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GlycoLeap - Your Health Coach 5.1.0
GlycoLeap is a simpler way to lose weight & prevent ormanagechronic diseases. The program combines expert human coachingwithmobile technology, to help you get on the right track to bethehealthiest version of yourself. So you can worry less andlivemore. Our dietitian coaches will be your personal, experthealthcompanion to help you reach your health goals in less time.Thisincludes achieving a healthier weight, better glucose,cholesterolor blood pressure control and keep up with exercise anddietchanges. They will guide you through small improvements overtime,that will stick with you for life. All of this, fromtheconvenience of your phone. You can access GlycoLeapanytime,anywhere and get feedback on-demand during office hours. 1.Snapphotos of your meals 2. Get personal, daily feedback onyourchoices from registered dietitians on your phone 3. Makethechanges that suit you and your needs 4. Learn how to eat wisertolose weight, manage your condition, or avoid complications 5.Getmotivated 6. See your progress 7. Worry less and live more Weknowyou can do it! We're excited to team up and help you achievebetterhealth. Have a question, feedback or want to find out moreaboutGlycoLeap? Contact us at: support@glycoleap.com Terms andPrivacyPolicy: https://glycoleap.com/tnc-mobile.html
mHaven 1.1.2
mHaven is Holmusk's holistic solution for general mentalwell-being.The aim is to create a product for corporate clientswho would liketo offer a mental well-being solution to theiremployees. Users willhave access to relevant information and toolsto help them improvetheir overall mental well-being.