3.7.1 / June 14, 2021
(4.1/5) (33214)


Play the free exciting Royal Battletown game. You are waiting fordaily action in a large open world with destructible objects andits stylized cartoon graphics. The game has everything you need tohave fun, you can leave all the important game matters and justride around the city with a breeze on a skateboard or bicycle. Alsoamong the entertainments are funny jumps, combat vehicleshelicopter and plane, as well as mini games. You can do anything, abig world with interesting game mechanics is waiting for you. Afunny city contains a large number of points of interest, visitthem all and find out what your enemies are doing. Bright stylizedcity keeps a lot of secrets. Scout all the places in the city,collect valuable items and use them to your advantage. Explore thecity and find free money, ammo, first-aid kits, weapons and otheruseful things. The game has modern graphics and good optimization.Thanks to this, the game will work even on weak devices. Aconvenient interface allows you to better immerse yourself in thegame world and enjoy the game mechanics in the most convenient way.Also, you can always go through the training through the tips inthe game. Your hero has to complete various quests to receiveunique rewards and experience for them. Participate in the battlesfor the areas defend their positions, take resources from defeatedenemies. Capture new territories. Go through the opened dungeonsand repel the attacks of the zombies. Capture a tank from amilitary base with it you can smash the whole city and remainunscathed. Achieve numerous game achievements and get rewards forthem. Follow the progress of your hero and pump first the mostnecessary abilities. You can always improve your character bygiving him special abilities: Super kick - allows you to kickanything you want any objects. Super rope - allows you to moveclinging to buildings. Explosive landing - allows your character toland a powerful explosion. Drone - a futuristic drone will becomeyour personal assistant, it will protect you and will automaticallyhit your enemies. Flying is an ability that allows your characterto fly like a superhero. Stickiness - allows your hero to literallystick to walls and move around them Telekinesis - control objectswith the power of thought Laser - your hero will have theopportunity to shoot a laser Daily rewards are waiting for you donot miss a day and take the final prize, the game has a largenumber of free resources that need to be collected. Hurry to openall the chests on the 3D map and collect the treasures. You will beable to dress up your character making his image unique; there is aclothing store in the game. There are clogged hats, glasses, coolboots and more. For a large number of quests you need a seriousarsenal. The game has a large selection of cool pieces for defenseand attack. Choose what is right for you in the store. You willfind pistols, machine guns, grenades and bazookas and much more.Test different types of weapons and choose the coolest and mostpowerful guns for yourself. Create for your hero a set of coolcannons with which no one will defeat you. The game has a hugeamount of transport. In addition to the usual city transport, youcan purchase additional improved transport in the store. Improvedcars are equipped with guns, they will allow moving to hit yourenemies. Combat helicopter - allows you to penetrate the mostinaccessible places and hit targets, this flying machine isequipped with two powerful machine guns. A combat aircraft willallow you to strike very quickly and hide. Your enemies will noteven succeed in attacking you. Become a part of this fun gameworld. Test your skills in agility and quick wits. We hope youenjoy the game and spend time with interest.

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    Royal Battletown
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    June 14, 2021
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    Android 4.4 and up
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    Naxeex Ltd
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    30B Gladstonos, 3041 Limassol, Cyprus
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  • 3.7 (370)
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    Publish Date: 2021 /5/3
    Requires Android: Android 4.4+ (KitKat, API: 19)
    File Size: 96.1 MB
    Tested on: (, API: 29)
    File Sha1: 6619bc85839ed7a937dba3a91fe5fbe8af23415f
    APK Signature: b70144ed5156daa136f55a02a885e674fc1e3740

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With all the best things of crime games series and much more! Great3D rpg with elements of third person shooter. Huge real weaponarsenal at the shop and a magnificent combat mode. Try out all theguns! New map -> more space for your actions, more quests, moreenemies. Added new weaponry branch. Now you will be able to destroyyour enemies with awesome explosive and great energy toys. New carsand bikes. Reworked graphics for better performance. Increasedrewards. Fixed lots of reported issues and minor bugs.
Miami Crime Simulator 2 2.8.1 APK
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Second part of famous game loved by everyone. New tasks, newweapons, cool locations and merciless enemies. Guns are louder,cars are faster. More pain and more rewards. Join the crime worldof Miami and uncover the secrets hidden by local mafia. Crazyadventures are waiting for you. Dynamic gameplay and endlessgunfights are waiting for you.
Stickman Rope Hero 2 3.0 APK
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*New map. *Reworked battle system. *More weapons, more cars, moresecrets. *New AI system. *Reworked skills tree. New adventures ofstickman ropehero in the dangerous city. More evil clones. Moredifferent weapons. More cars. More of everything. Again your appearamong of evil replicants. Destroy your enemies with all theexplosive arsenal at your disposal. Get hot cars and run over otherstickmans. Find friendly copies who will give you tasks andrewards. Participate in the stickman war now!
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Meet the free superhero game. Start your story in this city. Youhave to fight the bad guys and be on guard of justice. Excitingaction awaits you. Various shooters with mafia bosses and streetthugs. Real superheroes act with courage and cunning. Fly aroundthe city at high speeds. Act like a ninja and watch what ishappening. Go ahead for the adventure. Test your strengths in afree third-person mobile game with RPG elements. Your warrior hasto act in a large modern metropolis. The game has its own stylizedgraphics. Improved minimap will show you the whole city and themost significant urban places. Do not forget to use the minimap tobuild a route. Navigator will pave the shortest path for your goal.Collect collectibles and get rewards for them. Complete gamemissions and level the hero. Improve your kid's skills. You can geta unique gaming experience and cool stuff. It can be super suits,cars or weapons. Change your house by buying various real estate inthe city. Your little man will find a large number of freeresources scattered in the most unexpected places, you can find:cartridges, guns, a first-aid kit and much more. Do not forget totake daily rewards, do not miss a day and get a valuable prize. Getgame achievements and rewards for them. The game contains a largelist of achievements for your hero, here are some of them: Monsterkill - eliminate 100 of your enemies and get 20,000 game coins.Easy money - steal an SUV, taxi, van and get 6000 game coins.Fighter - collect a collection of 5 fists and get 125 crystals.Champion - collect a collection of 5 statues and get 125 crystals.Drummer - collect a collection of 5 iron hammers and get 125crystals. The game is adapted for mobile devices. The game hasconvenient interfaces that allow you to comfortably play on phonesor tablets. You can adjust the quality of the graphics depending onthe power of your device; play both on a weak device and on apowerful one. Dress up your hero by purchasing the necessary thingsin the store. Each item will give its superman additionalabilities. Gather the coolest set of things for your guy and getmaximum characteristics such as: extra stamina, health, meleedamage, accelerated health recovery, bullet protection, explosionprotection, acceleration while running, improved driving skill. Inthe game you will find a store of superhero gadgets for your littleman. Items from the store will help you in difficult missions. Youcan get: Rope is the most popular little thing in the arsenal of asuperhero. With the help of a super rope, you will be able to movebetween buildings like a rock climber and attract objects. Thepossibilities of this thing are endless. Use your imagination tofind new applications. Super kick - will allow you to kickeverything you want with great force. This thing is best suited inclose combat to attack a gang of gangsters. Super landing - willcreate a powerful explosion upon landing. This ability isespecially effective when combined with a rope. Track down gangs ofcriminals and land in the crowd. Your enemies will be defeated.Drive around town at high speeds. Test each car while racing aroundthe city. In the game store you will find: ordinary cars, powerfulsports cars, large SUVs, a SCI-FI car and much more.   Alsoyou can buy another unique technique: Civil helicopter - suitablefor ordinary flights over the city and abrupt jumps into the urbanjungle. Military helicopter - will allow you to inflict seriousdamage to the enemy. Suitable for attacking fortified buildings ora large number of opponents. Tank is a classic of the genre. Thecapabilities of this combat vehicle are known to you to have fun infull. Play the free simulator and become a legend. Have fun. Wehope you enjoy the game.
Miami Crime Police 2.6 APK
Naxeex Ltd
*Third person shooter with a variety of different tasks. *Addictivegameplay! *Rich 3D graphics and special effects. *Best guns andammunition in shop! *Dynamic gunfights with dozens of enemies.*Tons of quests spread all over the huge map. It’s now the time tolaw come and clean up the city! You are sent to the crime districtwith a license for shooting at will. No one can handle thesituation in this place, but you can! Show the gangsters, bandits,mafia members and other outlaws that the punishing hand knows nomercy! Find the best cars and weapons, different ammunition andadvanced military technique. Everything is at your command! Youronly task is to eliminate the crime and make the city safe forordinary citizen. For the honor and courage your duty must befulfilled!
Naxeex Superhero 2.0.4 APK
Naxeex Ltd
The best super hero game where you can use the full arsenal ofsuper powers from flying to telekinesis. or If you are intofighting games, you will appreciate this offline simulator. Allsuper powers are available because you are an ultra-superhero - theonly one hope of humanity. Except for the precise and fluid controlin this shooting game, there are plenty of real opportunities: -Full freedom of your actions on the map: you can shoot, fly, climb,driving the car, fight with criminals - The real 3d city withracing cars, pedestrians, skyscrapers - Superpowers that can beimproved: air flight, telekinesis, eye lasers shooting, superkick,rope and hooks - The breathtaking main set of military quests andextra storylines with great awards - Wide variety of soldierweapons - Amazing costumes, capes and accessories just for the realgangsters - Supercool racing cars, trucks, military tanks,helicopters which can be easily transformed into robots - Abilitiessuch as flying, shooting and telekinesis you will implement intofighting and making tactical decisions - Low performancerequirements and small application size - Different districts ofthe town with their own fractions - Smart foes, who are the realthreat for a society - Incredible physical abilities such as asuper kick, eye laser shooting, climbing with the help of a ropeand hooks to make your enemy run away from the city - Unbelievableaccuracy in using an entangling rope and a hook The best superherogun games make you feel like you’re actually embodying the powersand responsibilities of a real top soldier. This game is suitablefor both, boys and girls. It’s really a fantastic opportunity tobecome a flying hero you’ve always wanted to be. You are free touse any tool you have in a wide range of super abilities. Lasereyes will destroy your opponent in a heartbeat, differentcombinations of super powerful weapons will definitely help youfight endless troops of iron creatures. A special type of heavydamage will provide the destruction of criminals with a singleblow. The epic battle will take place in the streets of the city,where the wrong choice may have fatal consequences for everybody.Imagine you are right there in action, punching bad guys, using allyour super cool gun for rescuing innocents before the villainsestablish the dominance in the military city! This is the bestflying game for mobile phones without doubts! Would you like toknow what else you can get? - You’ll be able to develop yourcharacter, improve skills, shooting weapon, clothes, cars - Also,there’s a way to customize it, to make you feel like one and diveinto the military atmosphere of this no wifi military simulator -There is one ground rule: there are no rules at all! You canfulfill the destiny of your hero in quest tasks and let the storygo according to the plot or you can fight with soldiers in fatalitybattles, fly in the air, climb the skyscrapers with the help of therope, drive the car, use eye lasers as a weapon and simply enjoythe gameplay. Stop being just a usual man, when you can be a uniquestreet fighter with ultra-skills! This cool 3d game needs such asuperhero like you! Download this cool car game for boys to feellike a real flying superhero! Remember the gangsters never sleep...What are you waiting for?!