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Ant Killer and Smasher Game 1.0
Haribhau Kadam
Ant Killer & Smasher GameExperience the new Killing game. The newly designed Ants killingGames for kids. This is a great app that will entertain you andyour kids and helpful to pass boring times. The ultimate endlesssmashing game free for your mobile. Fun in this Ant smashing gameis to kill ants if you miss and ant reaches at the bottom, you willlose your chance.Play smasher games!!! Smash the angry ants!!! Easy,entertaining, addictive game ever.Now for your android just for Free!!!Enjoy features in Ant Killer & Smasher Game* There is a variety of colourful ants.* Endless running game.* Beautiful HD quality images.* Lots of background images to choose from.* Ants having different amazing path patterns.* You can enable and disable the sound effects and musictoo.* You can play by three levels Easy, Medium and Hard.* Dangerous Spider: Don’t try to kill or touch the spider lestit will be bad for you.* Ant Smasher app for all ages kids for boys/girls both canenjoy this game.Unlimited fun is here!!! This would be a great experienceplaying this ant killer game. Get this Ant Smasher and enjoy tokill ants this will be great fun with Ant Smasher Games. We providean enhanced app with high quality HD class graphics for itsbackground images. While playing this smashing game you willtotally forget that you are killing ants in your device, becauseits so real. On the top of the screen it contains your score andtime you played. A fun game to pass time and you can play this gameas much as you want again and again no tension to lose chance.This app is a game about ant killing game or squeeze the antswalking on the screen, you just need to tap on your screen to killthe naughty. But this is not so simple to kill an ant. Enjoy theunlimited crushing and raise a great score that nobody can beatyour score and challenge your friends and family. This new game ischanging the trend of smashing game. You will have a top smashingspeed to smash the bugs. Catch them before it's too late. But don’ttry to kill the spider otherwise you will lose the chance. The gamegets more aggressive as you go along, so you need to fight betterto keep the speed. The game can let the player know that how quickand good concentration power they have.The one who kills ants earlyhas the better concentration power and is quick as well. The bestway to pass time with your phone is bug killer game.
Bug Killing Game 1.1
Haribhau Kadam
Bug killing gameSmash all dirty and naughty bugs with your finger touch. Agreatentertaining game that has never ending features. This bugsmashinggame is far different and better from all smashing gamesyou haveever played. Smash the bugs you hate is the best part ofbugkilling games. Highly entertaining for kids, boys and girls.Killall sort of insects with your finger in this addictivekillinggames free. Don't let them go across the screen. Smash themwithyour finger and watch out for another bugs. It is very easy toplayand understand about the features, so it is very easy to playforyoung players also.* There are three levels you can play with.* Variety of background music.* You can unlock next level and buy your favorite backgroundbyearning more coins.* Bugs having different amazing path patterns.* Vibrantly colorful smoothly animated gameplay withcrystalclear HD graphics!* You can enable and disable the sound effects and musictoo.Experience a great entertaining and cool smashing games inyourphone just for free. The bug game offer you the unlimitedkillinggame for kids and adults. If you get tired being killer thenpausethe game and start after your break, so that your can make ahugepoints easily. The real looking blood in this game make thisrealbug smash game. Smash different bugs on your screen don’t missasingle bug lest it will affect your score and you will loseachance. There is some lobster in this game kill them and seethemagic of your power, after killing the lobster all the bugsonscreen will be killed instantly. This smashing game hasattractivegraphics that makes it more entertaining and enjoyable.Lets playand have fun with this newly designed killing games forfree andraise your own points so that no one can beat your scoreand thenchallenge your friends to beat your score.Just with your finger touch, smash all the bugs.This bugsmashergame entertains you for so long. This contains many bug,fly,insects and you have to smash them. But be careful there aresomeharmful insects also so kill them carefully. Smash the bugs byyourfinger, this would be sounds easy but to kill a bug is not soeasy.Kill bugs as fast as you can they will try to run randomlyareasbut you will have to kill them before they go out, but bewareofspiders don’t try to lobsters because it will help toincreasepoints easily. So just try to kill the lobsters and killthem.Don’t miss any insects if you miss them they will go acrossthescreen and if fill the blood bank you will lose the game.Try the game now!Bug Killing Game, you can kill all the bugs with a single tapbyyour finger. You will definitely love this game, this game isalsosuitable for your children. They will love this game verymuch.We will keep bringing you great games and popular apps!Staytuned for our other games.
Baby Balloon Crush Game 1.0
Haribhau Kadam
Baby Balloon Crush GameDownload the best Smashing Game ever and make your boringtimefull of fun. If balloon crushing game is your favourite gamethenthis is the best way to pass boring time. Crushing andsmashingwith your fingertips. This is also a kids game because ofuserfriendly functionality and attractive HD graphics this BalloonGameis going viral among kids. Give your kids something newandentertaining game. Fully enhanced features that make yourkidsengaged.Fully enjoyable and entertaining balloon smash with loadsoffeatures:* Beautifully designed balloons in different colorsandsizes.* To make game more interesting and attracting it hasrealisticsound effects, great animations and ultimate HDimages.* Special rewards for accomplishing the game achievements,likeice, bomb and much more.* Offering various background images to choose from toplaywith.* Naughty balloons runs on mobile screen withdifferentpatterns.* You can enable and disable the sound effects andbackgroundmusic.* Tested on all latest smartphone and tablets.Now crash balloons on your mobile screen with the help ofFreeGame Balloon Smasher. Balloon Smasher Free is a fullyentertaininggame for your android mobiles. Its very easy to playthis game, inthis mobile game you just need to do is smash theballoons on yourscreen going upward. There are so many balloonswith differentspeed and shapes and some balloons comes withalphabets, if yousmash alphabetic balloons you will earn morecoins. If you will geta higher points then you will get a reward,also you can changeyour background image.Touch the screen and to shoot the beautifully colored balloonsbytouching your finger as soon as it starts going upward. Testyourconcentration ability and speed with balloon smasher games,see howfast you can smash all balloons. While playing this youwill find itis an addictive game ever. Game builds up more &more complexityas you play more. So keep on playing for reachingmost excitingphase.Smash the balloons as fast as you can do, do not missanyballoons if you miss balloons to go across the screen if youmissedany balloon and allow them to go across the screen then youwilllose chance. Feel the realistic smashing game and make anamazingscore that would be tough to beat by anyone. If you do notformatyour device then your points will be updated in your phone.So youcan also challenge yourself after beating your own points infreeballoon games.Download Baby Balloon Crush Games and don’t forget to rateourapp.We hope you like killing and smashing games, and we want tokeepthem free for you.Please provide us your valuable feedback how we can improvethisgame further.We ensure to address all your concern as well assuggestions.
Zombie Hunter 1.0
Haribhau Kadam
Zombie Hunter
Best Teeter Labyrinth Game 1.0
Haribhau Kadam
Best Teeter Labyrinth GamePlay Best Teeter game and enjoy the unlimited fun. Experiencethenew Labyrinth games. The newly designed Teeter Games for kids.Thisis a great app that will entertain you and your kids andhelpful topass boring times. The ultimate teeter game free on yourmobile.This is a perfect teeter game for android to pass boringtimesand entertain yourself. Get this App now and enjoy goal theball inteeter game.Enjoy these enhanced features of this Best TeeterLabyrinthGame* We offer a feature of background changeability, if yougetbored playing with same background theme then you canchangethat* Variety of Balls color, you can also change the color ofballcolor* You will be able to enable/disable the background soundeffectif you play this game in front of people* We provide 20 individual levels to play withIf you like labyrinth, teeter games or maze ball games thenthisis a perfect game to play for free. Labyrinth Teeter game istheclassic game where you have to control a ball by tiltingalabyrinth. In this game we provide you amazing picture qualitythatmakes this game realistic and for making this more realisticweoffer different background images to change and ultimatesoundquality. It contains 20 levels to play but this is not enoughit’svery tough to pass a single level. Have fun to challengeyourfriends and family to unlock the levels. This teeter game isforkids and boys/girls.About Labyrinth:According to greek mythology Labyrinth is a complicatedandcomplex structure constructed for king by mythological artificerofthe largest island crete at Knossos. Its function was to holdacreature minotaur that was killed by the mythical theseus.Aminotaur that has head of a bull and body of a man. Labyrinthmadeso complex that anyone barely escape from it.English labyrinth is usually synonymous with maze, butsometimessome intellectual notice some dissimilarity between those.Mazeknown as a complex puzzle with single path forgettingdirection.