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Gun Sounds 1.0.3
Guns are probably the commonest weapons in the world and even asfire arms are not particularly what everyone should have in theirpossession, thanks to your mobile phone, you can as well hear thesounds of all kinds of gun shots of your choice with a single tapof the button. The Gun Sound app is a phone application availablefor download for users of mobile devices that run on the Androidoperating software. It is easily available for download and theinterface is very easy to navigate allowing every user of anycompatible device to use it, regardless of how tech savvy or notthe user is.The features of the gun sound app are brieflyhighlighted below.The app is available to all users of phones andother mobile devices running on the android operating software.Theapp can be easily downloaded on the Google playstore.The Gun soundapp contains different kinds of gun and can practically make you agun master as time goes on.The use of the app is very easy andvirtually anyone can navigate and use the app.It contains gunsounds from guns like rifles, shotguns, handgun, and even stubguns.The app is a must-have for every phone user especially loversof guns and those that play gun games. It is also important to notethat you do not have to be a sniper to know how guns and ammo soundwhen you shoot. The Gun sound app covers every aspect of all youneed to know about guns.The app is also a way of having fun in yourleisure time. Since mobile phones have practically become man’sbest friend, it is equally reasonable that a way of having fun andeducating oneself is incorporated into the device and with thisapp, it is you learning about guns anywhere and everywhere you are.
Fart Sounds 1.0.3
Best ever app for make fun on friends! Use Fart sounds and havefun!A lot of fart sounds on your free fart sound boards. Each fartbutton reacts realistically and the high quality sounds are allprofessionally recorded and tuned just for you. You can find here 8different farting sounds and ways to use it without becomingstinky. Just push the fart button on the soundboard, make it loudand it will not be unnoticed for sure. Such things are alwayssubject for discussion, laugh and fun time. Here some farting tipsand tricks. Have fun!FEATURES OF FART SOUND:REGULAR FARTSOUNDSimple and popular fart sound. Perfect fart sounds to trickyour classmates, work colleagues or confuse waiter in the café whenyou’re ordering sandwich just press fart button and have fun.GIRLIE FART SOUNDShort but effective fart sound to make yourgirlfriend or just the girl next door blush. This fart soundjingles smoothly and works every time. HAIRY GANGSTER FART SOUNDThis Fart sound always leaves room for imagination. Just push fartsound button and you will hear someone coughs with the smile forsure. THE SQUISHY FART SOUNDIt sounds short but really not verypleasantly. And possibly it smells like garbage. Others will say itfor sure. Now it is only must be defined whose fault it is.“FINALLYI’VE MADE IT IN THE TOILET” FART SOUNDWhoopee! This fart sound isthe serious one! If your colleague snores during the meeting thisfart sound in our farting board will wake him/her up. So if you arenot the sensitive type and others have sense of humor take a chanceto use this fart sound to make a prank during the meeting. It willwork like a grenade – really explosive.“SOMEBODY IS GETTING FROMTHE COUCH” FART SOUNDSophisticated Fart Sound. Of course if you arethe compositor, such as Beethoven or Mozart, and you are creatingthe symphony it is not good for you. But for the simplesophisticated person like you or me it is perfect to make sometrick, traps for your friends and have a good laugh. Just make surethat somebody is sitting on the couch.TWIN FART SOUNDWhat was that?Was it the goose? Or somebody spited something? No, no – somebodyfarted. And twice (let’s be concrete). This fart sound is useful insensitive and polite companies. And it will make some motion in theboring groups. But don’t forget to snort in order to break the ice.THE ROYAL RIPPER FARTOh, boy! It sounds like someone is havingreally big flatulence! Or maybe it just a shaker, machine or someother household equipment… No no, it is the greatest of all farts –long, noisy and funny (as it should be). And look – everyone islaughing loud! Stinky fart sound board plays horde noise sounds,prank, fault, burp farts with no someone smell. Words for fartsound exploration: farting board sound, stinky noise, chance tofart, grade smooth fart noise and sounds like Mozart.
Cats Game: Memory 1.0.2
Everyone loves cats and to play with them - these are awesomeanimals. Here are most beautiful and realistic Cat memory game onandroid! In our game you can play with huge collection of cats,kitten, and other fun animals images. In game you must find samekitten pictures, and on each cats game level you must face uniquequest, to find two, three or sometimes four match of hilarious catspictures.FEATURES* HD cats and kitten, pussy quality images.* Toplay, just tap and open cards with cats life moments.* Free Cats,kitten memory game * Game will keep your kids (boys and girls)quiet in long ride, everywhere.* Huge level number : 60 princessmemory game levels * More than 15 real cats, kitten, little tigersand lions cool Angela cards with your favorite animal* Here youfind lots of tom level and quest'sThis game can be played no matterwhat your ages, all family can have fun with our cats games. Realcat and awesome pictures makes our game great for everyone. Boy andgirls who want to have little kitten love this game because hereare lots of cats and you can choose which you love and play evenyou can name them like tom cat or other name you prefer. If youlike cartoons with tom and jerry this game is for you. Choosedifferent cats cards play with them, clear all game field and getto next level. In this game we have over 60 cats games level.We alllove the playful and funny cat and mouse tales. Now with our gameher e you can have fun playing by yourself with kitten memory game!An exciting ginger cat puzzle game for pet lovers! Solve the memoryblock puzzle to get cute cats! Do you know that cats love to eatViskas or Friskies, if you have one try to feed him. In this gameyou can expect great pictures, different game modes, like survivalof course a free mode. Great and cute animals graphics, perfect andnice logic. This is best game with cats! Every kid, baby cat musthave this app game on a Smartphone.
Animal Sounds Zoo 1.0.3
Educational application for little kids, teach your baby or toddlerto recognize animals and their sounds.This is free animal soundsgame which contains over 30 different animals and birds sounds andphotos. Here you will find the most popular animals and birds inthe world.In this game then you click on animal icon you will getbigger images and sounds of animals, this will help your baby orkid learn animals and they sound at home with your google androidsmartphone.To use this game is very simple just click on animal orbird and you get the bigger picture and hear animal sound. In thisapplication you find animals, farm animals, wild animals, petanimals, birds sounds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians that is allyour babies are needed to lear.Game specification* Over 30 animalsounds and photos from all over the world,* Fullscreen Photos ofreal animals in HD * Natural nature animal sounds* here you findanimal groups: farm animals, wild animals, pet animals, birdssounds, mammals, reptiles and amphibians.* Free educational appAnimal sounds for Toddlers* it's like to go to the real animal zoo*Here are animals: bears, pigs, cats, dogs, hen, chick, cow,gorrila, lion, panda, and other animalsBest cool animals Androidapplication, offers to your family many and varied world animalsounds of exceptional HD quality. Perfect game to have a good timewith your family: children or simply to laugh with your friends.Animal zoo, tycon game is the number one for toddler educationabout animal specie. When baby starts tapping on animal, forexample elephant, a new screen comes in with beautiful animation,and sound of the animal is played through speakers.
Dinosaur Baby Game: Rattle 1.0.0
For little curious toddlers it is a perfect tool for training theircoordination. It is so fun to catch the crocodile or dragon looklike strange funny animal and learn new things. This free dinosaurrattle kids app is perfect game and educational tool for toddlers.It is colorful, fun and perfect for training hand-eye coordination.This rattle can be recommended for kids of 2-4 years old. Howeveralso can be interesting for older children fond of dinosaurs. Ifyour kids know how brontosaurus spinosaurus stegosaurus triceratopsvelociraptor allosaurus zuniceratops tyrannosaurus or tirex looklike. If your little sunshine likes jurrasic park jurassic eye orother dinos related action cards and flashcards games? If yourlittle darling is dreaming of visiting dinosaur museum, dinosaurpark or dinosaur land amusement park and have a list of dinos onthe wall. Have many dinosaur toys, e.g. Dinosaur king dig dinosaurraptor fight or baby dinosaur. Maybe your children collect dinosaurimages, can tell all dinosaur names and types of raptors and knowwhich ones are carnivores, which ones are herbivore. If they knowwhich one is the biggest dinosaur and other paleontology relatedfacts. If they want dinosaur bbq to be their birthday party theme.If paleontologist or dinosaur or dragon hunter is the futureprofession of your kid, this dinosaur rattle kids is perfect foryou and your children. And it is free! Kids dinosaurfeatures:Quantum animals eflash for child like rattler with animaland rattle balloons;Tirex kids jurrasic park with jurassic eye anddinosaur park horde;Babyphone as facetime for dandy as works withstarfall ballons for parent darling;Reptiles nursery for baby orinfant complexity and winnie crocodile;Dinosaur list with dinosaurnames and about dinosaur in dinosaur museum;The rattle contains 8most famous dinos. It has colorful and playful background.Dinosaurs roar when you catch and tap on them. Perfect tool foreducation about reptiles for children of all ages. Kids can learnabout the raptors while playing this simple game. No complexity,complaints or confusions as this dinosaur rattle kids app is simplein use. The education never been so easy and fun.For little curioustoddlers it is a perfect tool for training their coordination. Itis so fun to catch the crocodile or dragon look like strange funnyanimal and learn new things. And when you catch it - it roars.Roaring sounds are different, fun and stimulant. Or just shake thephone and watch how dinosaurs are moving all over the screen. Whata fun way to use parents phone. Thus dinosaur rattle kids app canbe a perfect babysitter for your children. They will love this appand play this game again and again.So what are you waiting for. Getyour dinosaur rattle kids app now to your phone and start the fungame!
Fake Call: America President 1.0
Have you ever wanted to receive a call fromoneof the famous presidents of the most powerful country in theworld?Is your dream to hear the voice of the likes of formerpresidentsObama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush,and RonaldReagan or even the current President Donald Trump onphone? Are youa prankster that would want to set up a fake call toyour phone fromthe U.S. president and subsequently prank yourfriends? Well, if youfall into the category of people mentionedabove, then the AmericaPresident Fake Call app is what youneed.Key features:Schedule the fake incoming call.Choose America (USA) President imageAdd caller ID and numberSet time for president call.The app or game as you would want to call it allows userstobasically set up a call from the most powerful man in the world-past and present. It is perfectly great for pranksters as itallowsyou to prank your friends, girlfriend and even parents if youhavethe guts.Everyone knows that speaking on phone with let’s say Barack Obamaisprobably an item on their bucket list. The app allows you tochoosethe day and time you want to call the President, making it aperfectprank calling app.The app is easy to use with an interface that can beeasilynavigated, allowing you to fake a call within minutes.Download theapp and transform your phone into a prank tool. Whileyou might notnecessarily make a call to the US President or evenreceive a phonecall, the app can bring you close to yourdream.What are you waiting for? Head to your app store to download theappand enjoy your phone like never before. Remember that all youwillmiss by having or not having the app is the funandexcitement.Want to play jokes on your friends by a call or messagefromcelebrities, such as president, super stars, or someoneimportant?Want an incoming call to save you out of embarrassmentoruncomfortable situations, such as a boring conversationsorparties?The most professional and beautiful America president fake calleridapplication in Android Market! Get out the trouble; giveyourself afake-call id! Simulate a fake caller id to rescueyourself from anawkward situation, like boring meeting, annoyingconversation,meaningless interview...Attention! Fake call ID game does not have a real incomingcallfeature - it just a simulated incoming call ID.
Goku Wallpapers DBZ Art 1.0
To get best collection of DBZ you need to spend lots of timeoninternet. So to help you simplify this task we collected bestofthe best collection of DBZ heroes and added to our app, youjustneed to download it and in few second you will find yourfavoritedragon heroes wallpaper in it. Our super wallpapers appwillprovide all characters: Kefla , Goku , Jiren , Hit , Vegeta,Beerus , Gohan… , everything about Dragon Ball, anime or manga.Dragon Ball Wallpaper Manga was designed for easy usingandOptimized battery usage.FEATURES:* Wallpapers in full HDquality.*Nice design and intuitive user interface.* Wallpaper canbe setupin one click.* Use the images as wallpaper or backgroundhoweveryou want* The high speed of the application.This is huge andcoolcollection super cool dragon warriors HD wallpapers for youandyour friends. These wallpapers are optimized for both portraitandlandscape displays, also they can be used as a wallpaper and asalock screen background. Where are also goku vegeta sugokuwarriorswallpapers.Best fan art anime stile dbz wallpapers havebeenpersonally selected so you have you favorite cartoons characterinyour android phone. Dragons wallpapers and backgrounds isacollection of the best real dbz full HD wallpapers yourandroidsmartphone or tab.Download now and have fun playing aroundin oursuperb wallpaper appsDISCLAIMER:This app is made by DBZ fans,andit is unofficial. The content in this app is not affiliatedwith,endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by any company.Thisapp is mainly for entertainment and for all DBZ fans to enjoytheseDBZ Wallpapers.