G4F Приложения

Cute Connect: Lovely puzzle
Cute Connect is a free puzzle game for kids, woman or puzzle playerwho loves the cute game. The game has 40 levels which manychallenges. You not easy to win all of them in only one try.Improve your skill in each match to get high and higher score. Howto play Cute Connect? - You need to find a pair image. Click onthem to make a flow. Note that each flow much lest than 4 lines. -Level 1: easy game. Image not move. You just need to find andconnect them to get scores. - From level 2: You must thinkcarefully because the title move follows some rule: left, right,top, down ... Try to avoid the stuck. If not you will lose onelife. - Easy mode: level 1-> 10 - Medium mode: level 11->20 -Hard mode: level 21->30 - Super hard mode: level 31->40 Veryhard to win the game but very fun when you conquest all gamelevels. Like every game for kids, Cute Connect has super lovelygraphic about friendly animals. You can play every time,everywhere. Which good effect and sound game bring you a good timefor relaxing. The game very famous in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia,Japan, Korean... some player call it is One net connect, Mahjong...But we love to call it is Cute Connect. We hope that you - playerfind more fun when playing it. Every comment or rating are welcome.We love to hear from you to improve more and more to make it betterand better for you. Enjoy the game.
Flower Zombie War 1.2.6
NO HESITATION, NO TOLERANCE Flower Zombie War is an endlessbattlebetween the lovely and extraordinary plants against thezombies.You are the hero our plants need and deserve to have bytheir sideto overcome all upcoming fight with the invading zombies.Gamefeatures: - Various game modes: Solo missions,Puzzles,Survival,... - Buffs for each fight: Plenty of items tocollect andtrade to help you obtain godly power - Next enemyplease: Differenttypes of zombies and challenges in the gameawaiting you to take on- And many lovely and courageous plants thatalways fight by yourside Appealing: - The Adorable art style,polished graphics, lovelycharacters. - Upbeat sound effects. -Captivating visual effects. -Live leaderboard: Every battle count!Get ready to battle! The gamewill bring you unlimited hours of funand entertainment. If youneed any support please inboxus:https://www.facebook.com/HoaQuaDaiChien/