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100 Free Mind Games. Match Play Photo 2.0.3
MatchPlayPhoto is the only puzzle game in which you will have touse the ASSOCIATIVE LOGIC as well as your visual acuity to solveeach level.★ !MORE THAN 100 LEVELS!Each block is designed for acertain difficulty. And the application calculates your multiplepossibilities: colors, shapes, concepts, numbers, similar theme,country ...★ NEW VERSIONMore intuitive and easier than ever, withhelp, tips and advice for each level. You just have to drag thephotos to the correct position. Simple as that, simple?★ PLAY ANDLEARNIn each level you will find curiosities related to photosabout history, science, culture ... ¿WHY ARE THE LOGIC GAMES WITHPHOTOS SO MUCH FUN?★ HUNDREDS OF PUZZLES WITH PHOTOSMatchPlayPhotohas infinite levels. We continuously add more levels so that thefun never ends!It has more than 450 puzzles for all difficultylevels. It’s fit for children and adults. ★ IT’S ONE OF THE BESTTHINKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING GAMESIt’s not just a classic quiz orbrain game. It makes you think creatively from differentperspectives. You have to have an open mind to find solutions inthis addictive game!★ TRAIN YOUR MIND WITH THIS JIGSAWFrom thefirst moment you will have to stretch your mind in order to solvethe puzzle. You will gain mental agility! ★ DISCOVER YOUR MENTALABILITIES AND WHAT YOU ARE CAPABLE OFTake up the challenge and testyour intelligence with this collection of logic jigsaws. ★ ¿WHAT ISTHE SOLUTION?You will have to use logic thinking to associateelements such as numbers, colors, shapes and concepts. That is whyMatchPlayPhoto is different!This app will make you exercisedifferent functions of your brain: reasoning, memory, concentrationand attention, as well as problem solving skills. ★ PLAY FOR FREEAT ALL LEVELSYou can download this intellectual game at no chargein a flash. ★ IT’S AN EASY AND ADDICTIVE GAMEThat is how theplayers with the best users’ scores classify it.Join in ourcommunity and share points and prizes with your friends! If youneed guidelines or clues, contact us by posting on our socialnetworks profiles:◆ Don’ t forget to follow us onhttps://twitter.com/matchplayphoto◆ Give us your “like” onhttps://www.facebook.com/matchplayphoto The game is available fordownload in English and Spanish.If you like our game, please rateit and leave a comment. We will compensate your support with newintelligence jigsaws for your enjoyment!