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1000 Полезных советов
Blueprint software
Сейчас ответ на практически любой вопрос можно легко найти винтернете, но что делать если по каким либо причинам у вас нетдоступа в интернет, а проблема требует немедленного решения? Дляэтого существует приложение в котором собрано множество полезных, аесли не очень полезных то очень интересных советов. интересные,полезные советы. Now the answer to almost any question can beeasily found on the internet, but what if for some reason you cannot access the Internet, and the problem needs immediate attention?To do this, there is an application which collected a lot of usefuland not so useful if it is very interesting tips. interesting,useful advice.
Darts + Photo
Blueprint software
Have you ever put a picture of someone on a dartboard and throwndarts at it? Now you can do it with your smartphone or tablet! Thephotos, you made, stored on SD card folder: DartsPhoto. -customdartboard; -darts 3D;
WinCalc 1.0
Blueprint software
A small window, that you can resize, drag or minimize.- floatingcalculator - air calculator - window calculator
One Little Tower 1.5d
Blueprint software
Just tap on the screen to drop the blocks. But it's not as simpleas it seems. Game physics won't let you get bored. Build as high asyou can and explore the world up high. Build your own city and opennew amazing towers that allow you to build higher and higher.