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Cat Trip: Endless Runner Game about Albert the Cat 0.28
Frost Hollow Studio
Help a cute cat to collect all flowers on the lawn. Downloadforfree our runner game “Cat Trip” and start fun andfascinatingadventure together with a small cat. Beat enemies,upgrade skills,keep running and open new worlds! Discoveradventurous runner andarcade games! Learn more about 2D runner game“Cat Trip” Do youlike runner games with adventures and arcades?Then download “CatTrip” where our small cute runner Albert lovesrun and collectflowers. Cat walks on the lawn, loves jump, playaround and collectas much as possible catnip flowers. But therunner always facesrunning enemies who just want to interrupt hisfavorite activity,stop his run. Help the cat to beat the enemies,traveling acrossunique worlds and using various consumables. And ifyou try hard,then from our small cute cat you can make a realsuperhero usingavailable super powers in our runner game. How toplay the jumpinggame “Cat Trip” To start you need to download ourrunner game onyour device. Install and open it, and we will startlearning moreabout adventures of a cute cat. You can play the gamewithoutInternet connection. The main character of our adventurewalkinggame – small cute cat Albert. The runner can run and jump in5different worlds, that is 5 maps. He walks, collects catnipandduring his walks he constantly meets various running enemies –15types of them! Help the cat beat them using 173 equipmentitems,which are available to get. Besides during your walk youcanupgrade skills of the cat and open new levels, keep runningofrunner, increase his 6 different characteristics or 15differentabilities. Upgrade them right while running and usespecialconsumables – 5 types of different abilities, which can beusedduring the race, playing in running games and arcadesovercomingobstacles. Try to download adventure “Cat Trip” from theInternetfor free. Let cat-runner Albert keep running, collectflowers andsuccessfully dodge from enemies, open new levels – helphim dothis! This game is a good choice both for a girl and for aboy, aswell as for kids, teenagers and adults. By the way, there isapleasant bonus in our 2D runner game – to get it, you needtoinvite friends and you will get rewards for free.
SWIPECRAFT - Idle Mining Game 1.13
Frost Hollow Studio
SWIPECRAFT - Idle Mining Game is beautiful and exciting incrementalidle mining game based on swipe mechanics. Give Gary the digger hispickaxe and send him off to mine different resources: stone, iron,copper and other metals hidden in the depths of dark dungeons! Sellresources to hire new workers or use them to craft upgrades andequipment! Deepen into the mine, destroy rock walls on your way andopen undiscovered locations! Use mined resources and coins earnedwith such a hard work wisely to dig to the core of the Earth andunlock all achievements! But stay careful, there are spidershanging from the top of tunnels, knock them down to earn usefulbonuses and diamonds! FEATURES * Swipe to earn resources * Severaltypes of resources to unlock. Dig deeper to unlock all of them! *Change Gary’s clothes and equip him. Buy him new hats, shoes,clothes, pickaxes, etc. * 200 achievements. Dare to unlock at leasthalf of them! * Miner’s rage. Furious Gary earns resources byhimself! * More than 10 types of workers. Buy workers, so that theymine resources for you! * More than 200 upgrades for Gary, workersand the chest. Use mined resources to craft them. * Chest-mimic.Gary’s loyal friend! * Bioms. Mine to magma circumfluous mines ordeep into icy north dungeons. * Do it your way, swipe or idle, butnot click! Unlike other incremental idle games, in SWIPECRAFT youhave to swipe, not click! Have suggestions or ideas? E-mail P.S. This game was developed by a group ofthree students from Russia. This is our first project, please don’tjudge! Thanks c:
Bricks & Balls: Fall 1
Frost Hollow Studio
Bricks & Balls: Fall is a unique arcade game withendlessgameplay. The goal of the game is to help the balls to getas lowas possible, and thus gain the maximum score. On the way tothegoal, you have to destroy and evade the colored blocks,activateboosters and collect coins. Boosters give you atemporaryadvantage, for example, speed up the balls or increasetheirnumber. And with the help of coins, you can increase thechance ofboosters' appearing. Balls hitting the top of the screenaredestroyed. The game ends when you do not have balls left.BOOSTERS:Positive: * Contraction - pulls all balls to the point *Verticallaser - deals damage equal to twice the number of balls toallblocks in its column * Horizontal laser - deals damage equaltotwice the number of balls to all blocks in its series * Lightning-temporarily increases the damage of all balls by one * Plus-clones every ball * Acceleration - temporarily speeds up theballsNegative: * Bomb - repels the balls in different directions *Cross- destroys the ball FEATURES: * Leaderboard * 24 achievements*Endless gameplay * Upgradable boosters * Simple ball control*Prestige Have suggestions or ideas?