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Play-Dogs Discover new walks with your dog 4.2.4
Do you always go for the same walks with your dog? Do you wanttodiscover new walks but specifically adapted to dogs? The ideaof​​Play Dogs is to help and inform dog owners in variousways.Thanks to Play-Dogs you can easily find: - New walks,parks,beaches or dog wash for your dog - Dog related events not farfromyour home - Groups of walks to spend and socialize your dog-Promotions on services and products related to dogs All membersofthe community can add walks, events, groups. In addition tobeingfree, Play-Dogs does not contain advertising and only asks youfora minimum of personal information. What interests us is notyou,but your dog :-) Play-Dogs can, thanks to notifications warnitsusers precisely about events, groups of walks or promotionsonservices not far from your home! Play-Dogs is an applicationmadefor the community, and to help dog owners find andreceiveimportant information in a simple way.