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Dumpster: Undelete & Restore Pictures and Videos 3.4.374.ac53c
Backup photos & videosTired of accidentally deleting important photos and videos fromyour device? Download Dumpster, the free Android recycle bin. Onceyou’ve installed the app, it will automatically backup and save allof your newly deleted data, allowing you to easily undeletepictures and videos, and instantly restore them to your phone. Youcan think of Dumpster as the keepsafe for all of your personalphotos and information.Safeguard your picturesPersonal photos and videos are meant to remain private. Keep safeyour deleted pictures from outside viewers with the help ofDumpster’s premium app lock capabilities. External viewers willneed to get past your 4 digit lock screen access code in order toview any of your Dumpster data.Instantly restore deleted appsApp recovery is simple and instantaneous with Dumpster! Just enteryour Dumpster recycle bin, click on the app you wish to undeleteand voila - it will instantly reappear on your device. Dumpsterprovides backup for all deleted applications, pictures, videos,documents and more. No matter what you need to undelete, Dumpstercan instantly restore it to your device.Cloud storageFree up valuable storage space on your device. Dumpster cloudbackup is a premium feature, enabling users to save all theirdeleted items to the Dumpster cloud. Pay for as little or as muchcloud storage as you require. Dumpster premium users will alsoenjoy the added bonus of an ads free experience, free personalizedthemes and app lock capabilities.Key features:✔ Effortlessly backup your Android✔ Instantly retrieve important files, photos, images andvideos✔ Restore accidentally deleted pictures✔ It’s free✔ Auto clean option available✔ Cloud storage - premium✔ Lock screen capabilities- premium✔ Custom themes & designs- premium✔ Support for 14 languagesQuestions?Check out Dumpster’s FAQ section: contact us at:
Cover Photo Lock & Applock. Safe Gallery Vault App 2.3.42.a5e2
Cover is a breath of fresh air in a string of photo lock apps.It'smany things at the same time. It's your video and photovault,which acts as a media locker for your private data. It's aprivatezone or a secure folder, powered by top-notchencryptionalgorithms, for any of your apps. Finally, Cover is aprivacyguard, which keeps your phone clean from sensitive content24/7.Unlike other lock apps this is the first photo & videoprivatevault locker with an automatic explicit content detectionfeature.No more embarrassments! WHY COVER? With Cover, photos,videos, andother data are untouchable. Cover app locks your filesin anencrypted vault with password protection (a PIN or afingerprint).This secure folder is unbreakable and only you wouldhave theaccess to the private zone of locked photo albums andgalleryvaults. COVER VS. KEEPSAFE STYLE APPS There are hundreds oflockapps and gallery locks out there. They all do basically thesamething so here’s what makes Cover photo vault different fromageneric applock for Android: ✅ Automatic Safe Gallery: WithCoverall sensitive photos & videos are automatically moved toaprivate vault. No need to hide pictures and video manually. 🔔SmartNotifications: You’ll be subtly notified if explicit contentphotosor videos are detected. 💬 Messaging Blocking: Cover willblock anyinappropriate photos sent via Messenger, Telegram,Whatsapp &other messaging apps! HOW IT WORKS Think of Cover asa safe galleryapp, which constantly scans your device forinappropriate images& videos and moves them to a secure folder.You don't need tomanually hide pictures with sensitive contentinside a galleryvault anymore! Real-time protection means thatCover runs 24/7 anddoes its best to hide pictures which areexplicit content to yoursecure folder (gallery vault), keeping yourphone “family friendly”and your privacy protected. You’ll neverneed to worry aboutsomeone looking at your photo gallery again.Cover also has yourmessages protected. It will be automaticallyhiding or “covering”inappropriate photos sent via Messenger,Whatsapp, Telegram, andmore.
X Cleaner for Android: Broom Sweeper & Booster App
Looking for an Android powerclean solution with a touch of devicecare to achieve that speed boost? Considering a sweeping app for athorough junk removal? Thinking of a data eraser, which could alsoact as a ram cleaner and speed booster for Android at the sametime? Lost in big bulky solutions from Eset, Avast or Norton? Thenwelcome to one-stop device maintenance app, X-Cleaner. "I need tospeed up, my phone!", "Will a RAM booster app really help?", "Willan antivirus cleaner for Android optimize the device performance orslow it down instead?", "How frequent should I clear the cache?","What's a klinger app?", "Where all the storage space is going?","Is this a junk file or not?", "Bloatware remover maybe?" — suchthoughts appear in everyone's mind from time to time. Thankfully,now with X-Cleaner you can finally focus on something moreimportant. Acting both as a phone booster and storage spacecleaner, our app automatically cleans your phone and constantlyoptimizes it for more device storage improving the performance andboosting speed along the way. With X-Cleaner you enable permanentdevice maintenance. Perform junk removal whenever you need or powerclean your phone's RAM ー it’ll run like brand new. ✨ HIGHLIGHTS ✔Automatic device maintenance ✔ Free up storage space ✔ Delete junkfiles fast ✔ Set automatic custom cleanup!* ✔ Boost phone speed ✔Save battery and extend its life ✔ Cache remover ✔ Power clean ANYfile ✨ CLEANS MESSAGING APPS You know how cluttered the messagingapps can get with friends & family, group chats and spam.Here's why X-Cleaner is a true master cleaner with deep scanalgorithms targeted at popular messengers: ✔ Wechat Cleaner ✔Telegram Sweeper ✔ Whatsapp optimizer ✔ Facebook Messenger Eraser ✔Viber Powerclean ✔ LINE Cleanup ✨ SMART X-Cleaner detects ALL typesof junk files - whether it’s hidden cache files or in plain sight.Get complete optimization, boosted memory, and extra phone power. ✨AUTOMATIC X-Cleaner sweeps your device clean without you having todo anything. Just set a schedule for when you want it to clean yourphone or device, and let it take care of the rest. Create a daily,weekly or custom scheduled cleanup! Whether it is a devicemaintenance, performance optimizer, memory cleaner, klinger app,cooling app, speed booster or a disk space cleaning tool you'relooking for, X-Cleaner has it all wrapped up in an intuitiveinterface. Download X-Cleaner for free – super clean your phoneautomatically, delete junk, and boost your device performance.