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Galaxy Shooter 2018 1.1
Game Classic 2018 - Free
Galaxy Shooter is a classic game and shooting game, it helps youremember your own intense childhood. When you participate in thegame you will experience but that play interesting and attractive.Along with that, the monster is extremely mischievous. GalaxyShooter requires players to dodge skills, dealing with unexpectedsituations. With a series of maps for players to experience thisunexpected surprise to another. Features Galaxy Shooter: Greatgraphics, attractive. The game has high logic. Many levels of play,but the same monster. Let's join the galaxy to protect and destroythe wicked.
Adventure in Island : (Classic 2018) 1.1
Game Classic 2018 - Free
Let's help the hero save the girlfriend from the evil doctor in theadventure island.Adventure In Island is a very interesting pass toupgrade the game, the ultimate goal is to rescue the beautifulprincess, the rules of the game is very simple just click on thescreen to eat fruit and avoid obstacles.Start playing now andremember your childhood memories !Play Adventure Island game issuper very easy: touch to screen to jump for eat banana to defeadthe ennemie, and evade obstacle.Download now and enjoy