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HOTSGO PLAN : Travel Planner & Travel Expenses 0.0.307
Are you looking for a perfect partner app to organize travel?Don'tbe worried anymore! Here is 'HOTSGO PLAN' for your trip!Manageyour travel plan and track your travel expenses easily! 1.EASY!Manage & Optimize & Find a direction Just touch andslideyour finger. You can rearrange the order, delete andadddetails(memo, photos, set a time). Oh, and! No more getstressedfrom thinking a perfect route. Just touch the magic wandbesideeach date on your plan! That magic wand optimizes your triprouteperfectly! Do you want to know how to get there? Just pushabutton. We lead you to Google map right away and you don’t needtoenter from where to where yourself. We did it already for youthere:) 2. FAST! Check & Add Check the itinerary includingallMust-See-List and get information about your desire city! AndJustpick a date! Then, it will be added on your own travel planrightaway! The recommended itineraries are updating! 3. Finally!Trackyour TRAVEL EXPENSES! Hey, there! We got it for you, the“WALLET”to manage and track your travel expenses!! Manage yourtravelbudget, and track your expenses during travel easily. You canadd alocation for each spend so you can see where you spend yourmoneyduring travel at a glance! Isn’t it NEAT? and you can enteryourexpense on Plan menu. then the detail will be saved on yourtravelwallet! oh and one more thing, you can see the graph ofyourexpenses. EASY PEASY LEMON SQUEEEZY! 4. SIMPLE! Share&Download If you want to share your travel plan, yourtravelexpenses or try someone else’s plan, travel budget plan, useashare code! Each plan and each travel wallet has its own code.Geta code to share and type a code to download! If you aretravelblogger or want to share your trip itinerary and trackingyourtravel expenses on a community, just let them know your plancode.It’s easy! 5. SPECIAL! Download your trip itinerary as a PDFfile!You can download your itinerary which you made for your trip.Youcan print it out and use it when your phone battery has gone.Doyou like write down something by hand? Then, you must likethis!HOTSGO, we only care about your safe and enjoyable travel!HOTSGOTRAVEL WITH YOU! Please Love and Use 'HOTSGO PLAN'! Throughyourlove and use, we can grow up faster!