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1001 Cubic Blocks - Puzzle 1.3
FTH Games
1001 Cubic Blocks is a new puzzle game.First game of 1001 series.1. 1001 Cubic Blocks,2. 1001 Number Levels,3. 1001 ColoraxSimple and Addictive.Place the blocks to the game grid. Full rows or columns will becleared. Game will be over if there are no room for any the shapesbelow the grid.Beat your scores, challenge your friends.
Colorax Puzzle 2.0
FTH Games
Colorax is the third game of series In this game colors matter.Simply arrange the colorful blocks to the grid. Three or more samecolored neighboring blocks will be cleared. Blocks can be rotatedYou can login with Google+ to submit your scores to theleaderboards.
Cubic Blocks Puzzle 4.0
FTH Games
One of the most loved block puzzle games of all times. Cubic BlocksPuzzle is totally free. Simple and Addictive. Place the cubicblocks in the game grid. Full rows or columns will be cleared. Gamewill be over if there is no room for any of the cubic shapes belowthe grid. Now with new unique features * 9-by-9 grid, makes it evenmore challenging * 8 new cubic shapes * Beautiful colors Beat yourscores, challenge your friends.
Routing Balls 1.12
FTH Games
Are you ready to test your attention and speed! You need to routethe balls to the matching colored destination. You can switch thecircle junctions by touching to change the route of the ball. Everymatch is 1 point and your goal is to maximize the total score. Youwill gain one life at every 100 points Now test your attention byrouting the balls to the matching colored destination.