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Smiley.s Emoji.s for WhatsApp 1.3
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Smileys Emojis For Whats AppSmileys Emojis - is a totally free application with collectionoflots of Smileys Emojis Emoticons Memes for Chat Messenger suchasWhatsApp™ , Facebook™ , LINE™ , Skype™ , Viber™ , WeChat™,SnapChat™ , Kik™ , Tango™ , Nimbuzz™ , KakaoTalk™ , Send™,Telegram™ , TextSecure™ , MMS , email, cleverbot , chatbot ,talbotand any other vlingo chat app that need some images.Smileys Emojis is a huge , hilarious collection of emoji , emojis,smiley , smileys , smiley face , flushed face , emoji outfits,emoji winks , grinning face funny faces , memes , stickers ,funnycharacters and other emoticons for your vlingo chatapps!With Smileys Emojis Application you can send and share Emoji,Emojis , smiley face , flushed face , emoji outfits , emoji winks,grinning face , Funny faces , Meme , Emoticons , Memes ,Stickerand Smileys to any popular vlingo chat messenger WhatsApp™,Facebook™ , LINE™ , Skype™ , Viber™ , WeChat™ , SnapChat™ , Kik™,Tango™ , Nimbuzz™ , KakaoTalk™ , Send™ , Telegram™ ,TextSecure™,cleverbot , chatbot , talbot etc.Smileys Emojis application is very easy and fast because to anicondirect acces that the aplication will include in whatsapp ,alsoyou can select other messenger aplication to send it.Emoticons categories:Smileys - Enjoy the best quality and a lot of smiley andemojiimages. Select any happy face or smiley face for yourchatmessenger.Stickers - Last generation stickers with and attractivedesignSticker.Memes - Troll images but used by users. If you want to make funwithyour friend than meme will be your category.Icon - The icon to can show a location.Animals - The most funny animals. Select funny faces of anmialandsent.Love - Are you in love? This one will be your category. Selectemojiheart and send to your lover.Face- If you wish to send smiley faces or happy faces. Therearealso ganine face to share.How to use it?1. Share smiley: in WhatsApp™ , Facebook™ , LINE™ , Skype™ ,Viber™, WeChat™ , SnapChat™ , Kik™ , MMS , Kik , Nimbuzz™ ,KakaoTalk™ ,Send™ , Telegram™ , TextSecure™ , email and any otherchat app thatneed some images or emojis or funny faces or memes orfunnypictures or Emoticons , you can select Join/Picture ,WhatSmileys ,then select the smiley2. In WhatsApp™ or other chat messenger and SMS/MMS you will haveafloating icon to quickly choose and share a smiley (you canhidethe icon in the app preferences)3. Copy to gallery feature let you copy smiley to gallery thenuseit anywhere you want: assign a smiley to a contact , use it inchatapplication where only gallery is available.Notes:A. Smilye application is not a an android keyboard application.Forthat , please explicitly search for Emoji/Emojis/Smileysandroidkeyboard in the store.B. Smiley is not a texting application.C. whasap or wasap names are still used is different countriesoverthe world.If you want to make your chat experience with your friend,relative , lover more funny or romantic or attractive justdownloadour Smileys Emojis Application.You can also share smiley or emoji faces with cleverbot orchatbotand make them crackpot.For not whom1. If you are looking for funny dirty emojis like middlefingeremoji than don't download it. Our app does not contain anyfunnydirty emojis like middle finger emoji.Disclaimer: Unofficial application. This application isnotendorsed by or affiliated with WhatsApp™ , Facebook™ , LINE™,Skype™ , Viber™ , WeChat™ , SnapChat™ , Kik™ , Tango™ , Nimbuzz™,KakaoTalk™ , Send™ , Telegram™ , TextSecure™ inc. All Messenger,its name , trademark , and other aspects of the app aretrademarkedand owned by their respective owners.
Speed Booster Phone Cleaner 1.0
Imtiaz Ahmmed
Speed Booster - Phone Cleaner is a freehandyutility that can increase the performance of your Androiddevice.Unlike other advanced memory manager or memory booster apps,it isquick and easy to use. In some cases it can even clear up 50%ormore of the available RAM on your device work like cleanexpertphone master!Speed Booster - Phone Cleaner app work like all in onesystemmanager. You can find all the option to manager your phoneinternalor external memory.Speed Booster - Phone Clean can be use as RAM Booster, Junkcleaner,Battery Booster or Battery Saver, Wifi Manager, VolumeSetting,System Clear, Phone ringtone manager, Backup and Restoreand toUninstall app.The app works by clearing all unused applications from yoursystemsmemory. If your device is bogged down with a ton of openapps,clearing this memory can greatly improve performance. This cangiveyou a substantial speed increase on your device.Try the app out. It is free, and if you have any suggestionsforimprovements, please leave them in the comments section!Feature:1.RAM BoosterBoost your RAM with the One-Click Boost function that willcleanyour app processes.2.TaskYou can swipe to clean individual processes from yourRAMmemory.3.System InfoCheck your internal and external memory status.4. Battery UsageCheck which app consuming your battery how much.5. WifiTurn wifi on or off6. BluetoothTurn Bluetooth on or off.7.System ClearClean System Junk file in one single touch click.For whom,1.If you are looking for a junk cleaner which work like antivirusappthan Speed booster is for you.2.Your Phone has become Slow, leggy and freezes all the time Thenuseit.3.If your battery has started draining quicker or you are lookingfora free battery saver app which work like battery doctor thenyoucan use it like a battery saver.4.If your phone overheats than you can use speed booster like acpucooler.5.If you are looking for a Free Antivirus app to clean yoursystemjunk file you can download our speed booster app.