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"round and round" is a simple game of findingout of the hiragana and spinning round and round on the testproblems.
Interest to study hiragana and small children's pastime ofsorts.

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    round and round
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    August 23, 2012
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    Android 1.6 and up
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    10,000 - 50,000
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お絵かき伝言ゲーム 絵伝 1.0.0 APK
ご家族や友人と楽しめるお絵かき伝言ゲームです!宴会の余興にもお使いいただけます☆お絵かきのお題は用意されているものから選べます。自分の好きなお題を登録して遊ぶこともできます!お絵かきした画像は保存、Twitter等に投稿もできます☆あそびかた1.お題を決めます。2.一人あたりのお絵かきの時間とお絵かきをする人数を決めます。3.最初の人はお題を見てからお絵かきをします。4.次の人に端末を渡してください。次の人はお題を知りません。次の人にわかりやすくお絵かきをしましょう。5.次の人はお絵かきを10秒間見て何を描いているか想像し、思い浮かんだものを描きます。6.これを繰り返し、解答者はお題は何なのか答えましょう。お絵かき人数:1人~10人までThis is your family andfriends can enjoy drawing telephone game!You can use also purchased the banquet of entertainment ☆Topic of the drawing I can choose from those that areavailable.It is also possible to play by registering their favoritetheme!The drawing images can be saved, even post to Twitter, etc. ☆How To Play1. I decided to theme.2. I choose the number of time and drawing of drawing perperson.3. The first person to the drawing from seeing your problem.4. Please pass the terminal to the next person.The next person does not know the theme. Let the easy to understanddrawing to the next person.5. The next person to imagine that you are drawing what you look atthe painting for 10 seconds, and draw what you floated think.6. Repeat this, respondents Let's answer to what is yourproblem.Drawing persons: 1 person - up to 10 people
round and round 1.1.8 APK
"round and round" is a simple game of findingout of the hiragana and spinning round and round on the testproblems.Interest to study hiragana and small children's pastime ofsorts.
Kids round and round 2.7.0 APK
"Kids round and round" is a learning andeducation application for children.I tap the same character that was displayed.It is a simple app that adults can enjoy.Text color will continue to change while rotating the character youwant to select.I can be set in their degree of difficulty of the rotationspeed.There is a problem with more than 300!I will be able to manage the score.From beginner to advanced and can play happily every day.※ Age: 2 years or more【 trait 】1.It is a game to touch as for the same character as the characterset.2.The problem can select categories such as animals andvehicles.3.I can choose hiragana, katakana, upper and lower caseletters.4.Color of the text you want to touch will continue tochange.The characters you touch will rotate.I can choose from three levels rotation speed.5.There are characters that are not in the correct answer to theletter you want to touch.I can specify the number of characters.3 × 3 = 9 or 4 × 4 = 16 or 5 × 5 = 256.(for guardian)The result is seen.-NEW-I now see the picture book.Show me a picture of the problem, category, hiragana, katakana,upper and lower case letters.You can learn by reviewing the problem slowly.-NEW-I added a Christmas issue. Relate to Christmas will bequestions.
管パチ君 1.3.0 APK
パチンコ・パチスロの収支管理アプリ【注意点】2011年3月(ver1.12)以前にリリースしたものを現在ご利用している方へ大事なお知らせ************************************************************2011年3月(ver1.12)以前にリリースしたものから現バージョン(ver1.3.0)にバージョンアップした際のデータの保証は出来ません。そのため、バージョンアップをしないことをオススメします。 ※ インストールしている管パチ君のバージョンはアプリ内のインフォメーションで確認できます。************************************************************収支登録機能・ホール名、機種名、投資額、換金額、収支額、一言メモを登録します。収支検索機能・ホール名、機種別に年別、月別、日別で収支をリスト表示します。グラフ表示機能・ホール名、機種名で検索した状態をグラフ表示で確認できます。→グラフ概要・月別グラフは収支が棒グラフ、現在の合計収支が折れ線グラフで1~12月まで表示されます。・日別グラフは収支が棒グラフで1~31日まで表示されます。・目盛の切り替えが可能です。バックアップ機能・登録した収支をバックアップ用CSVファイルとしてSDカードへ保存ができ、復元も可能です。→CSVファイルの概要・SDカード直下に、ファイル名は「kp_現在日付.csv」で保存されます。・ホール名、機種名、投資額、換金額、収支額、年、月、日、一言メモの順で作成されます。・アプリ内からファイルの削除ができます。その他・「管パチ君β版」を使用していた方は、アップデート時に自動でデータの引継ぎを行いますので、データ移行の操作は必要ありません。------------------------本アプリには、株式会社medibaの広告モジュールが含まれています。お客様の利用者情報を、個人を特定できない形で、収集・分類し、広告サービスに利用します。またauのお客様については、お客様利用情報を統計パターンとして推奨型広告の配信を行う場合があります。詳しくはhttp://www.kddi.com/corporate/kddi/kokai/kojin/index.html"target="_blank">KDDI株式会社プライバシーポリシーをご確認ください。※情報開示ページ公開ならびに推奨型広告の開始は12月上旬を予定しています。利用者情報には主に以下のものが含まれます。履歴情報本アプリ内での広告の閲覧/クリック履歴情報端末識別情報弊社が独自発行した匿名の値をお客様の端末のSDカードに保存します。なお、情報収集の対象は、当アプリで表示される広告に限定されています。お客様は、本アプリダウンロード後も、これらの情報をもとにした広告配信を拒否することができます。詳しくは、本アプリ開発者サイトならびに、下記URLをご確認ください。http://www.kddi.com/corporate/kddi/kokai/kojin/index.html"target="_blank">KDDI株式会社プライバシーポリシーhttp://medibaad.com/sp/privacy/mediba.html"target="_blank">株式会社mediba広告配信における利用者情報ポリシーBudget management apppachinko[Notes] March 年 2011 (ver1.12) important announcement earlier inwhat was released toward you currently have available************************************************** **********March 年 2011 (ver1.12) previously from what has already beenreleased when it is upgraded to the current version(ver1.3.0)Guarantee of data can not be. Therefore, I recommend that you donot the version up.※ The installation amberjack kun version that can be viewed in theinformation in the application.************************************************** **********Balance registration functionHall name, model name, investment, cash amount, balance amount, Iwill register the word memo.Balance search functionHall name, by the year, month, I list to display the balance indaily models.Graph display functionHall name, you can check the status of the search in the model namein the graph display.→ graph Overview· Monthly graph balance bar graph, total balance of current appearsfrom January to December in the line graph.· Daily graph will be displayed balance until 1 to 31 in a bargraph.- Switching of scale is possible.Backup function· The registered account can be saved to SD card as a CSV file forbackup, restore is also possible.→ CSV file Overview- Directly under SD card, the file name will be saved in "kp_current date .csv".Hall name, model name, investment, cash amount, balance amount,year, month, day, it will be created in the order of wordmemo.· I can delete files from within the app.Other· If you have been using the "amberjack Mr. β version", so you dothe takeover of data automatically when the update, the operationof the data migration is not required.------------------------In this application, contains the mediba advertising moduleCorporation.Your user information of, in a way that it is not possible toidentify an individual, to collect and classify, and then use theadvertising service.For also au of customers, there are times when it is done thedelivery of recommended advertising customers use information as astatistical pattern.Please check the details, http://www.kddi.com/corporate/kddi/kokai/kojin/index.html"target =" _ blank "> KDDI Corporation privacy policy.※ start of information disclosure page published and recommendedtype ad is scheduled to early December.The user information will include the following main thing.History informationView / click history information of advertising within this appTerminal identification informationI will save the value of anonymity that we were originally issuedto the SD card of your terminal.In addition, the subject of the information collection, has beenlimited to advertising that appears in this app.Customers, even after this application download, will be able toreject the advertisement distribution that is based on theseinformation.For more information, this app developers site, as well as, Pleasecheck the following URL.http://www.kddi.com/corporate/kddi/kokai/kojin/index.html"target =" _ blank "> KDDI Corporation Privacy Policyhttp://medibaad.com/sp/privacy/mediba.html"target =" _ blank "> Corporation mediba and user informationpolicy in ad delivery