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You will be healed by a mysterious feeling like being in the water.Tap to roll a colorful ball. The ball rolls according to theinclination of the smartphone. If you follow the ball slowly, youwill feel relaxed! 【how to play】 ・ Tap to roll the ball. ・ The ballrolls little by little toward the back of the screen. ・ At the sametime, it rolls up, down, left and right under the influence ofgravity according to the inclination of the smartphone. ・ When youpress the button on the upper left, the device will not be affectedby the tilt of the device and will gradually fall toward the backof the screen. musics: Sound effect material: Pocket Sound –http://pocket-se.info/

информация о приложении Ball Playing

  • Имя приложения
    Ball Playing
  • Название приложения
  • Дата публикации
    August 22, 2019
  • Размер файла
  • Требования
    Android 4.1 and up
  • Версия
  • Разработчик
    monois Inc.
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    東京都渋谷区千駄ヶ谷3-15-3 Maffice北参道
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com.monois.android.eduapp32 2.17 APK
monois Inc.
Select the desired rail and connect it. Just tap to lay rails.Create a railway with elevated rails, forking rails, etc., as youwant. Create a railway for your favorite train or bullet train andexercise your imagination and creativity. Great fun to run a trainon a railway you created, and a great sense of accomplishment! Addtrain stations and tunnels to customize it. Then run trains on it!Instructions Tap the screen to add the desired rail. Tap the arrowin the direction you want to lay the rail. Very easy to lay rails.Tap on a background part to add buildings and trees wherever youwant. After building the railway, tap on the Put Train button andselect a train! You can add and delete trains and change therunning direction. After you are done, tap the Start Train buttonto start running the train. When the train approaches a fork, usethe following Fork button to switch the train's direction. CameraMode Press "+" to zoom in. Press "-" to zoom out. Press the arrowto change the camera angle. Train tracking: Press ON to track atrain.
Origami Paper SnipSnap 1.5.1 APK
monois Inc.
This is not the typical origami app that tells you how to foldorigami. This app allows you to enjoy paper cutting, even if youdon't have any paper. You can draw a line to cut the paper with bydragging. Spread it out and see what kind of shapes you can make!You can use the resulting shapes and play around with them. If it’sa shape you like, you can save it as a “model.” When you play withit again, you can trace along the lines of the model to make itagain.
Easy Car Game 1.6 APK
monois Inc.
This is a fun free app that can be played by touch! There are twomaps: "Jack-in-the-Box" and "Casual Drive." The "Jack-in-the-Box"map contains many puzzles such as dice, switches, building blocksand more! The "Casual Drive" map is a map with a never-ending road.Drive along the road, hit obstacles... do what you like! There are11 cars for you to try out; we even included police cars, fireengines, ambulances, and garbage trucks. Drive the car of yourchoice! With two driving modes ("Joystick mode" and "Touch mode"),you can choose the one you feel more comfortable with. === How toplay === The car will turn when you swipe the screen, and movetowards the place you touch. You can switch cars by pressing thebottom-right button. The buttons at the bottom-left adjust thespeed of the car. Pressing the top-left button when playing "CasualDrive" will make other cars appear / disappear. The menu button atthe top-right leads to the audio settings menu.
com.monois.android.eduapp7 2.5 APK
monois Inc.
A local train and a limited express begin to run by easy operation!If a screen is traced, a track can be drawn and a train will beginto run it! It is the new feeling which is run to the tracedportion! If a right-hand side train mark button is pushed afterrunning a train, it will change to train viewpoint mode. It isdynamic! There are a lot of various mechanisms! The train may beadded while playing? Please play every day! ********** How to play********** - If a screen is traced, a track can be drawn and atrain will begin to run it. - The button of the train mark of thescreen right is in train viewpoint mode. A viewpoint comes tofollow a train. - It can stop by pushing purple x button to stoptrain viewpoint mode. - A viewpoint is changeable if a screen istraced at the time of train viewpoint mode. The train which isrunning can be seen from various angles. - Please push the arrowbutton in the upper and lower sides of x button to change aviewpoint to the train which is different when two or more trainsare run. - Trash button at the upper left of a screen can erase thetrack drawn once. - The Button in the upper right corner of thescreen is a menu button. I can display items on the menus. - Otherapps are introduction of pleasant applications other than Touchtrains 3D.
Splash Water Park 1.7 APK
monois Inc.
An app that allows you to play in the water with a simpleoperation. Bath, paint, jelly, water wheel, earth digging, cooking(house making soup), pump, rain, etc. You can play in various ways!*Rules for Play: There are basically no rules. You are free to playhowever you like. *Instructions: Select Stage: Select the stage youwish to play from the main screen. Return to Stage: Return bytapping the arrow button at the top left of each stage screen.Restart Game: Restart by tapping the button at the top right ofeach stage screen. Sound Effects On/Off: Toggle sound effects on oroff using the option menu at the top right of the main screen.Music On/Off: Toggle sound on or off using the option menu at thetop right of the main screen. Game Screen: All stages have avariety of gadgets. Simply tap or drag to move them around.*license se:maoudamashii.jokersounds.com, etc.music:conte-de-fees.com, etc.
Easy Train Game 1.10.1 APK
monois Inc.
Driver mode makes you feel like a conductor! If you drag along thescreen it will create rails that a train will start to run on. Ifyou touch the screen buildings, trees and puddles will appear.Touch and drag along the screen and create your own city! It's alsofun to see what happens when the train bumps into buildings, treesand puddles. When you press the “Drive” button it changes toconductor mode where you feel just like you're really there. Usethe accelerator and the brake to drive the train!! If you touch up,down, left or right on the screen while driving you will be able tolook at the other trains that are running from different angles!!In camera mode you can follow the trains from many differentangles. Enjoy checking out your own personal city!! ****How toPlay**** Normal Mode -Create rails by dragging along the screen anda train selection list will appear. (You can also chooseauto-select from the menu.) -the train will start to run once Youchoose a train. -If you tap the screen, buildings, trees andpuddles will be placed. (Change with the bottom left “placement”button.) -Adjust the camera in 4 levels with the “Larger” and“Smaller” buttons. -If you press the “Drive” button it will switchinto conductor mode. -If you press the “Camera” button it willswitch into camera mode. -If you press the “Trash” button it willremove the last railway and train you created. -Even when there isno train or rails, if you press the “Trash” button again buildings,trees and puddles will disappear. Conductor Mode -Change the speedwith the “Break” and “Accelerator” buttons. -If You press up, down,left or right on the screen You can Change the camera angle. -The”Change Train” button will change the train to another train. -The“Larger” and “Smaller” buttons will adjust the camera to 4different levels. -The “Return” button returns to normal mode.Camera Mode -Follow the trains from various perspectives. -thecamera will Change If You tap the screen. -The “Change Train”button will change the train to another. -The “Return” button willreturn you to normal mode.
Rube Goldberg Machine Tricks 1.55.1 APK
monois Inc.
Make your own Rube Goldberg machine with simple controls! Have funseeing how it goes from all angles! *Feature - Simple and fun! -Interesting mechanisms! - Try as many times as you like! -Unlimited combinations! Use a dragging motion to draw a line andcreate a simple trick that follows that path, and then try changingthe trick afterward! We plan to add many more tricks in the future!*Method of operation: - Trace the screen with your finger to createa path. - Lift your finger to create a simple trick. - Tap thetrick to swap it for another one. - Press the Start button tostart. Have fun by changing the angle and the zoom on the camera. -Sound effects: turn them on/off from the options on the top rightof the top screen. - Music: turn it on/off from the options on thetop right of the top screen. - Device shadows: turn them on/offfrom the options on the top right of the top screen. *If yoursmartphone is showing low performance, we recommend turning theshadows off.
Sunflower clock 1.3 APK
monois Inc.
Sunflower clock is funny app for everyone.