Mad Hook Приложения

The Chase 3.1
Mad Hook
Endless Cops chasing game in an open world ! Choose your car, runfrom the cops, leave your damaged car and run on foot until you getbusted Unlock lots of cars in this endless addictive fun game
Arabian Standoff 1.7
Mad Hook
Cowboy Standoff Arabian style Focus and attack your opponent at theright time ,unlock lots of weapons including fire weapons , freezeweapons , and destroy your rival, have fun sending your enemyragdoll in the air. Epic Physics simulation for the attack ,different weapons with different effects. Super fun casual game
Highway Drifter 2.1
Mad Hook
Highway Drifter is the ultimate highway drifting experience, Thebest drifting game in 2019 Choose your favorite car and start yourthrilling drifting experience, pass by traffic cars and enjoy nearmiss thrill with big trucks in slow motion. Game Features:-Realistic Car physics -Next-Gen Graphics with optional HD mode forhigh-end devices -Realistic Crashes -Lots of cars including classicmuscle cars -Unique camera system with slow motion -Smart Scoringsystem based on your skills Are you a skilled driver? show us whatyou got ! Download now!!
Quick Gun: PvP Standoff 1.7
Mad Hook
Quick Gun is an online player vs player (PvP) cowboy standoff game.Choose your character, select your gun, and challenge other playersin a western cowboy gun fight! Who will draw his/her gun faster?who will shoot first? Are you the Quickest? Quick Gun has a uniquegameplay where you tilt your phone to draw your gun, and aim toshoot your opponent in a 360 3D Environment. You can play againststrangers or you can challenge your friends. Unlock Many weaponsand characters and compete to reach the top of the wantedleaderboard. Are you going to win? or are you going to lose? willyou have your redemption?
Bird Hunt 1.4
Mad Hook
Bird hunt is a bird hunting simulation game where you can use yourphone to aim on the birds and shoot them. Raise your phone and lookaround! birds are everywhere! The game has augmented reality modethat allows you to hunt the birds in your real environment. Manyweapons to unlock and many birds to hunt, play now and beat yourfriends on the leaderboard !