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Panda Truck Run 1.0
Game Battle
Download the new FREE Panda Truck Run 2Dgametoday! Conquer the highway traffic road with tons of race car,copsand truck.★ ★ ★ Panda hero is in highway adventure action. Jump and flyonthe moving truck on highway road. Watch out for the truck withfireexplosion on it. Avoid it and you will be safe in your runawayjourney.★ ★ ★ This panda hero endless running game comes withsoothingsound effect and colorful graphic, simple one-touchcontrol,fast-paced rhythm movement. You will get unlimited fun andcontinueto play it for hours.★ ★ ★ Just by tapping your screen, panda hero will startjumpingon the running truck. Beat your friends in this Panda TruckRun byjoining online leaderboard.Panda Truck Run is suitable for all ages including kids.Now let's begin to enjoy the game and be the top scorer!99b9890970
Police Traffic Racer 3.0
Game Battle
Time to race through the highway trafficwhenyou are pursuit by cops. Don't hit any car on road or thepolicecar. Run away from the chase of the police car. PoliceTrafficRacer is suitable for all ages, a good stress release game.Review rating from gamer:------------------------------------Jamie C.★★★★★ Great time pass!! Best game ever installed on my phone!Can'tput down my phone..Safi Ullah Shahid★★★★★ Nice Good game.Fareha Rajput★★★★★ love it it is very interestingWesley Clenord★★★★★ BEST GAME EVERshynas shahanas★★★★★ Very good gameSam Talachi★★★★★ Very goodSagar Siyal★★★★★ I like it You should also try itDavy Bancey★★★★★ Best ever Loved itWith the simple one touch game-play, you will play this gameforhours. Tilt your device, to steer away from cop and collect asmuchcheckpoints as you can. There are a boost button to speed upyourcar. There are no speed limit in Police Traffic Racer game.Challenge your friends in this Police Traffic Racer game andbethe top traffic race winner.If you are car driving game lover, you will love this game asitwill give you a brand new racing experience. Download thisFREEfull version of endless racing game.
Police Traffic Racer 2 HitJump 1.0
Game Battle
The addictive mega-hit Police Traffic Racer2is now out for Android! Prior the popularity of PoliceTrafficRacer 1,the game now has enhanced with most wanted racegameplay,new modern powerful police pursuit car, new race location,stunninggraphic and sound.More excitement, more challenging, more action. MUST PLAY if youarethe speed car racing lover.Police Traffic Racer 2 : Hit Jump game feature:*GAMEPLAY is simple but addictive.*RUN as fast as possible to pick up the coins.*NEW TRACKS - Italy, Egypt and Japan.*JUMP off danger ramps, touch twice to make double jump.*PICK coins to earn a second chance and unlock new pursuitcopscar.*SMOOTH and responsible control, one-touch gameplay.*GAME SPEED increase while playing to give more enjoymentforyou.*AMAZING HD graphic and sound effect.*CHALLENGE your friends and other gamers online.*COMPETE to be on top of the leaderboard.*SHARE your scores on social media.Police Traffic Racer 2 : Hit Jump is the best racing gamecollectionfor traffic pursuit race gamer.-------------This game is COMPATIBLE with all mobile devices of androidphones& tablets above 2.3 and up.If you have any problem in installation, please report to usinsteadof giving negative comments.We will try to fix it as soon as possible.-------------
Magical Royale King 1.0
Game Battle
Magical Royale King is an adventure action match 3 game. Buildyourclash king empire in the medieval royale age. Train theknights,fighter and lords with super powerful magic spells! Grabsthe bombpower-ups boost to help you in the battle. Complete all the100mission worlds in this Magical Royale King. Play now and beginyourepic adventure quest in the magical kingdom world! MagicalRoyaleKing game features: - Amazing fun gameplay with simple onetouch. -Play it even your are offline. 100% free to play with NOIAP. -Match more powerful energy block to earn magical bomb. - Itcomeswith beautiful graphic assets and stunning sound effects.Downloadand start to play now! Be the king emperor.