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com.code.idan.higher_or_lower 1.2.0
Idan - TreyX
"?יותר או פחות" is a simple intuition quiz game,Your goal is toguess the biggest amount of Google keywords numbers of searches ina row!The game is in Hebrew only.Enjoy playing!
Swipe It 1.0.7
Idan - TreyX
WARNING! Addictive game - get ready for some intense gameplay!Ballsare falling and you have to swipe them as fast as you can totheright direction, before they hit the border... As you play,youcollect more and more stars, and buy ball styles from thein-gamestore! Challenge your friends to beat your high score! Tryto getas many balls designs as you can from the store! Swipe It isa freehyper casual game which is easy to learn and hard to master,thisis an original fast pace ball game! Send your