flowers if thrown in fire bring goodluck.
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As more and more people opt for fresh and funbeach weddings rather than sticking to the traditional ones, theideas for wedding cakes have also undergone a transformation. Awedding cake decorated in the beach theme motif serves as theperfect complement for a beach wedding theme. Although you may havethe found the perfect tropical wedding flowers, picked up the bestbeach-themed invitations, and selected the prettiest wedding dress,without the right wedding cake, your beach nuptials and receptionwould be rather incomplete.You can select from a range of underwater themes such asseashells, sea life, and even fresh tropical flowers.Seashells: One of the favorite and most commonly chosen cakedesigns for weddings are ones that include seashells, either as thekey element or as accents to the original design. The motifs can becreated from marzipans, icing, molded chocolates, or simply fromother candies. You can team up your seashells with other underwatercreatures such as colorful sea urchins, corals, and fish. Completeyour ocean floor look by scattering white chocolate shells, sanddollars, and starfish on each of the cake tiers.Tropical Flowers: Tropical and bright flowers are stunningdesign elements that can transform the drab boring three-tieredwedding cakes into a fun wedding cake. You can either opt for freshflowers or have edible ones made from icing or gum paste. Decoratedas bouquets, elegant cake edgings, cascades, and flowers add atouch of beauty to any wedding cake. Although fresh orchids do lookbeautiful and also add a tropical touch to the cake, they can wiltwhen kept out for a longer time. Instead, ask the baker to createisland-style blooms of hibiscus and edible palm leaves created fromfondant or buttercream to decorate the tiers of the cake.Sandcastle Wedding Cakes: Wedding cakes shaped as sandcastlesare a perfect for a beach wedding. Made to resemble anatural-colored sandcastle, these unusual wedding cakes can bedecorated with fun seashells and other sea life accents.In addition to these wedding cake styles and designs, you couldincorporate nautical touches like fondant ropes and anchors. One ofmy personal favorites was a cake decorated with fondant pearls withan open oyster as the cake topper.The ColorsAlthough most people traditionally stick to white wedding cakes, abeach theme allows you to explore other color options for yourcake. The marine cake colors include blue, green and beige toreflect the colors of the sea. Introduce a tropical feel byselecting bright colors such as fuchsia, orange and bright yellow.Maritime such as red, white and navy blue can be used if you have anautical theme wedding cake.The ToppersSo you have picked up the perfect design and color for your beachwedding cake. However, your cake is incomplete with a uniquewedding cake topper which will help pull the beach wedding looktogether. Palm trees, dolphins, sailboats, sandcastles, hula dancerfigurines, underwater creatures such as starfish and seahorses allwork great as cake toppers. For a more personalized look, you canopt for seashell photo frames or beach wedding couple figurines inromantic or whimsical designs.The FlavorsA wedding cake needs to not just look great on the exterior butalso taste delicious to the guests. While a chocolate cake mightwork great, for a beach wedding you might want to consider lighterand less richer flavors. Fruit flavors such as coconut, pineapple,lemon orange, or a feisty lime may make for great wedding cakeflavors. To add a richer taste, opt for rum or liquor as the cakefilling.
New Girl Faraks Ideas 3.0 APK
farak dresses are worn by little girls betweenthe ages of three and eight, mainly at weddings. The girls walkdown the aisle, ahead of the maid of honor, sprinkling flowers andconfetti in the bride's path. These dresses are not, however,restricted to weddings, and are also often worn on many otheroccasions like at parties, receptions, communions, baptism,christening, Easter, and other such occasions.You can find the dresses in materials like silk, organza, andsatin; with lashings of trimmings in lace, tulle, satin ribbons,seed pearls, beaded appliques, corded rosettes, and much more. Awhite dress with a white princess style bodice, puffed sleeves, anda layered tulle skirt, sprinkled with pink and cream silk rosebudslooks extremely beautiful. A dress with a satin sleeveless corsetback bodice accented with beaded rosettes; and an ankle-lengthskirt, trimmed with seed pearls around the hem, and lined with acrinoline underneath to give it a great ball-style effect alsolooks lovely.Most little girls love to dress up, and given the wide varietyof choices in the dress designs, patterns, textures, colors andsizes, you are sure to be able to find a suitable dress for eventhe most fastidious and picky young girl.farak dresses are often accompanied by a variety of matching orcomplementary accessories like a tiara, ribbons, headbands, bows,barrettes, veils, hair wreaths, gloves, a wicker basket withflowers, and so on. You can buy these separately, or along with thedress.Since the dress is to be worn on a special occasion, it isimportant that it fits properly. So, plan and go shopping well inadvance of the big occasion to avoid any rushed, hasty decisions.It is a good idea to take the farak with you, and let her have asay in choosing the right dress. There are plenty of things toconsider while buying the dress. A few of them have been listedbelow.Decide the material of the dress (whether silk, satin, organza, ora combination of all).Decide the color (white, pink, peach, blue, lilac, etc.)Consider the sleeve pattern (puff-sleeved, short-sleeved,long-sleeved, or sleeveless).Decide if you want a dress that zips up at the back, or one thathas buttons or hooks.Consider the length (calf-length or ankle-length).Decide if you want a simple dress, or one with intricatetrimming.Decide what kind of trimmings you would like and in whatcombinations.Decide what kind of accessories will go well with the selecteddress.Get the exact measurements, and see that you get a dress fittingdone. Your local tailor probably will be happy to pitch in andhelp. If not, you may also look for someone on-line. There areplenty of dressmakers and fashion design businesses offering customfarak dresses. You can send them the measurements over theInternet, select dress designs from their on-line catalog, and askthem to send you material swatches by regular post. Once you havemade your selection, and placed your order, they will normallydeliver the dress within two to three weeks. You can also place arush-job order, but, of course, you will be required to pay anadditional fee for that.To take correct measurements, use a smooth tape, and takemeasurements of the shoulders, the chest, the waist, and from topof the shoulder to the floor. Also, measure the length between theshoulder and the mid-calf or ankle.
Woodworking Projects 2.0 APK
Working on easy diy wood projects can be afantastic leisure activity both for yourself, but also for you andyour kids together. But what exactly does it take to complete suchproject, what steps are involved, what tools required, etc. andwhat projects exactly are out there that qualify as an easy woodproject?When choosing your project among the wide variety of diywoodworking projects available these days, try to start with aproject that requires only '2 - dimensional' work - in other words,a piece of furniture that does not have any inside mechanical orwooden components, for example a rocket pony for your kids, or asimple chair, would qualify as such. On the contrary, a dresserdrawer has e.g. drawers inside of it; it is therefore already a lotmore difficult to visualize and also to actually build such pieceof furniture.What helps to choose a suitable easy woodworking project is toreview some of the woodworking plans and software packages that canbe bout nowadays. They make it easy to give you an idea of how easya certain project really is, for example by indicating the amountof time it usually takes to complete a certain project, or byproviding you the materials and tools list for a particularproject.In particular when building furniture with or for your children- or both, the choice of wood becomes very important; some of thepressure - treated wood that makes the wood suitable for becomingoutside furniture, is very harmful for kids - so for kids furnitureyou should definitely look into furniture for the inside of yourhouse, rather than e.g. garden furniture - as you can then usenon-treated, natural wood.After having selected your project, it is time to start. Measurethe wood according to your assembly plan, then cut out the piecesaccording to the blueprints you are using. The more detailed theblueprints, the less room for mistakes as you will see. Cut allindividual pieces first and lay them all out in front of you,instead o trying to assemble e.g. the leg - assembly first beforehaving cut the table top, etc.One easy woodworking project is for example a little kids -bench; the individual pieces hereby would be the cross legs, theseat- and top support, a brace, and of course the top itself. Workwith the cutting list provided by the woodworking plan you workwith - it gives you not only dimensions of each piece, but alsoquantities of each piece required.After cutting all pieces, line them up according to print, andfasten them - preferably with screws or bolts, rather than nails.In particular for the easier - kids friendly wood projects, ahammer should stay away from reach of the kids - using screws and ascrewdriver requires less immediate movement than using a hammerand nails. Now, start with the two leg assemblies first, then mountthe brace to combine the two leg assemblies. After that, you boltthe seat assemblies and, finally, the top of the table; both, forseats and top you should definitely use stronger, at least 6-8 mmbolts with washers to assure an appropriate support.