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Gamesofa Sevens - The Most Devious Game of Sevens Yet Over 32million users worldwide! Join a table in just 3 seconds! AuthenticSevens: Classic and alternate game modes guaranteed to keep youbusy! ★Download now and get 1,200 free chips with your newaccount!★ ♠ THE NO.1 online - rated 5 stars by our users ♠ UniqueAVATAR System: Create your own pro Poker character ♠ Switch betweenthe classic and ""Dragon's Head"" game modes! ♠ CASINO FEEL:Blackjack, Dice - 1 App, 3 ways to play! ♠ BONUSES GALORE: Getprizes, freebies every day you login - Android Sevens Features - ♥Awesome realistic casino experience ♥ Play as guest, noregistration needed. ♥ Loads of gifts, daily achievements, dailybonuses ♥ Daily login will get you even more bonuses and gifts! ♥'Tis the season for a New Year's Theme! ♥ Lots of achievements andtitles for you to collect ♥ Events bring you additional GiftPackages and discounts! ♥ Play more, win more with the all newmoney pot! Get 10x the chips with a Lucky Spin! ♥ Guild modeconnects you with other players - Show off your skills with the newlevel system - Android Sevens Rules - ♦ Classic mode: complete asame-suit pile with K or A to get extra points! ♦ Dragon's Headmode: be the first to place K or A in a same-suit pile and completeit to get extra points! ♦ In both modes players can get greatamounts of chips as a bonus. There are two kinds of chips: positiveand negative. With good timing you'll get a higher score! ♦ Severalspecial hand combinations have been added to the game which willyield extra bonuses! ♦ For more details visit:https://www.gamesofa.com/sevensapp/?op=rule - Android Sevens Update- ♣ Timeline feature: collect and show your achievements andtitles! ♣ Awesome arcade games promise you incredible rewards! ♣All-new 'Hoo Hey How' game in the casino (Fish-Prawn-Crab, Chinesedice, Chuck-a-luck) - Additional Info - ♠ Free chips to allcertified members every day (up to 888). ♠ You can use yourexisting GodGame, Facebook, or Yahoo account to play immediately ♠If you want to use your MSN, Google, or other account to login,please see our “Account Conversion” page for more details:https://www.gamesofa.com/sevensapp/?op=guide ♠ This product isintended for use by those 18 or older. ♠ Coins in this game cannever be redeemed for real money, goods, or any other item ofmonetary value. ♠ User performance in this app is no indication ofuser performance or skill in genuine gambling. ♠ This Service isprotected by Taiwan (R.O.C.) and international laws. ♠ The imageryin this game contains attire and costumes that may be consideredrevealing. ♠ This game is free-to-play and includes the optionalsale of virtual goods and currencies. Please be aware of how muchtime you spend playing and take care not to become addicted.============================= Gamesofa - Fun in five easy minutes============================= Want to play more? Gamesofa Website:http://www.gamesofa.com More games: http://www.gamesofa.com/mobile/

информация о приложении 排七 神來也接龍 (Sevens,Fan Tan, Dominoes)

  • Имя приложения
    排七 神來也接龍 (Sevens,Fan Tan, Dominoes)
  • Название приложения
  • Дата публикации
    October 14, 2019
  • Размер файла
  • Требования
    Android 4.0.3 and up
  • Версия
  • Разработчик
    Gamesofa Inc.
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排七 神來也接龍 (Sevens,Fan Tan, Dominoes) История версий

排七 神來也接龍 (Sevens,Fan Tan, Dominoes) версия :
  • 8.0.3 (73)

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彈珠射手 - 時空擂台 1.4.3 APK
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========【彈珠射手-彈射型ARPG手機遊戲】========★★★ 直覺射擊!一拉一放,彈珠爽快發射★★★ 朋友同樂!4P好友組隊,不管魔王降臨還是傳說怪物,合作闖關GG BOSS★★★ 華麗EX技!Combo爽快連擊,華麗彈幕爆發【爽快彈射 x 熱血碰撞!彈珠玩法進化再進化】彈珠射手結合了日本超人氣彈射動作的新玩法的,與穿越三國、戰國時空的英雄養成冒險手機遊戲.輕鬆一指拉放,就能將彈珠英雄彈射出去擊倒怪物!在彈珠彈射的力道、角度、軌跡計算中、神預測地觸發隊友Combo技的華麗彈幕!同時享受遊戲中爽快激撞彈珠的動作美學以及彈珠彈射布局的戰略思考覺得厲害!泥揪4神 !==================【彈珠射手x 最新情報 】==================穿越三國及戰國時代的主角們在英雄戰役中昕子不慎落入魔王手中···綠川悠和良太為了拯救昕子加緊追上魔王的腳步,踏上了勇者號前往未知的黑海。海上灰霧瀰漫,前方突然傳來刺耳的號角聲!有團黑影若隱若現且迅速接近中,煙霧中浮現出骷髏旗樣貌及伴隨著數十艘海盜船向著主角們衝來!!!是敵人還是盟友?!快來收集你的海盜夥伴,航向全新的彈珠世界!!!==============免費下載、多人同樂!更多情報請上==============【彈珠射手官方粉絲團】https://www.facebook.com/bbshootertw【彈珠射手官方圖鑑】https://www.godgame.com.tw/bbshooter/tw/======== [pinball shooter - catapult type ARPG mobile games]========★★★ intuition shot! Pull a release, marbles readily launch★★★ Friends Fun! 4P friends team, regardless of the devil coming orthe legendary monster, cooperation checkpoints GG BOSS★★★ gorgeous EX technology! Combo refreshing batter, gorgeousbarrage outbreak[X blood readily catapult crash! Play Pinball Evolution] EvolutionagainMarbles play shooter incorporates new ultra-popular Japanesecatapult action of,And across the three countries, the hero of the Warring States timeand space to develop mobile gaming adventure.Easily put a finger pull, will be able to knock marbles ejectedhero monster!In marbles ejection force, angle, trajectory calculations,God predicted teammate Combo skills triggering barragegorgeous!While enjoying the game of marbles refreshing shock hit actionaestheticsAnd strategic thinking marbles catapult layoutFeel amazing! Mud pulling 4 God!================== [Pinball shooter x latest information]==================And the Warring States Period through the three protagonistsXin in the heroic battle child accidentally fall into the hands ofthe devil ???Green River leisurely and Ryota to save Xin child to intensify thepace to catch up with the devil,Embarked on a brave unknown No. Go Black Sea.Sea fog filled the air,Suddenly in front of blaring horns!There are groups in shadow of looming and rapidlyapproaching,Smoke emerges out of the Jolly Roger faces and accompanied bydozens of pirate ship rushed toward the protagonists! ! !Is an enemy or an ally? !Come and collect your pirate partner, heading the new Pinballworld! ! !============== Free download, multiplayer fun! For more informationplease visit ==============[Pinball shooter official fan group] https://www.facebook.com/bbshootertw[Illustrations] https://www.godgame.com.tw/bbshooter/tw/official shooter marbles
Ông trùm Tanker 3.8.5 APK
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Tank Hit brings futuristic 3D tank warfare to the palm of yourhands! Start the battle, connect within seconds and play thrillingmultiplayer battles with up to 10 players!This tank war simulatorputs you in a war-torn sci-fi world and in the driver’s seat of acompletely customizable battle tank. Trick out your war machinewith custom paint jobs, attribute boosting decals, and devastatinghigh-powered weaponry. Think you’re ready for battle? Then join thefight with Tank Hit now!FEATURES• Control heavy-duty tanks in asci-fi world• Blow up your enemies with a huge arsenal of heavyweaponry• Recruit crew members to improve your tanks' battleefficiency • Team up to achieve victory or fight all-against-alldeathmatches• Tactics mode - Join one of the two factions and fightfor world domination!• 3D multiplayer battle with up to 10 players•Multiple maps featuring desert combat, winter warfare, and closerange combat• Invite friends for more fun• Test your battlestrategy and stay on your toes!TEAM FEATURESThe future of armoredwarfare is here! Team up with friends and other players, developstrategies to conquer regions, and win awesome rewards!• Guildsystem allows for constant development and continuous action•Extensive chat functions• Animated interactive emoticons• Dailylogin rewards• Take up the challenge in numerous events,achievements, daily missions, and get extra bonuses!Download andplay Tank Hit for free!LANGUAGES- English- Русский (Russian)-deutsch (German)- 繁體中文 (traditional Chinese)Tank Hit on Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/TankHitgame?fref=tsTank Hit homepage:http://www.gamesofa.com/tankapp/wiki/
神來也麻將-麻將、大老二、麻雀、撲克多合1 10.2.3 APK
Gamesofa Inc.
【Rated 5 Stars by Our Users】 With over 32 million playersworldwide, join a table in just 1 second! Classic Taiwanese style16 tile Mahjong. No registration required! Download now and get inon the most fun Mahjong and poker games around! ★ The hottestMahjong games: Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Pao Ma Zai-styleMahjong—choose your game! ★ Tons of poker games: Big 2, 13 Poker,Landlord, Solitaire, and Cantonese Poker⁠—all in one APP! ★ FREE:Download now to get 1,200 free chips with your new account! ★BONUS: Get gift packages and prizes every day you login. ★Certified fair dealing by iTech Labs, an accredited internationalRNG testing company. Each game is fair and consistent! ★ UniqueAvatar System: Create your own Mahjong pro character. ★ Many playmodes, all with gorgeous graphics, clear and intuitive interface. ★FREESTYLE: Set up a table the way you want. ★ FRIEND TABLES:Nothing's better than a table full of good friends. ★ CASINO FEEL:Blackjack, dice, slots - 1 app, 4 ways to play! ★ CHALLENGE:Original 16-Tier Ranking System. -Android Mahjong Features- ☆Classic Taiwanese 16-tile Mahjong. ☆ Over 32 million users! Takesjust 2 taps to join a table. ☆ Large, easy-to-see tiles makeplaying easier. ☆ Free chips to all certified members every day(limited up to 888) ☆ Reconnect function lets you answer the phonewithout worries ☆ Clear and simple voice features you can adjust toyour playing style. ☆ Authentic Cantonese voice lines andcrystal-clear graphics give you the VIP Hong Kong style—Mahjongexperience! ☆ Never miss your chance to get a set again with ourauto-claim system! ☆ Scheduled daily tournaments for you to competeto get to the top of the rankings! ☆ Easy to use controls feelnatural and fun. ☆ Chat with friends and give out likes for a fun,social game experience! ☆ First-ever one round games, finish a gamein just 3 minutes! -Android Poker Features- ▼ Big Two, also knownas Big2 or Deuces ▼ 。The new Card Exchange function lets you turn aweak hand into a winning one! 。Easy to play: Game mechanics feelsimple and natural. ▼ Sevens - The Most Devious Game of SolitaireYet ▼ 。Classic and alternate game modes guaranteed to keep you busy。Win with the “Final Seven” move and collect bonuses! ▼ AuthenticLandlord gameplay ▼ 。Various new modes give you an awesome gamingexperience 。Easy one-finger gameplay! 。Landlord tournaments(Realtor, Tycoon, Magnate) ▼ Chinese Poker, also known as Pusoy or13Poker ▼ 。"Scoop" opponents for increased wins 。Smarter gameplayensures you’ll be the best of them all ▼ Cantonese Big Two, alsoknown as Big2 or Cantonese Poker ▼ 。Now with Cantonese voiceovers!Come see why everyone loves playing “Cantonese Poker”! 。Smartergameplay and hand indicator to let you play better and faster-Android 16-Tile Mahjong Updates- ★ Mahjong, Hong Kong Mahjong, andpoker games all in one app! ★ The casino is online and hopping,along with Mario slot machines! ★ Unlock missions together andeveryone gets the reward! -Other- ☆ Users can use their existingGodGame, Facebook, or Yahoo accounts to play. ☆ If you want to usean MSN, Google, or other accounts to login, please see our “AccountConversion” page for more details:http://www.gamesofa.com/mjapp/?op=guide ☆ This product is intendedfor use by those 15 or older. ☆ Chips in this game can never beredeemed for real money, goods, or any other item of monetaryvalue. ☆ User performance in this app is no indication of userperformance or skill in genuine gambling.============================= Gamesofa, fun in 5 easy minutes.============================= Want to play more? Visit Gamesofa athttp://www.gamesofa.com
德州撲克 神來也德州撲克(Texas Poker) 5.6.1 APK
Gamesofa Inc.
= 【Rated 5 stars by our players! Taiwan’s favorite Texas Hold’emand Show Hand game】 = Over 10 million poker players online, taponce and join a table! Bring on the chips! The most exciting TexasHold’em game out there! Give it a try—no need to register! ♠ New topoker? Don’t worry! Our system will instantly analyze your hand’sstrength for you! ♠ We’ll give you 30,000 chips to start—FREE! ♠Poker for Pros: Authentic play style—Join tables in no time! ♠Authentic Poker experience—just like the real thing! ♠Internationally certified fair dealing system ♠ Experience therealistic feeling of a casino: Slots, Blackjack, Sic Bo ♠ Try ouroriginal 8-A Royal Show Hand for action-packed hands! = Features(Texas Hold’em, Showhand)= ♣ Authentic Texas Hold'em-style Pokerthat‘s taking over Taiwan! ♣ Over 10 million players love ourgame—fastest tables in Taiwan! ♣ Play against real players in anauthentic casino-like experience! ♣ Royal/Omaha-style Poker: Royalflushes for days! ♣ Claim stacks of FREE poker chips with dailychallenges! ♣ Rejoin system reconnects you if you lose yourconnection ♣ Try your luck at other games like Blackjack and tonsof slots ♣ Intuitive UI⁠—show your cards and go all in with onetap! ♣ Use emotes to interact with other players for even more fun!-Texas Hold’em Updates- ♥ Royal Hold'em mode-huge hands all day! =Additional Notes = ♦ Users can use their existing Gamesofa,Facebook, or Yahoo accounts to play ♦ If you want to use an MSN,Google, or other account to login, please see our “AccountConversion” page for more details:https://www.godgame.com.tw/mobile_app/?game=19#1 ♦ This product isintended for use by those 18 or older. ♦ This app does not offer“real money gambling” or an opportunity to win real money orprizes. ♦ User performance in this app is no indication of userperformance or skill in genuine gambling. ♦ This game is rated 15+by the Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee. ♦ Portions of thisgame contain portrayals of sexually suggestive clothing, alcohol,and tobacco. ♦ This game is free to play and includes virtualcurrency and goods, as well as paid services. Remember to takebreaks! ============================= Gamesofa- Fun in five easyminutes ============================= Want to play more? Gamesofawebsite: http://www.gamesofa.com More games:http://www.gamesofa.com/mobile/ 【超多評鑑五顆星,台灣玩家激推線上德州撲克、梭哈品牌】千萬撲克玩家鬥心機,按一下就入桌! 玩神來也,「賭神」來也! 免註冊,免費體驗 最刺激的撲克牌遊戲 Texas Poker! ♠Poker新手不用怕: 牌力分析,免費玩送30,000籌碼! ♠ Poker高手爽快贏: 正宗撲克玩法,快速湊桌、隨時開打! ♠真Poker體驗: 國際機構認證,公平發牌機制,絕對真實! ♠ 真Casino體驗: 拉霸機台、Slots、21點、骰寶隨你玩 ♠首創梭哈8~A Royal玩法,輸贏更大更刺激! -遊戲特色(Texas Poker, Showhand)- ♣撲克牌主流玩法,Texas Hold'em席捲台灣! ♣ 千萬玩家推薦,挑戰全台最快配桌! ♣ 真人撲克牌對戰,實境Casino體驗♣ 皇家/奧瑪哈德撲: 皇室玩法,同花順贏不停! ♣ 德撲幣送超多:打Poker解任務,天天領籌碼! ♣ 斷線重連系統,網路斷線也不怕♣ 21點、拉霸slot多種機台,打撲克牌外還能試手氣 ♣ 介面簡單、一鍵All-in梭哈最爽快 ♣互動道具表心意,跟朋友打Poker更有趣 -德州撲克(Texas Poker)改版內容- ♥ 皇室撲克(Royalhold'em)玩法,天天拿大牌! -其他說明- ♦ 原「神來也會員」或「Facebook」、「Yahoo」帳號直接玩 ♦若您之前使用MSN,Google等帳號登入神來也遊戲,想在手機上繼續使用該帳號,請參考「帳號轉換及登入教學說明」https://www.godgame.com.tw/mobile_app/?game=19#1♦ 本遊戲以成年人為訴求對象 ♦ 本遊戲不提供「現金交易賭博」,也沒有機會贏得現金或實體獎品 ♦玩社交類賭博遊戲時的玩法或成績不錯,不代表日後以「金錢賭博」時會獲得相同的成果 ♦ 本遊戲依中華民國遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為輔15級♦ 本遊戲部分畫面穿著凸顯性特徵之服飾及菸酒畫面。 ♦本遊戲為免費使用,遊戲內另提供購買虛擬遊戲幣、物品等付費服務。請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷============================= Gamesofa 5分鐘.想樂最輕鬆============================= 想玩更多? Gamesofa官網http://www.gamesofa.com 更多神來也遊戲 http://www.gamesofa.com/mobile/
王牌特攻 3.7.25262 APK
Gamesofa Inc.
誰說射擊遊戲就是傳統槍戰,顛覆槍戰的射擊手遊,英雄技能融合跨世代槍戰之作─王牌特攻【王牌特攻】是全球首款英雄射擊競技手遊,遊戲圍繞著「英雄射擊」「角色養成」「團隊競技」,結合TPS玩法,射擊爽度破表,快來一場5分鐘真動作競技的【王牌特攻】★英雄特色★王牌特攻遊戲中有多位來自不同國家、超越凡人且擁有與眾不同技能的英雄,透過遊戲中的戰鬥累積經驗值強化你的英雄,各英雄擁有自己的心路歷程等豐富的劇情模式待你來體驗,同時具有跨越時代的造型Skin,蒐集狂的你絕不能錯過王牌特攻★動作射擊★王牌特攻的遊戲方式採用TPS即第三人稱射擊,爆頭射擊爽感搭配靈活的翻滾設計,為喜愛動作射擊的你精心打造,完整的新手教學讓你一分鐘灌入日積月累的PC操作實力,新手變神手,高端玩家就是你★團隊競技★王牌特攻採用5分鐘4VS4真人即時對戰的遊戲方式,互相較勁你的大局觀與神操作,面對這些各國英雄,想要稱霸全球殺手榜,就要看各位神手給不給力了,各英雄有專屬的定位,坦克、近戰、神射手等任你選擇,同時也考驗團隊間的戰略默契,邀請你的好友一起加入吧!本遊戲為免費使用,遊戲內另提供購買虛擬遊戲幣、物品等付費服務。請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷。12歲以上之人始得使用,遊戲軟體內容角色穿著凸顯性特徵之服飾、有打鬥未達血腥程度之情節。*例行維護時間每週一AM5:00~AM8:00(GMT+8)Who is the traditional shooting gameShootout, subverting shootout shooting hand travel, hero skills forthe integration of cross-generational shootout ─ aceCommandos[Trump] is the world's first special forces hero shootingAthletics hand travel around the game "Hero Shot" "develop therole" "team sports", combining TPS gameplay, cool shot of brokentable, a five minutes Come True action-sports [ ace specialforces]Features ★ ★ HeroAce game has a number of special forcesfrom different countries, and beyond mortal hero has distinctiveskills, accumulated experience to strengthen your heroes throughthe game's combat, each hero has its own mentality, rich story modeuntil you come experience while having a shape Skin through theages, gathering mad you can not miss ace Commandos★ ★ ActionShootingSpecial forces ace game mode that is using TPS third-personshooter, headshot shooting cool sense of rolling with flexibledesign for your favorite action shooter carefully crafted, completenovice teaching make you a minute poured cumulative PC operatingstrength, the novice becomes the hand of God, is the high-endplayers you★ ★ team sportsAce special forces using live 5 minutes 4VS 4 immediate battle gameplay, you are competing with each otherin the bigger picture and the operation of God, these countriesface a hero, you want to dominate the global killer list, you willsee the hand of God to not to force each hero has uniquepositioning, tank, melee, etc. shooter as you choose, but also atest of strategic understanding between the team and invite yourfriends to join together!This game is free to use, and the otheroffers to buy virtual game currency, items such as paid serviceswithin the game. Please note that the game time, avoid indulging.People over the age of 12 may only use game software contenthighlights features of the character wearing apparel, there areless than fighting the bloody episode.* Routine maintenance time aweek AM5: 00 ~ AM8: 00 (GMT + 8)
神來也撲克Poker - Big2, Sevens, Landlord, Chinese Poker 9.7 APK
Gamesofa Inc.
[Taiwan and Hong Kong's #1 Poker game–more 5-star ratings than anyother game] Over 32 million players worldwide, join tables in notime! Play as guest, no registration required! 。Your all-in-onepackage: Big Two, Chinese Poker, Solitaire, Landlord 。Certifiedfair dealing by iTech Labs, an accredited international RNG testingcompany. Each game is fair and consistent! 。Many play modes, allwith gorgeous graphics & clear and intuitive interface 。UniqueAvatar System: Create your own pro Poker character 。Play free:Register and get as many as 1200 chips (1500 for Landlord) 。Endlesscoins: Daily rewards like free spins, loot boxes and money trees。CASINO: Blackjack, dice, slots, 1 APP, 4 ways to play! 。Free coinsdaily: Members can play every day and get 888 coins 。Rankings:Instantly see your opponents' level, the next card king could beyou! 。Club system: Complete missions for points; thousands of coinsawait 。Likes system: Players that are fun to play with can earntitles 。Coin bonuses: Gachapon, lucky wheels, pots of gold . . .Play more to win more! = for iPhone Features = ▼ Big Two, alsoknown as Big2 or Deuces ▼ 。The new Card Exchange function lets youturn a weak hand into a winning one! 。Easy to play: Game mechanicsfeel simple and natural. ▼ Sevens - The Most Devious Game ofSolitaire Yet ▼ 。Classic and alternate game modes guaranteed tokeep you busy 。Win with the “Final Seven” move and collect bonuses!▼ Authentic Landlord gameplay ▼ 。Various new modes give you anawesome gaming experience 。Easy one-finger gameplay! 。Landlordtournaments (Realtor, Tycoon, Magnate) ▼ Chinese Poker, also knownas Pusoy or 13Poker ▼ 。""Scoop"" opponents for increased wins。Smarter gameplay ensures you’ll be the best of them all ▼Cantonese Big Two, also known as Big2 or Cantonese Poker ▼ 。Nowwith Cantonese voiceovers! Come see why everyone loves playing“Cantonese Poker”! 。Smarter gameplay and hand indicator to let youplay better and faster = Additional Notes = 。You can use yourexisting GodGame, Facebook, or Yahoo account to play immediately。This product is intended for use by those 18 or older. 。Coins inthis game can never be redeemed for real money, goods, or any otheritem of monetary value. 。User performance in this app is noindication of user performance or skill in genuine gambling.============================== Gamesofa - Fun in five easy minutes==============================
鬥地主 神來也斗地主 9.7 APK
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The No.1 Landlord Online - Everyone's Favorite Landlord Game ♠ Playas guest, no registration required ♠ Rated 5 stars by our players ♠Over 32 million players worldwide, join tables in no time ♠ Playfree: Get as much as 1500 chips to start out with = Features = ♥Authentic Landlord gameplay ♥ Over 32 million players - tap twiceand you're in ♥ New reconnect function - bet with confidence ♥Bigger and clearer graphics ♥ Loads of achievements and prizes ♥Never go bankrupt: always get more chips so you can continue toplay! = What’s New = ♥ Landlord tournaments (Realtor, Tycoon,Magnate) ♥ Various new modes give you an awesome gaming experience= Additional Notes = ♦ You can use your existing GodGame, Facebook,or Yahoo account to play immediately ♦ If you want to use an MSN,Google, or other account to login, please see our “AccountConversion” page for details:https://www.gamesofa.com/mobile_app/?game=20#1 ♦ This product isintended for use by those 18 or older. ♦ Coins in this game cannever be redeemed for real money, goods, or any other item ofmonetary value. ♦ User performance in this app is no indication ofuser performance or skill in genuine gambling.============================= Gamesofa - Fun in five easy minutes============================= Want to play more? Gamesofa Website:http://www.gamesofa.com More Games: http://www.gamesofa.com/mobile/【玩家評鑑五顆星,台灣線上鬥地主No.1遊戲品牌】 3,200萬玩家,牌咖最多,3秒就湊桌!正宗中國大老二,免註冊立刻玩! ♠台灣人最愛:最多玩家評鑑5顆星 ♠ 經典叫地主、搶地主、明牌,多種玩法最有趣 ♠ 免錢玩到爽:立刻下載可得1500地主幣(限新註冊)-Android 斗地主 改版內容- ♥ 全新聚寶盆:玩越多地主幣越高! ♥ 至尊VIP:VIP等級越高優惠越多! ♥獨家娛樂城:21點、骰寶、拉霸,1個APP,4種享受 ♥ 幸運轉金樂,地主幣最高送十倍! -Android 三人大老二 遊戲特色- ♣正宗鬥地主遊戲(又稱斗地主、Landlord) ♣ 13億人的最愛,三人大老二撲克遊戲 ♣ 全球3,200萬真實玩家,按兩下就開桌!♣ 牌面大!更清楚、操作更容易! ♣ 斷線重連系統,網路斷線也不怕! ♣ 贏牌特殊任務,獎金再加倍! ♣ 破產補幣,輸光也能繼續玩!♣ 贈幣超多:連續登入玩斗地主遊戲,每日領好康 ♣ Landlord挑戰賽:地主賽、富豪賽、大亨賽,快來領取彩金獎勵 ♣中國大老二癩子玩法,湊牌更容易、輸贏更刺激! -其他說明- ♦ 原「神來也會員」或「Facebook」、「Yahoo」帳號直接玩 ♦若您之前使用MSN,Google等帳號登入神來也遊戲,想在手機上繼續使用該帳號,請參考「帳號轉換及登入教學說明」https://www.gamesofa.com/mobile_app/?game=20#1♦ 本遊戲以成年人為訴求對象 ♦ 本遊戲不提供「現金交易賭博」,也沒有機會贏得現金或實體獎品 ♦玩社交類賭博遊戲時的玩法或成績不錯,不代表日後以「金錢賭博」時會獲得相同的成果 ♦ 本遊戲依中華民國遊戲軟體分級管理辦法分類為輔12級♦ 本遊戲部分畫面穿著凸顯性特徵之服飾 ♦ 本遊戲為免費使用,遊戲內另提供購買虛擬遊戲幣、物品等付費服務。請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷。============================= Gamesofa 5分鐘.想樂最輕鬆============================= 想玩更多? Gamesofa官網http://www.gamesofa.com 更多神來也遊戲 http://www.gamesofa.com/mobile/更多神來也遊戲 http://www.gamesofa.com/mobile/
德州撲克 神來也皇家德州撲克(Texas Poker) 1.0.8 APK
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= Play Texas poker, secret agent style!Over 23 million players worldwide! The top authentic Royal Hold'empoker! =○ Play free: get as much as 30,000 chips to start out with○ Higher hands are more fun! Royal Hold’em Uses 10’s through Acesonly for better winning chances○ Feel the casino flair with hot dealers and real voices= Royal Hold’em Features =○ Authentic Royal Hold'em○ Over 20 million players - tap twice and you're in○ Employ your best strategy to win○ Join the Blackjack table and spin the Slots in the new VegasCasino○ Intuitive UI, easy one-button functions○ Use Interactives (emoticons) to talk to friends○ Loads of gifts, daily bonuses○ New reconnect function - bet with confidence=Newest Android Version=○ Choose your favorite dealer to bring you luck○ Improved Blackjack for greater chances= Rules =○ Blinds:Two forced bets called small blind and big blind will be placed bytwo respective players. These mark the minimum bet during thegame.○ Preflop:After blinds have been placed, two cards are dealt to each player(in Royal Hold'em only 10's through Aces are used.) and the firstround starts. Each player decides whether to continue or fold (i.e.stop playing and give up the chance to win).○ Flop:After the first round has ended, the dealer places three cards faceup on the table. These are called community cards. Then the secondround begins and players can raise, call, or fold, depending ontheir confidence in the combination of their hands together withthe community cards. If they raise, all players who want to stay inthe game have to increase the ante to the amount set by the raisingplayer.○ Turn:After the second round, the dealer places a fourth community cardon the table. The third round starts and all remaining playersdecide whether to raise, call, or fold as previously.○ River:After the third round has ended, the dealer places the fifth andlast community card on the table. Players raise, call, or fold,depending on their confidence in their hand.○ Final round:If the remaining players after the fourth round of betting are twoor more, all players show their hands and compare cards. The playerwith the highest combination of hand with community cards wins andgets the whole pot. If there's a tie, the pot will be evenly splitbetween the two or more winners.= Additional Notes =○ Users can use their existing Gamesofa, Facebook, or Yahooaccounts to play○ If you want to use an MSN, Google, or other account to login,please see our “Account Conversion” page for more details: http://www.gamesofa.com/mjapp/?op=guide=============================Gamesofa- Fun in five easy minutes=============================Want to play more?Gamesofa Website: http://www.gamesofa.comMore Games: http://www.gamesofa.com/mobile/【德州撲克全新皇家玩法,007龐德最愛】2,300萬註冊玩家,3秒入桌、隨上隨打!只用大牌10~A的TexasHold'em皇家新玩法,免註冊立刻玩!隨時All-in一把!♠ 免費遊戲:立刻下載可得30,000德撲幣♠ 德州撲克新玩法:只用大牌10~A,同花順機率飆高100倍!♠ 豐富機台:最真實Casino體驗-Android皇家德州撲克 遊戲特色-♣ Casino限定!皇家德州撲克玩法,好牌輕鬆拿♣ 全球2,300萬玩家,按兩下就入桌♣ 真人玩家撲克對戰,實境Casino體驗♣ 贈幣超多:連續登入打Poker,天天領獎勵♣ 斷線重連系統,網路斷線也不怕♣ 21點、拉霸slot多種機台,打Poker外還能試手氣♣ 介面簡單、一鍵All-in最爽快♣ 互動道具表心意,跟朋友打Poker更有趣-Android皇家德州撲克 遊戲規則-♦ 押注順序:每局輪到的小盲注與大盲注會強迫下注該局的限定德撲幣。♦ 發底牌(Preflop):大、小盲押注完畢後,荷官會發給每位玩家兩張只有玩家可見的「底牌」,並進行第一輪押注,但皇家玩法中,只用撲克牌中的10~A,玩家將依據底牌牌型,決定押注繼續本局遊戲或是棄牌放棄本局遊戲。♦ 翻牌(Flop):第一輪押注結束後,荷官在牌桌上翻開三張所有人可見的「公共牌」,並進行第二輪押注,玩家根據自己的底牌與公共牌判斷勝利的機率,再決定是否加注或棄牌。若選擇加注,則直到所有繼續遊戲的玩家賭注相同為止。♦ 轉牌(Turn):第二輪押注後,荷官會再翻開一張公共牌,上一輪有押注繼續遊戲的玩家再次根據自己的2張底牌與4張公共牌思考勝利的機率,並進行第三輪押注。♦ 河牌(River):第三輪押注後,荷官翻出最後一張公共牌,玩家依據底牌與公共牌的牌型衡量勝負的機率,並進行最後一輪的押注。♦ 決定勝負:四輪下注都結束後,若仍剩餘兩名或兩名以上玩家,則進行比牌。從每位玩家的底牌與公共牌共七張中,組合出最大牌型的玩家獲得最終勝利!贏家獲得底池所有德撲幣;若有多人獲勝,則平分底池注碼。=============================Gamesofa 5分鐘.想樂最輕鬆=============================想玩更多?Gamesofa官網 http://www.gamesofa.com更多神來也遊戲 http://www.gamesofa.com/mobile/