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Project War Mobile - online shooting game 1130
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Project War Mobile (PWM) is the next generation online shootinggamein 2020. PWM gives players the new experience of mobileshootinggame, online battle, zombies fighting. Optimized ingraphics,animation and controls. Gripping story Project WarMobile's storymode is unique to shooting game and tells of thezombie SCUM and howthey came to be. Play the role of an operativegenetically bred andbuilt by Seventh Sanctum as you unravel themystery of the undead.Watch the action and drama unfold as weupdate the story everyseason! Competitive play Fight in rankedmatches against onlineplayers around the world, climbing theranked ladder to be number 1!Play in classic team death match,where we pit 2 teams of 4 againsteach other, control, where theteams each try to get the most amountof time on the controlpoints, free-for-all, where all 8 players viefor ultimatesupremacy, as well as various other action-packed gamemodes wewill introduce in future updates. Something new andrefreshing fora shooting game Level up your character while alsoupgrading yourgear and guns to the best it can be. The story modeeven includesits own bosses, whom you can defeat with the help ofyour friends.Create your own clan with your online friends of up to40 playersand get unique items by defeating each PvE level.Finally, trackyour progress with our very one Battle Pass with 200levels full ofbig rewards. High graphics and detailed animation PWMis an onlineshooting game designed natively on the mobile platformbuilt on thelatest version of the Unity 3D engine, optimized toadjust to everysmartphone for the best game performance. Actionscan all beperformed with an easy push of a button. Play on oursuite ofrealistic Hong Kong maps and more as we update thegame.Customisable characters Customise your character by equippingthemwith different gears like helmets, vests, bags, and costumes.Eachpiece of gear not only looks unique but also has it'sownabilities, which you can use to wage war on the opponent.Aplethora of guns and weapons to choose from Each weapon has itsownunique set of statistics and abilities. Guns can also beequippedwith attachments such as silencers, gun clips, and scopes.Playerscan now demolish someone with grenades, slash the opponentwith akatana, or shoot the unwitting enemies with a silenced rifle.Thankyou and enjoy the game! Join uswww.facebook.com/ProjectWarMobile
Gate Of Mobius 2081
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◈ Based on the fairy tale story A new strategic real-time 3Dactionshooting game "Gate of Mobius" comes out as a mobile game!◈Multiplayer game – up to 4 players Invite friends tochallengedifferent levels Cultivate your favorite characters andskills toknock down powerful enemies! ◈ Change the appearance ofyour owncharacter Players can get costumes in the game Createuniquecharacter according to your preferences! ◈ Cultivate andstrengthencharacter Each character has exclusive skill Combinemagic andclasses to develop the strength of your character! ◈Switch yourjob to bring out the potential of your character Hunter,knight,mage, ranger, and alchemist - 5 professions! Players choosethemost suitable career to challenge various levels! ◈ Chancetoobtain precious armor after mission complete Equip themostsuitable armor Create the strongest partner! ◈ Unlocknewcharacters after completing the chapters Enter the world offairytales and learn about the story of protagonists Go onanadventurous journey with them! ◈ This is a story based on"freedom"