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The Ruud Calcu Save mobile app provides on-the-go access forcontractors to calculate cost savings for homeowners by comparingresidential HVAC system replacement options. Made of the goodstuff: The Ruud Calcu Save app uses Emerson Climate TechnologiesOnline Product Information (OPI) database for Ruud Heating &Cooling products to give contractors the ability to generatereliable, accurate, graphical reports. Beautiful reports, in 3 easysteps: 1. Enter in a few parameters relevant to the specificresidential HVAC task, such as current system efficiency standardsand their considered replacement options. 2. After the details ofthe job are entered into the app, the app generates aprofessional-looking report that shows annual cost savings of highefficiency systems. 3. Email your customers or even yourself a copyof the reports generated. More than meets the eye: The Ruud CalcuSave app offers up to three replacement system options, which arealso compared with current industry minimum standards, for thecontractor and the homeowner. This will allow homeowners to moreeasily choose a replacement HVAC system to meet their particularneeds.

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    June 26, 2019
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc
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com.asynchrony.emerson.sensi APK
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Whether you’re using the Sensi™  Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat or theSensi™ Wi-Fi Thermostat, you’ll enjoy complete control of yourhome comfort - Anytime. Anywhere.     ExtensiveCompatibility** Sensi thermostats work with HVAC equipment found inover 95% of homes***. Make sure it will work for you atsensicomfort.com/compatibility Easy to install. Easier touse.  Even if you’ve never installed a thermostat, we’ve gotyou covered. Clearly illustrated, in-app instructions will walk youthrough each step from start to finish.      Assoon as you’ve installed and connected your thermostat,the Sensi app serves as an intuitive remote control that letsyou set, change and schedule your home temperature from anywhere inthe world.      Smart home meets smartcomfort.   Sensi thermostat works with both AmazonAlexa and Wink. Simply plug in and pair to the smart home platformof your choice to seamlessly control all of your connecteddevices.      In-App Features: •    Amazon Alexa compatibility •    Wink compatibility  •   Remote temperature control  •   Multi-Thermostat control  •    Flexible 7-dayscheduling  •    Smart alerts •    Local weather  •    Earlystart  •    A/C protection •    Secure network  •    Keypadlockout  •    Auto changeover •    Indoor humidity sensor •    Fancontrol    **Does not work with electric baseboard heatand some other systems. ***2013 American Housing Survey by UnitedStates Census Bureau
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Instant mobile refrigerant charge calculator for HVACRapplications. The HVAC Check & Charge™ mobile app from EmersonClimate Technologies provides an on-site refrigerant chargecalculator for air conditioning applications. Based on historicsliding cardboard charge calculators, this app allows contractorsto easily calculate the ​correct system refrigerant charge forR-22, R-410A, R-32, R-407C, R-134a, R-452B, R-454B, and R-438A.Contractors can simply choose Subcooling, Superheat, or Airflow andenter the specified system temperatures along with the latent andsensible environmental loads. These values are then used todetermine the proper system charge and whether the charge amountneeds to be altered based on these conditions. • SuperheatCalculator (non TXV) • Subcooling Calculator (TXV) • AirflowCalculator • (P/T) Pressure / Temperature tables • For use withR-22, R-410A, R-32, R-407C, R-134a, R-452B, R-454B, and R-438A •Imperial and Metric Support Assists with calculating proper systemrefrigerant charge based on operating conditions. Information onthis and other Emerson Climate applications is available athttps://climate.emerson.com/mobileapps
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Emerson Climate Technologies' PT Pro™ application provideson-the-go access to pressure and temperature conversions. Select arefrigerant and enter a temperature (in C or F) and see what asaturated pressure (in Bar or Psig) will be. You can also enter apressure and see what the saturated temperature is for thatpressure. Download the Emerson PT Pro™ to your Android device forFREE.
Vilter Docs 1.2 APK
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc
One touch access to Vilter's support documents.
Emerson.FaultFinder 3.2.0 APK
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HVACR Fault Finder from Emerson Climate Technologies provideson-site compressor troubleshooting for air conditioning andrefrigeration applications. This app allows contractors to easilyaccess compressor electronics product specifications along with theability to interface with and diagnose the system. Contractors canchoose to enter the flashing “alert” code from the electronicsmodule or use a tap feature to help identify the code. Entering thecode, gains them access to troubleshooting “tips and tricks” aswell as an interactive flow chart to aid in diagnosing systemproblems. • Interactive troubleshooting guide • Electronic productmanuals & videos • Application engineering guides • Module LEDdescriptions • Module alert code status • Comfort Alert • CoreSenseTechnology • Copeland Scroll Digital Controller Assists WithInterpreting Various Device Codes From Comfort Alert 1.0 Forward,Along with Causes/Corrections Associated With These System ProblemsInformation on this and other Emerson Climate applications isavailable at https://climate.emerson.com/mobileapps
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Instant mobile access to Emerson’s compressor cross-referencedatabase Copeland X-Ref™ provides on-the-go access to Emerson’s airconditioning compressor cross-reference database to productspecifications and replacement Copeland® compressors. The mobileapplication includes new functionality for quick and convenientaccess. In addition to pulling up information using the first threedigits of a compressor model number, contractors can now use thenew label bar code scanning feature to quickly search Emerson’scompressor database for replacement product information. Theupdated Copeland X-Ref mobile app also includes: • Model Bar codeand Data Matrix scanning • Auto sync latest compressor data •Compressor search and results at bill of material level. • Includescapacitor specifications • Performance information at two conditionpoints • Expanded model data base • Enhanced mechanical andelectrical information • Auto fill model recommendations • “Tab”style user interface • Works 100% offline. Information on this andother Emerson Climate applications is available athttps://climate.emerson.com/mobileapps
Sensi Predict 2.2.0 APK
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc
Sensi Predict provides a worry free solution to protect homecomfort. Sensi Predict gives you 24/7 monitoring and diagnostics ofyour HVAC system. With Sensi Predict, you can predict inconvenientheating or cooling breakdowns before they happen, prevent costlyenergy waste, and have peace of mind you are always getting themost from your heating and cooling system. The Connect SensiPredict mobile application allows Sensi Predict customers toconnect Sensi Predict to a Wi-Fi network. Connect Sensi Predict: -Connect Sensi Predict to a Wi-Fi network - Troubleshootconnectivity issues - Connect Sensi Predict to a new network
WRMobile 7.1 APK
Emerson Climate Technologies, Inc
New Mobile App Provides on-the-go Access to White-Rodgers ProductData White-Rodgers Mobile application for HVACR contractors anddistributors provides continuous field access to productreplacement information for OEM, competitive and White-Rodgersproducts. In addition to cross reference info, the App alsoprovides access to product wiring diagrams, sell sheets, andinstallation and operating instructions for thermostats, gasvalves, furnace ignition controls and cooling products in PDFformat that can also be sent to an e-mail address for futureviewing. Information on this and other Emerson Climate applicationsis available at http://www.EmersonClimate.com/mobileapp