1.0.3 / April 10, 2013
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Collection of themes for "AbubuTilesWallpaper".

This collection has as its theme stones.

For more informations, see "Abubu Tiles Wallpaper".

информация о приложении Abubu Tiles Pack 02 Stones

  • Имя приложения
    Abubu Tiles Pack 02 Stones
  • Название приложения
  • Дата публикации
    April 10, 2013
  • Размер файла
  • Требования
    Android 2.3.3 and up
  • Версия
  • Разработчик
  • Количество установок
    50 - 100
  • Цена
  • Категория
  • Разработчик
    Visit website Email abubusoft@gmail.com
    Via Gramsci, 3 34137 Trieste Italy
  • Google Play Link

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Clouds live wallpaper lite 3.2.2 APK
Add clouds to your device and foul fly alongwith funny flying objects that you will find in this animatedwallpaper.You can change the color of the sky, color of the clouds, the winddirection and many other features that you will find in the menuoptions.Flying objects that you can put in your sky full of clouds are:UFO, hot air balloons, the Zuppaman superhero, swallows, the famousflying polyps, bees, airplane, the friendly pterodactyl "Dino", thehallucinated bat "Bat", "Flying Rhino rhino", Dragon, Hugh theTriceratops.When you tap an object, you can decide whether to make it explode,let it run away or get it moving up or down.To unlock all the options, such as the number, speed and size offlying objects, you must purchase a full license.Have fun!Tags: sky, cloud, clouds animated wallpaper, colored clouds, wind,flying objects, clouds live wallpaper "," cloud "
Abubu tiles live wallpaper 2.0.6 APK
"Abubu Tiles Live Wallpaper" is a beautiful animated live wallpaperthat will allow you to have as the background of your device animage divided into tiles that will be animated to the touch. Underthe main image can be placed another image or a gradient color."Abubu Tiles" has a powerful system of themes. A theme is apredefined combination of images and tiles. Themes are grouped intocollections, which can be downloaded from the market separatelyfrom the wallpaper. The manager of the collections of themes hasbeen designed to allow you to use themes that interest you withoutwasting valuable space on your phone or tablet. The theme managerwill allow you to check the inside of the wallpaper if there areany new collections themes for download from the market. Theverification of the presence of new themes is done only ifrequested. In addition to the default theme, you can use your ownimages to create new themes. You can create new beautiful themescombining your pictures with those offered by the various themes.There are over ten types of tiles that can be used to customize thebackground. You can change at will the size of the tiles. The tilescan be animated to the touch, giving the image a trimensionaleeffect. There are different types of animation, which will increasewith future releases. Forms ranging from classical geometries tomore imaginative forms. With the first version of the applicationhave been released more than a dozen shapes of tiles, and withfuture releases of "Abubu Tiles" they will increase. You can chooseto switch between themes automatically, periodically changing themain image or the image below. The frequency you can choose betweenthe various options. "Abubu Tiles LWP" has been optimized tominimize battery consumption. Consumes much less than a normalanimated wallpaper. Seeing is believing. The basic version of"Abubu Tiles Live Wallpaper" has several features locked and hassome issues that are not accessible. To unlock all the features youneed to install the application key "Abubu Tiles LWP Key" in themarket. This application is localized in : german, english,spanish, francais, italian, german, korean, russian, japanese andchinese. You can change language inside application. Have fun!Note: The application permissions are used for check license.Labels: tile, tiles, live wallpaper, wallpaper, image, tiled image,puzzle, animated tile, animated tile wallpaper
Falling objects live wallpaper 1.1.5 APK
This live wallpaper brings falling colouredobjects in the screen of your device. You can choose the shape ofthe falling objects: circle, droid, heart, star, diamond, skull orheart. Objects collide with each other while respecting the laws ofphysics.The objects are coloured and you can decide their colors. You canuse one of the predefined color sets or define each color.Moreover you can customize screen colors and action to do when youtouch an object.Some features need you purchase unlocker key application "Abubufalling objects LWP key".
Planets in universe wallpaper 1.1.2 APK
Open a window to the universe and observes aplanet and its sun. You can select the type of planet and the typeof the sun. There are over 20 different planets. You can choose todisplay or hide the sun.With the sliding of the screen, will also change the speed ofrotation of the planet. By doing zooming, you can instead controlthe size of the planet and the sun.To unlock all the features of this animated wallpaper you need tobuy "Planet in universe Key" .This is a wallpaper based on OpenGL. The battery consumption isoptimized. The required permissions are required to check thelicense.
Screen density info 1.2.0 APK
This tool is usefull to display informationsabout screen resolution and on density for devices. It will able todisplay the screen resolution, the aspect ratio of screen, ifscreen is in landscape mode, the density class (ldpi, mdpi, hdpi,xhdpi, xxhdpi, xxxhdpi), the scale factor and the device screendensity. There is a image large 100dip. I put it just to displayconversion between dp and inc and conversion between dp and mm.Moreover, i added:- a calculator for dpi conversion , so you can easily find theright dimensions for dpi categories.- a summary about resolution, screen density and icon size, just toeasy consultation.You will find very usefull this application when you have todevelop your application with "eclipse" or "android studio" and youneed to manage your images and resources for many devices and manyscreen densities.The permission used from the application is for theadversiment.Enjoy!
Abubu waves live wallpaper 1.1.3 APK
Use animated colored waves as your devicewallpaper. The waves are continously in movement. There are manyfeatures that you can control:- Colors of the waves: you can choose from use various predefinedset of colors or you can choose the color of waves.- Type of wave: there are many kind of predefined waves.- Number of waves on the screen: you can use from 8 to 1waves- Distance between waves- Dimension of waves- Velocity of waves- How to move waves: stay in horizontal position, stay in verticalposition, oscillation, rotation- Action to when you shake, rotate or touch your device. When yourotate the device you can decide to rotate the waves. When youshake your device or you touch the screen you can decide to givemore energy to the waves.Moreover you can save or load your favourite configuration with apowerfull management of the preferences.Some features are locked. To unlock all the features of "Abubucolored LWP" it is necessary to purchase the "Abubu waves LWPkey".
Night city from sea wallpaper 1.0.3 APK
Look at the city from the sea. You will seewaves moving along to sea. Moon, clouds and other objects arepresent on the night sky. The unlocked version of this livewallpaper give you the capability to select cityscape you prefer.Moreover you will be able to customize the size and the position ofthe moon, the clouds and other parameters.This is a live wallpaper written in opengl. No static image orvideo! No banner is present.Enjoy
Abubu Watch Widget 1.0.1 APK
A simple widget that contains a beatiful andcolored analog watch.There are 4 widget size: 1x1, 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4.Labels: watch widget, color watch, simple watch, analogwatch.