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You have used Rotary phone in past century.weare going to take you back in old days. We had only Rotaryphonesfor calling.This time we are introducing this old phoneconcept inyour android phone. Now Dial any contact number using oldstylephone Dialing application.

With this free Old phone dialer application you haveRotarydialer or old style keypad for Dialing numbers. Dial a phonenumberusing old Dialer to make a phone call to friends andfamily.Remember your golden days.

Rotary phone also has a numeric keypad as an alternate wayofdailing and calling. use this dialing option if your are notmuschinteresting with old style Rotary dialer.

Although there are many old phone dialer are available ontheplay store but this OPD is best due to itsmodernfunctionality.

you can dial number using an old keypad Dialer or anumerickeypad also.
Remember the old days with old styled Rotary KeypadphoneDialer.

****Unique Features*******

✔ Old telephone ringtones HD
✔ Accurate Rotary Dialing with farward and reverse option.
✔ Different themes for Rotary keypad
✔ 3D phone Book
✔ Customize background theme of Dialer screen
✔ Edit/Add contact list
✔ Speed dial function with normal phone dialer
✔ Numeric Keypad as an alternative way for Dialing

App Information Rotary phone-Old Keypad Dialer

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    Rotary phone-Old Keypad Dialer
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    January 29, 2016
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  • Requires Android
    Android 2.1 and up
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    10 - 50
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