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IEdit Text Editor Free Trail 1.1.2
ABi Technologies
IEditTextEditor is a Text Editor similar toWordPad/NotePad which allow you to open/create, and edit anyregular text files. Support up to 1MB file size, open up to 4 filesat a time, copy/paste from/to clipboard, & support thefollowing common extensions:.txt,.php,.html,.js,.c,.java,.css &moreEncode: ISO-Latin-1 & ASCII
Angkor Sankranta 1.0
ABi Technologies
The term "Angkor Sankranta" has beenrecognized by the National Khmer Linguistic Council, in which theterm "Sankranta" means the coming of the New Year and this term hasbeen used during the Angkor Era, according to the inscription Ka17.For Angkor Sankranta 2014, the Union of Youth Federations ofCambodia has organized the activities. The goals are:- Mobilize youths, residents and the public as one big Khmerfamily to happily engage and celebrate their own traditional KhmerNew Year.- Provide youths another opportunity to learn and promote theirown culture and civilization, hence their sense of nationalpride.- Further attract more tourists to visit Siem Reap and theKingdom of Cambodia.- In brief, "Angkor Sankranta" is all about unity, solidarity,happiness, harmony, national pride among Cambodians, and the senseof belonging to one Khmer family.
FTP File Transfer Manager Free 1.2.3
ABi Technologies
FTP File Transfer Manager Trail VersionforFirmware 2.1 or higher.Features:1 Manage SD card & FTP server2 Multi-select3 Copy, Paste, Rename, Delete*4 Zip, Unzip,*5 Encrypt, Decrypt*6 Search files7 Upload, Download8 Backup entire SDCard9 Schedule Backup10 File sharing*In full version only ($1.99)
M&E Data Collection 2.7
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Provide real-time and accurate progress of each key performanceindicator. Each indicator can be set with baseline, target and ongoing output progress can be update automatically through datacollection process or manually update by an authorizedperson.Features:- Manage and Track Key Performance Indicators-Dynamic Data Collection Form Builder- Enter Data Online, Offlinevia Mobile Devices- Physical & Financial Management- BeautifulDashboard, Reports, Graphs and Maps
All Deal Merchant 1.0
ABi Technologies
All Deal is the easiest and most exciting ways to find the bestdeals in Phnom Penh. All Deal Merchant application is for Merchantto scan and validate coupon code.
ABi Technologies
ASPIRE MIS for data collection.