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JJ : Journey of Jelly Fish
Ameba Studio
[Greeting!] Good Peop1e make Better G2mes with GreatUser3xperience. We[-Ameba Studio-] are Indie Gamedeveloper'sPlayground. [What is JJ] "It's simple and easy to play,butaddictive." JJ : Journey of Jelly fish is the emotional versionofclassic casual game that we used to play in our childhood. [Howtoplay] - Simple, Touch Left or Right to move baby jelly fish.that'sall - Never ever give up until to reach beautiful beach. youcantry it unlimited chance. - Green Sea urchin help you tokeepeyesight. - Don't afraid Deep sea fish, they don't hurt you.theyare just shadow of our fear. - Even though you cannot seeanythingin dark deep sea, Stop thinking and complaining, Just movetoupside. keep moving as our Life. - Don't eat angry redSea-Urchinand jelly to much, it's not good for your health. Thisgame is nota jsut simple Free to play, but Free to All without anyadditionalIn-app purchase. It would be awesome for you to play gameas a timekiller while you commuting. [Contact us] If you have anyfeedbackto make better game, Don't hesitate to contact with thebelow mailaddress E-mail : Finally,
BB : Battle Block 1.9.1
Ameba Studio
###Easy to play fantastic Indie game with beautiful sound andretrostyle block [Greeting!] Good Peop1e make Better G2mes withGreatUser 3xperience. We[-Ameba Studio-] are Indie Gamedeveloper'sPlayground. [What is BB: Battle Block] "It's simple andeasy toplay, but addictive." BB : Battle Block is the emotionalversion ofclassic casual game that we used to play in ourchildhood. [How toplay] - Left side is my grid, Right side isopponent grid. - Thereis no time limit, enjoy your turn with randomblocks. - To removeblock, make 10 blocks in horizontal and verticaldirection. - Tosurvival, needed to help the opponent which is theour Life. - Tolevel up a your avatar, please survive longer thenother players.This game is not a just simple Free to play, but Freeto Allwithout any additional In-app purchase. It would be awesomefor youto play game as a time killer while you commuting. [Contactus] Ifyou have any feedback to make better game, Don't hesitatetocontact with the below mail address