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Clash of Zombies: Heroes Game 2.4.16
Better Game Studios
There is only one empire left in the world, which is considered asmankind’s only hope. Here, brave heroes have joined hundreds ofwars, all they want is protecting the king and people behind them,also they are writing their own legend with blood and glory. Now,it’s your time to join the battle, form a team of super heroes tosave the empire and even the whole world! “Clash of Zombies” is apopular strategy online battle game, there are thousands of mutantzombies that will destroy your defense, and crowds of enemies whowill attack your castle by all means! Now they have become muchstronger and crazier than before, the war begins, come and join usto protect your empire, save the world! Features: √ Event forthose legend empire commanders, the battle against the crazy mutantBOSS could be a nightmare; √ Recruit legend heroes with superpower, they can establish immortal exploits for you; √ Becomeclan mates with like-minded friends, challenge multiplayer stagesand protect empire castle together; √ Real-time control,command the war at your fingertip, measure yourself with otherkings in the arena; √ Continuous battle and challenge, proveyourself in weekly matches; √ Complex quest and map system,ensure you have brand new experience all the time. There are over50 million Heroes Lords. What are you waiting for? Join the battle:Build your empire and to be the Lastday King today! If you alreadylove our game… Drop us a nice review:) Come and join “Clash ofZombies” now, battle against crazy zombies, protect your castle orempire with heroes and players all over the world, write your ownlegend! Attention! “Clash of Zombies” is a FREE game, and some gameitem could also be bought with real currency. If you don’t want touse this function, you could disable “in-app purchase” in settingmenu of your device. ----- Player support service: Met some problemin game? You can check our Facebook: to contact us and ask forhelp. also you could contact us with following methods: OfficialYoutube: Official QQ Group: 376595908Official WhatsApp: Weibo: CustomerService:
Rise of Avengers: Warpath Zombies Survival 1.4.3
Better Game Studios
An epic survival game of doomsday war theme on Google Play, thetopgame in strategy MMO mobile game history! Thrillingdoomsdaysurvival mode, innovative war strategy gameplay,comprehensivemodern military war, multi-dimensional high-techassistance,real-time world alliance battle, bring you anextraordinaryexperience in Rise of Avengers. Rise of Avengers GameFeatures: ◆Survive in the Zombie Apocalypse The zombie virus sweptthe world.Most people and creatures were infected and mutated intozombiesand monsters. A few survivors went through all kinds ofhardshipsand dangers, came to an isolated city, opened a way tosurvival...However, the danger is approaching them step by step.The infectedzombies seem to smell the fresh blood in the city. Alarge numberof zombies are gathering around the city. How will thesurvivorsresist the siege of zombies? Death or survival? ◆ Rebuilda SafeSettlement Build up your base to form a safe shelter foryoursurvivors. Rebuild the city wall, restore the radar, sentrytowerand other war detection communication facilities. Gathertopscientists, build research centers, resume material andenergyproduction, unlock military technology, and lay a strongfoundationfor your empire. ◆ Summon Super Heroes Search for andsave thesurvivors in the Zombie Apocalypse. Train and arm yourtroops toenhance your power. Recruit heroes with special talents,awakentheir super abilities, and let them fight for your empire intheplague war! ◆ Smash Infected Zombies Summon the war mecha,assembleheroes and mass multiple troops. Prepare for the plaguewarurgently, set up machine guns and smash the zombiesgatheringoutside. Experience the pleasure of killing zombies inRise ofAvengers. Shooting time! ◆ Form a Strong Military AllianceThere isstrength in numbers. Make allies and form guild alliance.Help eachother and forge strategic partnerships to survive in theZombieApocalypse. Develop alliance technology, enhance militarystrength,and expand the territory for your kingdom. ◆ Prepare forthe WorldWar The arms race starts. Train elite troops with one key,gathermillions of troops in an instant. The navy, army and airforces areall ready for the coming world war. It is on the verge ofbreakingout. Defeat the other kingdoms and build your own empirefor glory!◆ Real-time Multiplayer Combat Millions of players havejoined thislegendary battlefield. Fighting against real players intheseamless world map is more appealing. Fight alongside yourallianceto take control of the center of the world. Clash withotherplayers and use superior real-time tactics to emergevictorious inan MMO strategy battle royale. Download and join Riseof Avengersnow! Build your army, clear the zombies, survive thewar, competewith millions of players around the world and conquerthe land! Ifyou already love this MMO war game … Drop us a nicereview :) —————Contact us: Chat in QQ Group: 829477857 Chat inDiscord: Feedback by
AFK Immortal: Legend of Heroes-Idle RPG Games 3.0.0
Better Game Studios
AFK Immortal: Legend of Heroes are idle, AFK, auto-battle, RPG typegames. This game will change the way you think about AFK Games! AFKImmortal Game Features: ⏳ Idle AFK offline system Too lazy to tap?Set your AFK lineup heroes in advance. You can continue theadventure battle with offline AFK. Once you log out the game for 8hours or less, your heroes will fight automatically. 🎮RPG HeroStrategy Evolution Dozens of super heroes and hundreds of powerfulpersonal skills! You can get the epic equipment through AFKgameplay. 🎯Fight For Your Allies! Fight alongside your friends andplayers everywhere in a war. Compete with other Alliance for thereputation of the legendary Alliance! 🏆TONS of Content Heroexpedition, infinite campaign, exclusive equipment, mysteriousshop, legendary artifact, AFK global arena, boss challenge,exploration zone, endless mode, championship competition, alliancealtar, dozens of RPG gameplay and massive benefits are waiting foryou. 🎰Free Daily Rewards Earn free gems and golds daily! The moreyou play, the more rewards you earn! Many gift codes will giveaway. 🥇Show Your Power On The Global Leaderboard! Set your best AFKheroes to do battle in the ARENA. Watch them PK online in amultiplayer contest for glory! Climb the Leaderboard for the bestrewards! Download "AFK Immortal" now and get limited superheroesfor free. Compete with global players in this epic RPG game!