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Financial Calculator
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Financial Calculator is a simple, yet powerfuland accurate intuitive calculator.You can download this version instead of the free trial when yourcountry is still not supported in in-app purchase system.Video tutorial:* Time value of money.* Growing annuities.* Calculates N, Interest, Present Value, PMT and Future Value ofMoney.* Bond valuation.* Cash flow analysis in an intuitive interface.* Analyzes investments: Internal Rate of Return (IRR) and NetPresent Value (NPV)* Amortization and Loans. Support for Canadian mortgages.* RPN support.* Near instantaneous calculations.--Please, read the FAQ on the help section if you believe numbers arewrong. It's usually people missing something on the settings whenusing the financial calculator.Note about permissions: There seems to be some concern about thepermissions. The reason they are there is to be able to email yourresults so it needs access to your phone, internet and email app.If you have further questions don't hesitate to contact us.
Mini Dogfight 1.0.39
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You were just admitted to the best flyingschool in the world, where all aces train and fly together.Will you become the best pilot in history?You will fly World War I airplanes against the best aces inhistory. Enjoy beautiful hand drawn European cities and detailedhistorical airplanes.Claim your title and place in history. Move through the ranks tovictory. There can only be one Top Ace.“Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devices
3D Jet Fighter : Dogfight 4.5.4
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Super high intensity 3D Jet Fighting action!3D Jet Fighter is an extreme flight game that puts you in thecockpit in the middle of a dog fight! Shoot and fire missiles todestroy your enemies. Beautiful 3D graphics and silky smooth gameplay give you hours of entertainment. Compete against players fromaround the world for the highest score.Directions:-Swipe left and right to follow the enemy jet-Move the joystick to control the jet up and down-Tilt the phone to move left and right-Tap gun and missile buttons to fire!-Destroy the enemy jet in the time allowed to continue on!Game Features:- Enhanced 3D graphics for high-end devices- Super detailed new graphics engine- Ultra-Realistic explosions and flight- Leaderboards to compete for top scoreWe appreciate your positive reviews :)keywords: 3D games, 3D flight simulator, airplanes, dog fight,jets, money, cash, fly, flying
Deep Space Tower Defense 1.0.2
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Deep Space Tower Defense
Reel - Dating App 1.0.10
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Dating app where people are truly themselves.Everyone shares videos of themselves, what they like,theiropinions, they pets and anything they find meaningful.You don't get to know a static picture, but instead afulldynamic reality of the person on the other side of theline.You can share your real you, in a concert, doing a sport orjustrelaxing. Anything that is meaningful to you.You can finally be yourself.
dibudibu 1.2
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Become a drawing whiz with the help of yourfriends! Select one of the given words and explain it by drawingits meaning. Your friend has to guess the word on their screen…ormaybe not? It depends on your drawing and their spelling abilities,which will get better as you both practice in dibu dibu Children can enjoy this game as much as adults. You’ll see it’s toomuch fun for words!! :DFind out how many different things you can draw and guess. Discover(or should we say re-discover?) a new side of you by practicing howthings can be drawn in many different ways. This game is made tofeed your imagination with creativity and passion forexpression. Get more colors and color combinations by reaching new levels orbuying points.Switch languages and learn words that could be useful in thefuture.Discover lots of nouns (animals, things, and famous people) to bedrawn! Get inspired and let your imagination guide you!Would you make me a Dibu?