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Complete HotS 1.2.60
Holender Productions
This is Heroes of the Storm Complete Experience! This UnofficialAppgives players Real-Time advice and much more... Features: -LiveDraft Counters Tool - Complete Heroes Details - Personal Stats(MMR.ranks, maps, heroes) - Complete Maps Details (Timers,Objectives,Recommended Heroes) - Builds and Talents with Win-RatesandPopularity - Create,Track And Share Your Own Builds - Updatedfastwith every patch and new hero. - News Notifications - SmoothDesignThis application is not affiliated with BlizzardEntertainment® orHeroes of the Storm in any way, all the Heroes ofthe Storm texts,logos, images and trademarks are property ofBlizzard Entertainment®and are used according to communityguidelines. Permission to usematerials:http://us.blizzard.com/en-us/company/about/legal-faq.htmlIf youfind any discrepancy send us an e-mail and we will update theAppimmediately. 2014 Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. All rightsreserved.Heroes of the Storm is a trademark of BlizzardEntertainment, Inc.
Potion Lords 1.0.15
Holender Productions
A new roguelike RPG experience with a twist! Choose yourfavoritemage, hire heroes and use your potions to help your teamfight allkinds of monsters and undead armies. Each Lord hasdifferent skillsand potions and each hero has his own skills andadvantages. Getstronger with each attempt at the journey to thedepths of theunderground world, Find secret items, armor, weaponsand jewelry toequip your team and get better rewards and lots ofGOLD!